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Daily Horoscope Monday 31 December

The Sun is making its annual conjunction with Saturn (builds all day Monday & Tuesday, peaks during Tuesday night)

It’s a good time to recommit to your most important responsibilities and set up the boundaries and new rules you’ve been considering.

Getting on better with people at all levels of life will help you reach long term goals.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: As much as your reputation and career might be challenging you in ways you’d hadn’t bargained for, you’ve got to get your present set of tasks done and not feel dispirited. Think of the results.

Taurus: Broadening your horizons has become more and more of an enticing, workable possibility and now you’re prepared to put in a lot more energy and effort than you had before.

Gemini: It’s necessary to put certain material and financially shared responsibilities into order yet the changes you make see you feeling alone. Don’t be dispirited: you have to make adjustments.

Cancer: When it comes to an important significant other you’re ready to commit or to let go; whichever it is it could be affecting your energy levels so go easy on yourself.

Leo: Are there things to do which you haven’t completed yet, affecting your vitality? Don’t let it bring you down; just regulate your energy levels so you can reach and complete one goal at a time.

Virgo: Creative commitment can be very testing, but at the end of the day it’s going to be beneficial for your long term development. Try not dwell on issues that might isolate you.

Libra: With personal insights affecting you on a deep level, then you might well feel isolated and alone in your own home; change your mood by going to work and putting solid effort into something.

Scorpio: Deep penetrating insights into the way your mind works and your ability to organize yourself give you beneficial structures to work with. It’s a learning experience, and a good one.

Sagittarius: An apparent lack of money and resources press you to bring form and order to your method of earning and spending money. Getting serious and resolute will have benefits to a long term plan.

Capricorn: You might find it harder than usual to relate to people as you undergo a maturing process in your general approach to life. Work hard on that new project instead.

Aquarius: You’re pretty clear about what has to go and be done with, even though implementing the changes is something that starts by restructuring your inner world.

Pisces: Your plans for the future have been making themselves clearer and clearer and now it’s time to see some of those plans become real and tangible.

Daily Horoscope Tuesday 1 January

Mars the planet of action and drive changes zodiac sign today (at 02:20am) into Aries, the ram.

This is Mars’s own sign, which it rules and therefore is most comfortable in.

A clear path of action will start to manifest.

You will get an enthusiastic sense of direction and renewed motivation.

Mars will stay in Aries until 14th February, so make the most of it!

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: The surge of energy as your ruling planet Mars, enters your sign will see you ready for the get-go and hot to trot. However it’s a good idea to not move too fast, make a careful and consistent plan.

Taurus: Your drive and sense of competition moves into the area of your chart to do with secrets and your inner world. Be wary of fast plotting that might end up going nowhere.

Gemini: You’re moving into a phase where you will get stimulated by the actions of friends or the group; you might want to chase after your objectives and plans more.

Cancer: You’re moving into a phase where you feel strongly motivated by your career and life direction; at times it can be a challenge to keep pushing forward with what you’ve chosen to do.

Leo: You’re moving into a phase where the sense of competition about traveling, learning and getting out what you believe in becomes an important focus for you and does you good.

Virgo: You’re moving into a phase where the drive to continue to make changes to your life sees you move forward unheeded by what others say or think. You’ve got the goal and you’re keeping to it.

Libra: You’re moving into a phase where a partner or significant other could easily get you worked up into being challenged or affronted. You will have to act as peacemaker and keep your cool.

Scorpio: You’re moving into a phase where exercise, health and fitness play a more important part. Take care of yourself in stressful work situations; don’t let co-workers make you angry.

Sagittarius: You’re moving into a phase where you will feel motivated to have fun and games particularly with children if you have any. Sports and leisure activities give you more purpose and a competition.

Capricorn: You’re moving into a phase where your personal feelings start to get agitated and heated up, most likely reflected in your home, family and domestic life. You could do a lot to activate the home.

Aquarius: You’re moving into a phase where local travel and getting from A to B gets you easily worked up. You could be more easily drawn into arguing with people close to you, so keep your cool.

Pisces: You’re moving into a phase where you’ll be motivated to make money and use your personal resources in a more competitive way. There is a drive to gain more assets and income.

Daily Horoscope Wednesday 2 January

Mercury the planet of chat and gossip in big horizon Sagittarius makes a helpful flowing alignment to Uranus the planet of rebellion in motivated Aries.

This indicates the ease of saying what’s on one’s mind.

Bright and clever ideas will be talked about and suggested.

It’s a good time to look to the future.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Someone who teaches or learns from you also has something interesting to say helping you reflect on personal identity and what you’d like to change. You suddenly change your viewpoint.

Taurus: Speaking out about your intuitive process reveals some secrets and hidden stuff to do with a partner. It’s all better out in the open but would’ve just as well stayed concealed.

Gemini: A significant other makes a surprising statement to one of your friends that makes for a new understanding of a situation. It’s clear that plenty of freedom is required to give everybody room.

Cancer: A co-worker or employee makes a surprising statement or asks a question that potentially challenges your professional position. Go with it and don’t be pressured for an answer too quickly.

