Free Online Birth Chart

This service will create a free natal birth chart based on the details you enter.

Here is your free opportunity to see your real natal horoscope!

This page generates the mathematical diagram showing your moment of birth as a point in space and time. Casting the horoscope (from Greek Horoskopos “One who casts a horoscope, one who observes the hour of a birth,” from hora “hour; season; period of time” + skopos “watcher; what is watched”) was a developed art by the sixth century B.C in Hellenistic Greece.

This free birth chart generator will create a circular diagram and list all the planets positions and aspects to each other. The birth chart or natal chart is cast from a Geocentric position, an Earth-based point, the precise latitude and longitude point where you were born.

You can print this free birth chart for your own records, and if you are curious to know more, I can interpret it for you with a Natal Chart Reading.

To begin, enter all your information, including your accurate birth time am/pm and place.

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