“The Daily Mercury” 23 August 2018: Sun moves into Virgo

“The Daily Mercury” 23 August 2018: Sun moves into Virgo

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When the Sun changes sign once a month….

or when any planet enters a new sign, the news headlines tend to reflect it!

The Sun entered Virgo on Wednesday night; Virgo is the zodiac sign most associated to health and diet.
So its no surprise to see the headlines today (see below)

People start to become more aware of their health at the end of August and into September each year. Its an interesting phenomena.
It also fits well with the tail end of media’s silly season, when all the politicians are on holiday,
so a good bit of sensationalist and attention grabbing headlines always helps.

Whilst the Sun moves through Virgo for the next 30 days, you might do well to consider your own health, just like these headlines state.

Do you have areas of your own bodily awareness you could improve on?

Now is a good time to consider it.

If you’re interested to know astrologically more about Virgo in your own horoscope, get in touch.

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