Drop-In Learn Astrology Class for Beginners and Intermediates

The Zodiac Signs Module

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This module of 12 lessons will provide you with a deep knowledge of the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac and the corresponding Four Elements of Matter. It is this Zodiac Wheel of the Year which forms the very core of understanding of your Natal Chart.

The module will teach you everything you need to know about the signs in turn and order.

Julian will provide a thorough and meaningful journey into which you will be able to immerse your imagination, such that you will come to understand the movement of time as everlasting, and eternally repeating.

This is because the Twelve Zodiac Signs also depict the four seasons, and, in seeing this, you will understand the annual patterns of nature and growth in a more complete and holistic light.

Julian Venables is an astrologer with nearly 30 years of professional experience in both teaching & interpreting charts, both personal readings and in the business sector. He has a wonderful warmth and enthusiasm with his approaches to study, which will give you a real passion for astrology and teach you this divine and fundamental science.

You will acquire the knowledge to practice these profound insights gained, into your own chart analysis, and subsequently move forward with your studies towards your Certificate of Attainment in the Foundation Course of Astrology.

Each one hour lesson, will focus on five aspects of study, providing you with a complete understanding in each of the signs:

  1. The core meanings of the sign and the best key words to use.
  2. The Mythic Archetypes of each zodiac sign, which is particularly useful in dream imagery and other esoteric arts such as tarot.
  3. Each sign as it is experienced and seen, in repeating patterns of nature, and within the natural world; this is how to develop your ‘super-natural’ insight.
  4. Chart examples of famous people who display an energetic emphasis of particular signs.
  5. The history of zodiac signs with both a traditional and modern overview.

Fortnightly Astrology Class via Zoom

This is a ‘drop-in’ class every second and fourth Wednesday of the month, held as an online Zoom (video) group. The idea of the ‘drop-in’ is to give you plenty of options on how you’d like to learn. If you’ve done some astrology learning already you’ll be right at home, progressing and evolving your knowledge.

The Course Structure

The lessons are designed as a rolling course, meaning you are able to join in at any time throughout the year. You are welcome to attend the live sessions on a Wednesday evening, every fortnight at 7:30pm GMT. The live sessions will also be recorded & although it is a wonderful learning experience to attend them, the course structure itself provides a simple freedom to study at your own pace & across time zones. Class recordings and further modules are available to access directly from the website and as a complete module.

Welcoming Environment

If you’re brand new to astrology, you’ll find a welcoming environment in which the learning and understanding aspect of astrology will be the main focus.

Free Astrology Guides

In each astrology lesson Julian will supply a free reference sheet relating to that astrology class which you can use as a reference guide.

Learn Astrology

Every week you will learn something, as well as get to develop your own astrological technique through studying, interpreting and talking about charts.

About Julian

Julian, your host, has 25 years of being an astrologer (with the internationally recognised Diploma of Astrology) and knows that a regular online ‘charts discussion’ group is exactly what’s needed to help subscribers learn how to read charts.

Zoom Class Details

The Zoom Room will be open from 7:15pm and go from 7:30pm until 8:30pm GMT on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month (see list of dates for 2021 at the bottom of the page).

Class Costs

  1. Book & pay as you go.
    Each Lesson when booked seperately will be £15, you can purchase when you want to either join the lives or study in your own time.
  2. As a one-off purchase of all 12 lessons.
    By booking all session together, £180 for 12 Lessons reduces to £144 with a 20% Discount.

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“I have been working with Julian on the production of his new teaching material. It has been a fabulous experience as he is an extremely patient teacher, providing a thorough understanding of the subject matter – I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him as both a gifted teacher & deeply insightful astrologer.”

Yve – Inner Sense Arts

Upcoming Lessons – The Zodiac Signs Module

Wednesday 27th January – Aries
Wednesday 10th February – Taurus
Wednesday 24th February – Gemini
Wednesday 10th March – Cancer
Wednesday 24th March – Leo
Wednesday 14th April – Virgo
Wednesday 28th April – Libra
Wednesday 12th May – Scorpio
Wednesday 26th May – Sagittarius
Wednesday 9th June- Capricorn
Wednesday 23rd June – Aquarius
Wednesday 14th July – Pisces
Wednesday 28th July (FREE BONUS CLASS for students who block booked all 12)

Previous Lessons – The Planets Module

8th July: Lesson One: The Sun (Part 1)
22nd July: Lesson One: The Sun (Part 2)
12th August: Lesson Two: The Moon
26th August: Lesson Three: Mercury
9th September: Lesson Four: Venus
23rd September: Lesson Five: Mars
14th October: Lesson Six: Jupiter
28th October: Lesson Seven: Saturn
11th November: Lesson Eight: Uranus
25th November: Lesson Nine: Neptune
29th December: Lesson Ten: Pluto
23rd December: Lesson Eleven: Chiron