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Astrological overview of the week ahead

This week’s highlights bring a new moon eclipse in sensitive feeling Cancer the crab and also beneficial Jupiter returns to forward motion in deep Scorpio, where power is created out of emotion.

The eclipse season is now upon us and it’s going to bring up a lot of sensitivity, most likely connected to the past and any long buried family issues. Looking at the news and this week Donald Trump, essentially a very unpopular president will be visiting the UK on a visit that is somewhere between official and unofficial.

This is symbolized by the Sun opposite Pluto, and it will be very interesting to see what he says and what the British establishment will say to him. Expect tempers to flare, and conflicting attitudes to surface.

Meanwhile Theresa May is trying to manage her revised Brexit position after her Chequers meeting, and so there will probably be a final ultimatum between government remainers and brexiteers, as the clock is ticking to the deadline date.

There will be a lot of big thinking, oversized statements and possibly over blown promises at the beginning of the week when Mercury the communicator stumbles into the ever expansive Jupiter.

It might be a good idea to take note of the ideas coming through at this time but allow for leeway as to how they will be delivered.

Jupiter is going direct in Scorpio and with the ‘direct station’ the biggest changes are happening now. Trade deals and other investments gain strength to move forwards this week, but will it keep everybody happy?

Most likely not as previously held standards and qualities are likely to be undermined in the urgency to strike a deal.

This will be mirrored in the last Jupiter trine Neptune to reach perfection in mid-august.

Towards the end of the week, Venus trines Saturn which adds a bit of welcome stability to issues raised.

As Venus trines Uranus a couple of days before, something new is trying to get itself grounded.

(N.B: All times in UT Universal time. The word ‘perfects’ means the planets at their peak interaction)

Daily Horoscope Monday July 9th

Mercury in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio (builds through Saturday & Sunday, perfects at 09:14am)

Mercury and Jupiter are in ‘fixed’ signs which mean all forms of communication will have a sustaining quality about them.

Decisions made come across as quite weighty.

Expect to hear statements like “I’m telling you, that’s it!” or “It’s got to be like that.”

Someone you know might be particularly immovable, relying strongly on the way things have always been.
If there’s money to be spent make sure it’s affordable.
You might have big expectations but don’t put all your eggs into one basket, and watch out for overblown promises and those who will offer more than they can deliver.
It is a good day to discuss the meaning of life with others and you can expect some clashing opinions.
Some people could even act in an extreme fashion, feeling like they have to force an agenda.
Ultimately a subject will be exposed to be healed in some way, and the loudest get to dive deeply into the emotional motives of others.

The Lesson:

Not everybody is right all of the time. Each and every person is sensitive about something, and sometimes it’s not necessary to talk about it.

Aries: It’s easy to distort or exaggerate the truth to fit the story, but you also could overreach or overextend yourself; try to get the essence and the best bit and then know when to stop.

Taurus: It’s difficult to turn your mind off when there’s a charge flowing through it around family and relationships; you might overextend your ideas in order to justify what’s going on. Simplify.

Gemini: You want to understand and know the truth so you have to go and seek the meaning behind a certain course of events; you’ll be honest and blunt if necessary but avoid jumping to conclusions.

Cancer: You’ve got an enthusiastic pursuit of ideas which is nice but remember that super optimism can lead to a bit of gullibility so keep your wits about you and stay grounded.

Leo: You’ve got to learn when to stop sometimes and a perfect example is happening now; why over explain or justify with excuses? Try showing you can be versatile and able to change.

Virgo: There’s restlessness in your inner world you can’t quite put a finger on but it can be satisfied by opening to diverse ideas and interests; the search to learn more and find the truth keeps you busy.

Libra: It’s easy to jump to conclusions about a friend whose ideas seemingly could boost your resources and wherewithal but there’s something that’s unrealistic or overextended in the explanation.

Scorpio: Your ability to bridge connections is good; try not to interrupt or overlook any information. As you communicate your interests and ideas believe in yourself and keep humorous and wittily playful.

Sagittarius: You’ve got the inspiration and lightning bolt of a good idea, so now how are you going to use it? It has to be taken to a level where you’ll learn the most and expand into a new understanding of self.

Capricorn: You’ve reviewed financial plans and settled on some possible changes but the ability to exaggerate is ever present; yes freedom of thought is important but don’t overdo your reasons.

Aquarius: It’s good fun developing repartee with a significant other as you learn from being curious, talkative and playful. Keeping things interesting with the other person is vital in your profession.

