The Daily News on Earth is reflected in the Heavens above, like a Sky Mirror

The Daily Mercury is an experimental blog to make news more intriguing and fascinating.

The stories and news in the Daily newspapers tend to reflect the planetary alignments in the sky; this blog takes you a bit beyond your daily horoscope, to entertain you further.

This blog post briefly analyzes and explains the news from an astrological perspective, and how it correlates with the Celestial observations.

I think this is the way ‘News’ will evolve in the 21st Century; once Humanity sees itself as a part of the Universe, not separate from it, then we will evolve.

It makes the news far more interesting and life a lot more fun seeing it in this way.

Newspapers used to have titles like “The Daily Mercury” or the “The Mercury Flyer” because there were recognized similarities between the events on Earth when compared to Celestial Observations. This was the origin of Almanacs of the past, and also the Horoscope columns of today.

This blog reignites that historical recognition and link for your perusal and enjoyment. Please subscribe to my newsletter for regular content.

24 August 2018: Sun & Saturn & Uranus in a Grand Trine

Today’s Headlines:

The headlines today indicate the Sun to Saturn trine, and the Sun to Uranus trine. A day before the exact alignment occurs. In Astrology we call this ‘in Orb’ and it shows how events on earth are aligning at the same time as the planets in the sky.

Headlines Analysis:

“New Cabinet Rift on UK’s plan for a No-deal Brexit”
The Cabinet is Saturn in Capricorn; the ‘rift’ and a ‘no-deal brexit’ is Uranus in Taurus.
Both Dominic Raab and Philip Hammond act out the role of the Sun in Virgo.

“GCSE Joy despite tougher exams”

GCSE results are released when the Sun enters Virgo each year; Virgo is also the beginning of the Academic year in Education (Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of learning).

“Joy despite” is the grand trine of harmony

“tougher exams” is Saturn in Capricorn. The new exams system is planet Uranus which always denotes changes.

“Mum Reunited. Jailed Zaghari-Ratcliffe is released for three days to see her daughter.”

Mum and daughter are both Sun in Virgo

“Released” is Uranus, and this story also hints at future reforms, which is Uranus.

“from Jail” is Saturn.

“three days” is the current alignment of Sun trine Saturn trine Uranus.

“An illegal land grab by Israel”

Saturn in Capricorn is the law and therefore the “illegal”;
Uranus in Taurus is “the land grab”
Israel’s flag is planet Mercury’s six pointed star, and Mercury rules Virgo: the Sun is in Virgo.

“Who Governs Britain?” Sajid Javid.

“Who” & “Sajid Javid” are the Sun in Virgo: a public servant in the spotlight.
“Governs” is Saturn in Capricorn.
The title suggests changes, which is a Uranus theme.

“Pope Francis is the Che Guevara of the Catholic Church”

“Pope Francis” is the Sun in Virgo (Virgo the maiden is the Mary Magdelene)
“Catholic Church” is the ultimate Saturn in Capricorn
“Che Guevara” is the revolutionary and is therefore Uranus in Taurus.

“Russell Brand grows Up”

“Russell Brand” represents the Sun in Virgo

He is also associated with being a form of a revolutionary figure, therefore Uranus in Taurus.

“Grows up” is Saturn

The Planetary Analysis

[Sun in Virgo] [Trine] [Saturn in Capricorn] [Trine] [Uranus in Taurus]

The Sun in Virgo then its the time of year of the harvest, general improvements and efforts made to perfect something.
It is also centered around health and diet, computers and micro technologies; the service industries; workers in general; their routines and schedules.
Virgo is the Maiden holding the sheaf of Wheat, so there might well be stories about Women and their working lives; Women and health; Women and their ability to multi-task or organize.
This is when students get sorted into their universities, the clearing system, like the harvest action of sorting the wheat from the chaff. As such, Virgo can be rather critical or picky. And because of that Virgo can often worry or be anxious.

The Sun is the planet that highlights a specific person, puts them into the limelight or gets them noticed- a planet of self-awareness. So the Sun in Virgo picks out a healthcare professional, for example.
As Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, then often schools, learning, writing, critiques and travel or language come into the picture.

The Trine is a harmonious, flowing and positive aspect between planets that aligns with planets when they are in the same element.
Currently the Sun is in Earth element sign Virgo; Saturn is in Earth Element sign Capricorn and Uranus is in Earth element sign Taurus.
The makes an Earth Element Grand Trine.
The Earth element is all about efficiency. practicality, method, concentrated force and sensation.
It is oriented around values, work, service and the ambitions of life, as well as being solid, grounded and authoritatively hierarchical.
So, the Grand Trine highlights all these areas of life, and makes them work together rather well and with potential.

Saturn is all about commitment, responsibility and boundaries. It is also about consolidation and coalescing into form or structure.
Saturn is the rules and the law.
Capricorn is about ambition, status, power, reliability, discipline, method, realism, perseverance, seriousness, political and conservative attitudes.

Uranus is the planet of awakening, doing things differently, revolution, surprise, unexpectedness, change, progressions and evolving in a new ways.
Taurus is the sign of industriousness, conventionality, productivity, materialism, money, values, resources, cautiousness, determination, sensuality, solidity, immovability, stubbornness and keeping things the same.

Sun to Saturn: Decisiveness and determination; perseverance; ability to become completely absorbed in a subject; maintaining ones position in life; modesty; inclination towards pessimism; inhibitions; working silently or in solitude.

Sun to Uranus: Originality; a far-seeing mind; a love of freedom; striving for reforms; a sudden turn in life; improvement of living conditions; A revolutionary spirit; a progressive mind; a change of vocation; reforms and innovations.

Saturn to Uranus: indefatigable; willpower; endurance; perseverance; coping with every situation; growth of strength; successful battles in life.