Leo: Suddenly thoughts about a creative project change and like a bolt of lightning you get a refreshed start of cognitive skills and mind flow. You feel good.

Virgo: Thinking and talking differently to family members suddenly helps you to change your whole feelings. Surprising money and investments are good subject matter and need evaluation.

Libra: You’re primed to say what’s on your mind in an unchecked fashion. It’s enough to give you the relationship freedom you’ve been thinking about. Brilliant ideas and statements revolutionize life!

Scorpio: A quick cash flow decision that links in with an ever changing work pattern gives you freedom to think differently. Spending money is talked about but don’t rush to do anything too hastily.

Sagittarius: Suddenly it feels good to talk about you differently and allow for more space in your self-expression. You feel freer than you’ve felt in a while and its fun to talk openly and optimistically.

Capricorn: An intuitive flash of an idea that’s best kept as a secret sees you want to change your home life even more than usual. You have to stick with it as long as you can, bide your time.

Aquarius: A message, email or phone call from a friend connects you in a surprising way and encourages you to speak out in all new ways that center on freedom and progressive ideas for the future.

Pisces: An exciting professional decision is ready for you to make; it’s a challenge to make sure you’re doing the right thing but it’s going to help make surprising changes to your earning capacity.

Daily Horoscope Thursday 3 January

The Sun planet of self makes a useful and harmonious alignment to Neptune the planet of visualization, transcendence and dreams.

This indicates a good possibility of fulfilled dreams, especially to do with Capricorn (authority and law based) awareness and decisions.

(Builds all day Thursday & Friday, peaks just before 20:00 Friday).

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Show your authority as you have a sensitivity and attunement to everyone around you so that you can be receptive and helpful whilst showing that you are a great boss when called upon.

Taurus: Being imaginative and dreamy will reveal aspects of life that you hadn’t seen before; maybe you could be like a pilgrim in a new land. Spiritual friends link with your understanding and knowledge.

Gemini: Knowing in yourself that you’re undergoing a transformation helps you to show the world you know the difference between reality and illusion. You want to identity concrete goals and ideals.

Cancer: It feels much better when a partner starts to be more sensitive and intuitive. They expect you to listen to them (even if it is deluding or confusing) and be gentle, kind and compassionate.

Leo: Focus on the work and let the imagination float and fly you through your tasks and duties so that you can be the visionary daydreamer. Look forward to being appreciated, noticed and praised.

Virgo: A time of romance and love that can help you rise above and transcend the normal is always welcome; project and visualize your ideal perfect partner and see what happens.

Libra: You’re aware deepest personal feelings seem to reflect a chilled and dreamy attitude towards work and general duties. Being meditative, contemplative and spiritual at home makes total sense.

Scorpio: Awareness of how you can say beautifully deep and loving things in a wise and serious style helps you to gather some interesting friends around you who want to hear what you have to say at this time. Spread the message of love as you see it.

Sagittarius: As you shine know you are worth it. Awareness of the changes you’ve been through have allowed you to have a more spiritual foundation and now you can build and value the deeper and more transcendent feelings you have, in order to make a new idealistic world for you and your family.

Capricorn: Using your imagination shows you to be independent and individualistic. Be eloquent in describing what you visualize or would like to project and see what happens. You could well see things that others cannot or will not see which puts you in an interesting position.

Aquarius: If you’re picking up on all the collective feelings then maybe it’s best to take a detached viewpoint and light up your inner world instead. What you truly value is spiritual awareness and it doesn’t matter what shape or form that comes in, it’s just being in the here and now.

Pisces: You’re aware of objectives that you’d like to see manifest but you feel oneness and mystical transcendence so it’s easier to flow with whatever’s happening. Now is the time to recognize you are an old soul who’s done it all before; helping others reach nirvana is the best thing you can do.

Daily Horoscope Friday 4 January

Mercury planet of the agile mind moves in to Capricorn where it will stay until 23rd January.

This begins a phase where concentration and practical thinking feature more obviously in a certain area of life.

Ambitious ideas will need grounding and stabilizing, in order to make them real.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Are you ready to communicate your ideas to people successfully? Keep steady and earnest in the public eye and don’t rush or push something that’s not quite ready.

Taurus: You’re entering a phase where a deeper focus and concentration of your mind will help you develop your intuition, dreams and visions.

Gemini: It’s time to scrutinize all documents and contracts more carefully and diligently especially when another partner’s money is linked with yours.

Cancer: A significant other becomes clever with words and you need to match their wits and articulateness. Double check anything that needs to be signed or documented.

Leo: Are you worrying too much? Try to link in the connection of body, mind and spirit and let go of wrong thinking habits and patterns which don’t serve you well.

Virgo: When was the last time you got creative with your writing or speaking ability? You could articulate things very originally now so if you’re out of practice, give it go.

Libra: If home life is becoming a testing ground of wits, try not to worry so much and let yourself get high strung or easily irritated. There’s a calmer solution to everything.

