Sun Moon Midpoint Synastry Astrology Reading

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About the Astrology Reading

I am currently making a special offer of a reading that is specifically focused on the Sun Moon midpoint in your natal chart.

This much overlooked point holds a lot of insight into your personality, as it represents the inner marriage between the Sun and the Moon.

Please read my article on this on for more information. In a nutshell, it’s a chart point that makes you happiest in your life (particularly in relationships and marriage), so it’s well worth finding out more about it.

In the Sun Moon midpoint synastry reading reading I go into detail with you about the Sun/Moon midpoint position by sign and house in your chart, and how it aspects other planets.

The interpretation can give you some profound insights that can lead you to a happier way of being as you will understand yourself better. It can also help you to find the right partner.

I can also go back in time to look at previous transits and progressions to your Sun/Moon degree point, in order to best inform you about previous relationships and experiences – looking back at previous cycles help you to look forward!

Finally, if requested, I can also predict what the future holds with your Sun/Moon midpoint.

I look forward to showing you how amazing this point is!

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The Sun/Moon midpoint is represented by the symbols (glyphs) of the Sun and the Moon, with a slash in between which indicates a midpoint.

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Sun Moon Midpoint Synastry Calculator

How to Calculate Sun Moon Midpoint

The Sun Moon midpoint is calculated by adding the longitudes of the Sun and the Moon (counting from 0° Aries) in your natal chart, and then dividing by 2.

The zodiac is 360° degrees in total (a circle).

The start of the circle is 0° Aries.

Each of the 12 zodiac signs is 30° portions of the zodiac (12 signs x 30 degrees = 360).

Another way of calling a “360° circle” is to name it Celestial Longitude.

Celestial Longitude starts at 0° Aries > 30° Taurus > 60° Gemini > 90° Cancer >120° Leo > 150° Virgo > 180° Libra > 210° Scorpio > 240° Sagittarius > 270° Capricorn > 300° Aquarius > 330° Pisces.

  1. So, for example: say you have natal Sun at 10° Gemini; that is equivalent of 70° celestial longitude.
  2. And say you have moon at 15° Aquarius; that is the equivalent of 345° celestial longitude.
  3. So you add together 70 + 345 = 415.
  4. Now divide 415 by two (two planets, Sun & Moon) and the total is = 207.5° Celestial Longitude.
  5. Recalculate that into zodiac signs and your sun moon midpoint is at 17.5° Libra (the equidistant point between 10° Gemini sun and 15° Aquarius moon).

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The Su/Mo is one point that represents the total fusion of Sun & Moon and thus reflects the Alchemists Great Work: the merging of the Vital Spirit and the Feeling Soul.

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Hermes Trismegistus points to the “Conjunctio” of the Sun & Moon, both immersed in the sacred fire – the ‘Intelligence of the heart’.