Pisces: You’re concerned with duty as well as wanting to push your agenda; fellow workers will listen to your impatient search for the ultimate truth; avoid talking without thinking or making assumptions.

Daily Horoscope Tuesday July 10th

Venus changes sign into Virgo (at 02:32am, stays in Virgo until August 6th)

Jupiter in Scorpio stations direct (through Tuesday and Wednesday)

Venus, the planet of love and relating moves into demure and modest Virgo.
This indicates a phase where pleasurable activities will be found when being helpful and useful to others.
There’s an attraction towards being logical and practical.
Venus isn’t at her happiest in Virgo because the expression of passion becomes matter-of-fact.
Petty criticism arises where there should be emotional give-and-take and natural reserve replaces seeking out the finer things in life.
Essentially it’s the time to be dutiful in the expression of love.

At last after several months of backwards retrograding, the luckiest planet Jupiter starts to move forwards again.
This means that the big plans you were formulating up until March (when they went strangely on hold) can now gather pace again, as you get clarity about how to apply them and move forwards.
Areas of life such as learning, travel, education, publishing, faith and belief & the philosophy of life come flowing back with better opportunities than ever before.
Certain people are particularly responsive and more than helpful and there is an artistic license to be discovered.
Some form of expansion and success is indicated here depending on where Jupiter is in your personal horoscope.

The Lesson:

Learning how to be patient has been worth it. Depth of experience clearly shows. It’s important to stay helpful to all even when self-indulgence is a temptation.

Aries: This is a good phase for financial gain through partnerships; plan ahead well for an increase in your general circumstances. Deepen your search in intimacy and investigating any mysteries.

Taurus: You are in a good phase for creating a successful partnership, in intimacy or in business. Developing something with another proves to be stimulating, expansive and lucky.

Gemini: This is the phase to look at improving your health, diet and working routines. Look for development and expansion with work colleagues and improving your lifestyle in general.

Cancer: This is a good phase for growth and opportunity in your love life and in creative directions. Any romantic proposals will go down well and you’ll enjoy expressing yourself from the heart.

Leo: You are in a good phase for taking opportunity to expand on family relations; developing a house or residence proves to be lucky, as does relocation or moving somewhere new.

Virgo: This next four months is good for developing communication networks, learning about technologies and improving your organization amongst people close to you. Focus on expressing your views.

Libra: It’s a good time to make decisions about your finances and resources. Prioritizing your values is important now as you can plan your luckiest financial moves for the next four months.

Scorpio: Your personal individuality becomes more important to you and you can plan ahead for the future; the next four months is great for personal growth and expansion; focus on health and appearance.

Sagittarius: The area of your life to do with secrets and sub-conscious motivations is activated; what beneficial things can you plan for the next four months ahead from behind the scenes?

Capricorn: You’re at the time where you can realize your hopes and wishes, and plan for the future and your career, particularly where friends and associates are involved in helping you expand.

Aquarius: This is perfect phase for putting your career plans into action and there should be a good response from those around you boosting your luck and fortune. You know what you want.

Pisces: You’re in a good phase for making decisions and planning ahead on anything to do with travel, religion, culture or education. Look for things that expand your worldview. Organize partnerships as well.

Daily Horoscope Wednesday July 11th

Venus in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus (builds the whole day, perfects at 03:26am Thursday)

A dynamic or magnetic attraction to something new or different, especially cultural such as art or music is possible.
Something innovative or inventive to do with agriculture, the growing season, the harvest or the sudden enjoyment of experiencing life on earth!
Simple pleasures like loving the garden (or a gardener or farmer) or loving the kitchen (or a chef) bring about an unusual ‘newness’.
As Uranus only changed sign into earthy Taurus a couple of months ago, then the catalysts and doorways that will be swung wide open in 2019 are just starting to be felt now.
Surprising feelings that pushed their way to the front in the Venus/Uranus square around the 15th June are now flowing and harmonizing much better with this ‘trine’ alignment.
When it’s easier to express one’s attractions then they might be expressed in an unusual fashion.
However since Venus is in its detriment than it’s not going to be a showy affair, it’s going to be discreet and practical, healthy and helpful.
You could carefully make choices and evaluations about whom or what you want in your life; the ‘trine’ aspect is one of the easiest times to go separate ways if needed.

The Lesson:

Enjoy different attitudes towards life; the spice of life is in making changes.

Aries: You have developed a healthy and dietary style that took a bit of adjusting to, but now is making you happier on a regular basis. The money spent on new work developments is going to be well spent.

