Drop-In Learn Astrology Class for Beginners and Intermediates

September 23 – Lesson 5: Mars

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Join Julian as he further explores the planets with his unique insights.

Mars is the planet of moving forwards, targets & goal setting. Its condition shows the way you take action, and compete, and how you push so you feel like you can win in life.

In traditional astrology it is known as the “lesser malefic”, because it has a hot and dry quality that is often difficult to deal with.

In this lesson Julian will give an overview of Mars and present a selection of Mars placements in famous people’s charts, followed by his own insights gleaned from more than 25 years of understanding astrology.

The lesson is rounded up with an overview of traditional text interpretations of Mars, including Abu Mashar, and William Lilly.

You will receive top quality tuition for very good value.

Fortnightly Astrology Class via Zoom

This is a ‘drop-in’ class every second and fourth Wednesday of the month, held as an online Zoom (video) group. The idea of the ‘drop-in’ is to give you plenty of options on how you’d like to learn. If you’ve done some astrology learning already you’ll be right at home, progressing and evolving your knowledge.

The Astrology Lessons

Julian will present beginners lessons and will then move towards intermediate level astrology.

Welcoming Environment

If you’re brand new to astrology, you’ll find a welcoming environment in which the learning and understanding aspect of astrology will be the main focus.

Free Astrology Guides

In each astrology lesson Julian will supply a free reference sheet relating to that astrology class which you can use as a reference guide.

Learn Astrology

Every week you will learn something, as well as get to develop your own astrological technique through studying, interpreting and talking about charts.

About Julian

Julian, your host, has 25 years of being an astrologer (with the internationally recognised Diploma of Astrology) and knows that a regular online ‘charts discussion’ group is exactly what’s needed to help subscribers learn how to read charts.

Zoom Class Details

The Zoom Room will be open from 7:45pm and go from 8pm until 9pm on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month (see list of dates for 2020/2021 below).

Class Costs

The Zoom astrology drop-in class is £15 GBP per class. You will be emailed the Zoom link for each class, and plenty of reminders!

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“I have been working with Julian on the production of his new teaching material. It has been a fabulous experience as he is an extremely patient teacher, providing a thorough understanding of the subject matter – I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him as both a gifted teacher & deeply insightful astrologer.”

Yve – Inner Sense Arts

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Upcoming Lessons

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The lessons will start again on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of January, February and onwards into 2021…