Free Daily Horoscopes for Thursday 17th January 2019

Free Daily Horoscopes for Thursday 17th January 2019

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Daily Horoscope Thursday 17 January

The Sun planet of self-recognition makes a tense alignment with Uranus, planet of individualism and eccentricities.

This indicates disrupting yet exciting events can occur.

A breakthrough awakening is occurring, whereby an ambitious urge to be noticed for your individuality is pressuring you to tackle something head-on.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Your career reputation might cause you to make some quick alterations to your independent stance; luckily you’re flexible enough to shift in any direction that’s required.

Taurus: Things go well when you can express yourself and views in a free and easy way, however be ready for a surprise from a hidden quarter when its least expected.

Gemini: Your changing beliefs about your friends have benefits you’ve wanted to be known for a while; slight adjustments the entire way round make for interesting times ahead.

Cancer: You suddenly become aware there is someone you can partner up with who could make changes to your reputation that has exciting possibilities.

Leo: Realizing there is a different way of working and keeping you healthy can be like the dawning of a new day on a vast horizon.

Virgo: A wonderful love situation that’s so good for you is rising up the pressure gauge; you’ve got to go with the empowering transitions whilst enjoying the good times too.

Libra: The free spirit in you that you always try to bring out is recognised by the family; another radically free soul is on hand to continue to push you upwards to new levels.

Scorpio: Putting into words and clearly defining how you’d like to make that conversion to the way you’d like to work, or keep a healthy regime can be testing. Take it easy don’t be rushed to say it all at once.

Sagittarius: A new creative project that you love sees you looking into financial viabilities; don’t rush into something that might take time to develop nicely.

Capricorn: A refreshed form of self-presentation for the family is very beneficial but still has its tense moments. You can’t make all the changes instantly you know.

Aquarius: Much as you might want to take a radical stand of independence amongst people close to you, it could trigger you to ‘undo’ yourself and reveal a best kept secret; so hold on to your horses.

Pisces: A friend’s philosophy fires up your objectives and could cause you to switch position rather quickly; a changeover could open up the gates for you to evolve in new ways.

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