Taurus: The flow of joy as you express your heart center now takes you even closer to becoming the person you know you can actually be. It makes sense to be all-new, and if you can it comes with a blessing.

Gemini: The love you feel for family and home life has been building up and now reaches a crescendo. Of course it’s been a challenge to stay the same as usual, but the rewards from deep within are genuinely felt.

Cancer: Letting close friends, relatives and siblings know that you love them is fairly obvious, particularly as you have most likely received something bounteous via them recently which has helped your future plans.

Leo: You’re valuing certain things that have meaning differently, it all helps and adds up to the unique and special career path you have found for yourself. People are only just starting to see what you’re capable of.

Virgo: Confidence is the key and putting yourself across in a charming fashion, showing you’re able to attract all the good things in life is what will help you get the freedom you deserve.

Libra: Magic is happening behind the scenes helping you in ways you probably hadn’t even considered. The change in you is felt by many in an unspoken way, as you exude a mysterious assurance and friendliness.

Scorpio: You could well throw an amazing party, or meet new and lovable friends in some kind of lucky social gathering. It’s likely you’ve attracted someone who knows you need freedom, whilst enjoying plenty of fun.

Sagittarius: Professionally you have been enjoying good rewards that were a challenge to reach, but at last the boss or someone else helpful saw how you needed the freedom to change, and let you do it.

Capricorn: You do well from a better understanding of relationships from a long-distance perspective, as at last the complete picture and whole view slots into place. It puts you in a good position, able to express yourself.

Aquarius: A financial agreement is looking particularly large and generous, and from the depths of your emotional needs, you might well have the feeling that you can make some big changes now, with a partner.

Pisces: A partner is looking particularly attractive, having expanded your life in one or two ways that have given you opportunities you can’t ignore, especially in the field of futuristic and modern communications.

Daily Horoscope Thursday 12th July

Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn (builds on Wednesday, perfects at 10:04am)

This is the annual Sun/Pluto opposition, which tends to demand some sort of a purge, a replacement or at least a heavy duty challenge between two sides.
The Sun is will power, representing the conscious urge of “I’ve got to get rid of [it]” on one side.
On the other side is Pluto presenting an impossible challenge that the ever-defiant ego will try to overcome but ultimately fail at.
This is because Pluto digs up the most difficult parts of the self to regenerate and transform, often in an excruciating manner.
Usually there is some sort of obvious manipulation or coercion, and it could be something that has already been playing out over a few years already.
It gets more and more intense as the ego holds out by passive resistance (in desperation).
With the Sun in Cancer there is a sense of belonging at risk, being part of the family or the tribe and a sensitive connection to the past with a large dollop of sentimentality.
With Pluto in Capricorn then it’s about pure and brutal ambition, government and governance, authority and political status and power.
The pitched battle is ultimately based on who is going to take control?
Just watch the news, especially with tomorrows new moon eclipse to light the touch paper and stand well back.
I’m interested to see how Donald Trump will shake Queen Elizabeth’s hand, and what he decides to say when he meets her.
I’m also interested to see the [last?] Boris Johnson showdown with Theresa May, and whether Nigel Farage will bark out yet more fatuous statements.

The Lesson:

Watch the movie “The Highlander” (1986) in which the star Christopher Lambert calls out several times “In the end, there can be only one”. With this new moon and the eclipse at the same time, it’s time for the climax, when one of the immortals wins.

Aries: So back in the past in the family history something stirs and comes to light that makes you determined to be the ultimate authority and boss now. It’s a challenge but you’re going to do it.

Taurus: So what do you believe in and what is there to say about it now? You could take a stance and be determined to see things differently, but don’t let it stress out how you normally think.

Gemini: A financial issue is on the table and it polarizes you; you want to be empowered by the possibilities, but is it a secure investment?

Cancer: An ultimatum has to be drawn up between you and a partner; they want you to change and you might prefer to keep things as they are, there’s a push and pull struggle going on.

Leo: What you’re increasingly compelled to do feel like you’re letting yourself down and undermining self-confidence and pride, but see it like work and duty. You could seek a retreat instead.

Virgo: Your deepest passions are rising up to be answered and a friend or a social connection seems to hold the key to the next stage of your creative authority; you have to do what you have to do.

Libra: Changing the way you see your family is resoundingly strong and it’s been a challenge when you want to be fair to everyone, but now professional awareness is demanding you make changes.

Scorpio: Communications and points of view could become intense as you may be forced to push your opinion; getting some space away from the difficulties is a good option.

Sagittarius: You’re determined to change your resources around and improve what you’ve got; someone highlights to you how sharing and combining can be difficult but in a different way can work.