Scorpio: If there’s a subject you’re fond of studying, now’s a good time to get freshly curious and do some research or investigation; things could happen in the neighborhood that get you going.

Sagittarius: Your mind shifts towards making money and you might find you can gain from writing, speaking communications and personnel work; keep your wits about you when doing your books.

Capricorn: You have ideas that you want to impress on others; people will like your intellectual vitality and alertness coming through but pay attention you avoid self-centerdness.

Aquarius: It might not be as easy as usual to express what’s on your mind; make use of this subtle and secretive phase and discover more about your own inner world.

Pisces: It’s time to choose what you say to your friends more carefully in order to avoid gossip or scandal. Recognize how you can use your mind to enhance your power and reach your goals.

Daily Horoscope Saturday 5 January

Tonight is a new moon eclipse at 15 degrees Capricorn (at 01:28 Sunday early am).

A new moon eclipse opens a portal of great possibility, so it’s a perfect time to write out your wish list and stick it on the wall where you can read it every day.

See what happens over the next 30 days and beyond, as you start something new, particularly in an area of life where you have a certain amount of personal authority, and are willing to do the work to achieve something.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Career, public image and profession are all in your headlamps this next month. Don’t be afraid to go for your largest ambitions and see how far you can climb.

Taurus: Higher learning, educating and traveling are all on your agenda for the next month ahead. Time to dream of faraway landscapes and greener pastures, or escape the winter blues with a good book.

Gemini: Joint investments, contracts and money between two people are the focus for the month ahead. You know it’s time to make serious changes to your set-up, so you may as well start now.

Cancer: The focus is on partnerships and relating this month ahead. As the month progresses don’t be afraid to share your feelings with a special partner. Exciting new changes will develop as a result.

Leo: A special work project you’ve been talking about is the focus for the month ahead. Also getting fit, diet and staying healthy must be remembered and integrated into your lifestyle.

Virgo: The spotlight for you is on creative endeavors involving recreation, romance or children. Go forth and multiply, if you know what I mean.

Libra: Family issues come to the surface so make sure you stay on top of anything that needs attention. Try not to go too heavily into other people’s dramas. Take it easy and enjoy creature comforts.

Scorpio: The next month is all about the hustle and bustle of everyday life and how you organize yourself. You’ll find a focus on analyzing other people’s thoughts, but try to focus on yourself instead.

Sagittarius: You’ve got a focus on money this next month ahead. Try to build up your savings account; you like to spend and buy gifts for others, but be smart and save money for your future.

Capricorn: This is your time to shine Capricorn as it’s your month. The sober light of winter doesn’t affect you as much as others, you thrive in harsh conditions and tenacity is your biggest strength.

Aquarius: The focus this month is what’s going on behind the scenes for you in your inner world. It’s probably a good idea to sit back and contemplate on many things, without sticking to any one conclusion.

Pisces: Your focus this month is on friends, groups and associations. You have a good set of long held plans, but even these have to change sometimes. Allow for some recycling to make new.

Daily Horoscope Sunday 6 January

Uranus the planet of surprises stations and begins to move forward again.

In a certain area of life (wherever Aries falls in your horoscope) you’ve been reviewing how you can be independent, free and make progressive changes.

Now is the time to start moving forward with those changes.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’ve been reviewing your individuality, independence and personal freedom; a part of you is ready to try out something new and progressive and even surprising: are you ready to go for it?

Taurus: Your intuition and inner world has been giving you plenty of unconscious signals: how much change are you ready to take on? Maybe just watch others do it first before you get involved?

Gemini: You’ve been noticing and reviewing how your friends, groups and social networks are changing. This is all good for you and something you can use to plan your future differently.

Cancer: You’ve been reviewing the surprising and sudden career change that you got going; essentially it’s a challenge to your emotional sensitivity. Nevertheless its time to move forward and progress.

Leo: Your beliefs and worldview is changing and you’ve been reviewing how this works for you. Maybe some travel or involvement in higher learning is required. What message do you want to transmit?

Virgo: You’ve been working to transform how other people see you. So far you’ve been reviewing how the initial changes have been going. Now you can start to go into deeper psychological changes.

Libra: A partner who is acting in a rebellious fashion has been giving you a lot to mull over and review. Would you in fact be happier without any ties to other people so you can be free?

Scorpio: You’ve been reviewing new and different ways of working; some of the people you employ or co-workers now lead the change. A part of you is also ready to try out progressive health and dieting.

Sagittarius: If you have children they constantly surprise and delight you with their ‘different’ ways of doing things. A unique creative project needs to move forward again to show you are in control.

Capricorn: Your deepest emotional feelings and thoughts are sometimes so ‘off the wall’ it surprises you. Now you’ve been reviewing the home situation and need to make some quick and rapid changes.

Aquarius: The way you think has led to a certain streak of unreliability as you seek freedom and independence from around your local space and with people you know. Your thoughts are new and exciting.

Pisces: You’ve been reviewing values around possessions, ownership and buying, selling. A part of you has exciting new ideas you’d like to implement which could make you a great financial success.

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