Capricorn: You feel like you’ve got to survive and present to the world a whole regenerated self; a partner highlights some the changes that are most difficult to make.

Aquarius: Deeper changes that are sometimes hard to pinpoint are highlighted by someone you find yourself working with; it can be difficult to keep a routine whilst you’re in the process of regeneration.

Pisces: Deep changes are happening to your social scene and networking; you receive a different energy these days. Going out to have some fun and good times brings up issues around creative power.

Daily Horoscope Friday 13th July

New Moon Eclipse: Sun conjuncts Moon in Cancer the crab (starts at 02:48am, duration of around two weeks)

This has got to be one of the most intense events of the year.
Not only is it a solar eclipse but it’s in opposition to Pluto: the compulsive force of the unconscious rises up out of the earth to make [it] conscious.
A new moon eclipse opens a door to a new beginning, you stand in the portal of a new direction; add the Pluto opposition and you bring a tremendous persistence to experience a total rebirth out of a death.
The past falls away like the shedding of a skin, and the self is wiser and stronger, empowered by its journey.
Essentially this means it’s time to get rid of the things in your life that clearly don’t work for you; that can be quite painful as the very nature of the opposition is contradictory and swings from one side to another.
But deep within your heart (the Sun) you know you must transform to survive (Pluto) and once again thrive (the Sun).
So let the power struggles begin… part of life’s journey is to have to learn to cope with and face up to serious emotional issues.
There’s certain inevitability about it and everybody will experience it in some form or other in the course of their lives.
Remember, often you can only find your inner strength when faced with gritty adversity.
This eclipse is the first in a series of three; the next one will be a full moon lunar eclipse on July 27th and another new moon eclipse on August 11th.
So best to batten down the hatches, clear the decks and prepare for the clashing rocks.

The Lesson:

A Winston Churchill quote: “If you are going through hell, keep going.”

Aries: Going deep into your real emotional needs could be challenging but you will eventually be rewarded with a precious and priceless understanding of yourself. In the meantime life will just carry on as normal.

Taurus: You’re getting personal insights into how your mind works that you’ll happily keep to yourself; its like turning up your collar to the wind and tucking in your chin.

Gemini: New situations arise and people enter your life that can change your ideas about personal values and ownership. Your whole income structure is on the threshold of changing.

Cancer: The focus has settled onto you and what you need and want to attain for a life goal. Long term this is going to involve work, marriages and home life, so take the time to know where you stand now.

Leo: There’s a stronger pull towards developing a secret space where you can find yourself and answer your personal needs rather than everyone else’s. Once you created that then you’ll be willing to reach out further into the world again.

Virgo: Social connections start to take on more meaning as new people come into your life that has the effect of changing your path. Older friends become more authoritative and will offer up all sorts of advice that has benefits for you in the long run.

Libra: ‘Follow the yellow brick road…’ You’ve put into place all the right actions for a career path to develop and have the pioneering ability to make it happen, so where’s it going to lead to?

Scorpio: An old and experienced teacher of emotions will continue to enlighten your path and help you to set a precise method of developing your own wisdom and learning. A journey abroad beckons you.

Sagittarius: The right people are lining up to reward you for making professional changes; it’s useful to remember your thoughts and voice holds much weight, careful it doesn’t tip the balance.

Capricorn: A love relationship could also be a business partnership and certain people are coming into your life to help define the two; you might be fond to talk authoritatively even though you’ve got great sensitivity.

Aquarius: New co-workers and employees are making themselves known that will help you fine tune your working methods; don’t forget the importance of mental health as well as physical health.

Pisces: Creatively you feel fertile and are ready to dedicate towards a new path and way of self-expression. A whole new life direction beckons that has life enhancing benefits.

Daily Horoscope Saturday 14th July

Venus in Virgo trines Saturn in Capricorn (builds whole day Friday, perfects at 06:44am)

This aspect is very helpful considering the more challenging alignments of the last couple of days.
This is a time when your affections can be steadied through loyalty.
The value of this is that in relationship it is easier to accept responsibilities and mutual commitment.
Through the pleasure of dutiful service (Venus in Virgo), fears (Saturn) can be released (the trine).
Working with practicality (Virgo) you can feel secure and stable (Saturn).
Closeness (Venus) is created through (trine) shared effort (Saturn).
A sense of a guarantee brings improved affection.

The Lesson:

Even the old and the wise need to be loved. Improve a relationship with someone who already understands endurance and knows how to persevere.

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