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Astrological overview of the week ahead

The beginning of this week sees us in Full Moon phase with Moon in Pisces; the Moon will gradually be waning throughout the week, losing its light, until reaching Last Quarter phase late on Sunday.
In understanding this part of the monthly lunar cycle, you are moving through the flowering phase of consciousness, and into the fruiting phase.
This is taking the matters raised over the last two weeks and turning them into something useful.
The Full Moon will have illuminated a part of your life, guiding you to a realization, that this week will now ask to be integrated.
Its a bit like a decision making process.
Over this week that ‘fruit’ of knowing ripens; you know that is a specific topic or subject that will be present in your consciousness.
This topic can now be absorbed in a wise fashion, that is to say, you can learn a lot from this week, and gain in self-wisdom as a result.

So with Moon in Pisces then it won’t make any sense to pressure yourself; simply let your imagination roam, be restful and contemplative and enjoy letting your situation flow with your mood.
Things get particularly sensitive and receptive leading up to 12 noon on Monday when the Moon conjoins Neptune and later trines Jupiter.
This makes for Monday afternoon being very empathic and feeling-oriented.
Be aware of what you have to learn at this time, as the Jupiter/Neptune trine in Water signs is briefly activated again; the resulting contemplation will help to answer one of the ‘themes’ of this year for you.

On Tuesday afternoon (16:35pm) the Moon changes sign into Aries, which is a refreshing booster to revitalize your emotions.
This when you will react with more motivation and vitality, and get a strong feeling to start something up, or at least apply yourself in a more dynamic fashion to the tasks at hand.
The feeling will likely be that anything is possible and your impulsive actions might well trigger you into something new.
Bear in mind though the drive and push you are feeling is more likely trying to hammer home what you learnt over the weekend just past.
Take note of how much passion you have at this time, and how best to use it when it is coming after the full moon.

On Friday morning the moon will have moved into in Taurus, changing the mood to a more receiving one, that is calm, steady and solid.
Whereas the middle of the week was very much in your head, now practical matters come to the forefront, and a need to make progress will be felt.
Friday and Saturday are times consider things, look to your resourceful nature.
Saturday could teach you a lot about how you’ve been trying to push for something that wasn’t ready to be pushed, as the moon opposes Jupiter and makes a square to Mercury.
This could be quite a tense day bringing up a lot of issues to do with the particularly long and testing Mercury/Jupiter square we’ve had the last few weeks during the Mercury retrograde cycle.
At least now the resolution is in sight, and you’ll know what to do.

On Sunday morning the Moon moves into Gemini, which lifts the mood and encourages plenty of interchange as a variety of choices becomes apparent.
There is always an ‘on the move’ feeling with a Gemini Moon, and the possibility of spending your Sunday checking out different social connections or catching up with different people is likely.

Overall this week looks to be a constructive one in which you can convey your awareness of what you’ve learnt.
This is especially important as both Mars and Mercury have now finished their respective retrograde cycles and are moving forwards again.
So as the Moon picks up that Mercury in Leo long square to Jupiter in Scorpio for the last time on Saturday, then see the lesson it was trying to teach you as the last ‘blast’ of that aspect, imparting a fair amount of information to you, as to how you might have felt blocked in your communications.
Whatever you learnt from those retrogrades you can spend this week ‘distributing’ the resultant knowledge acquired from your own experience.

Most of the major planetary action occurs on Monday and Tuesday, helping to shift and clear away the challenging summer of retrogrades.

It is time to start moving forwards again!

(All times in UT Universal time. The word ‘perfects’ means ‘to bring to full development’)

Daily Horoscope Monday 27 August

Sun in Virgo Sesquisquare Pluto in Capricorn (builds on Sunday 26th & perfects 08:40am)

The Sun, planet of self, is making a mildly irritating alignment to Pluto, the planet of elimination and rejuvenation, so you might feel pushed to make some uncomfortable changes, but in doing so, you also achieve something through determination.

Aries: You want to win the hearts of many expressing a bold and confident self, but to do that you have to let go of the ‘all-or-nothing’ attitude you have around your professional direction and career.

Taurus: You’re aware of the pressures of home life, and, wanting to stay joyous with all the good things that it offers, you have to change your worldly views and beliefs.

Gemini: You’re making a name for yourself as someone who is broad-minded and confident in their communications and amongst relatives and people close to you. This is aggravated by a partner’s inevitable change.

Cancer: Awareness around a money issue is further irritated by a partner who has the power to change, but won’t use it when asked.

Leo: You are basking in a sense of self- appreciation and glory but there’s still work that needs to be done. Push yourself into a routine to get to the finish line, and then you can deserve the rewards coming your way.

Virgo: It’s a ‘behind closed doors’ kind of awareness but you’re frustrated by an ambitious urge to get profoundly creative, to make something in your life/with your life that you might not have done yet.

Libra: Friends are ever-present and there’s quite a lot of ‘yes’ people around, which is nice but that only goes so far; most of these people don’t have a clue about the ‘sleeping volcano’ that lies within, waiting to rumble.

Scorpio: It feels like you’ve climbed a big hill, and can confidently stand aloft to show yourself off, but there’s hidden things to talk about which irritate you. Somehow they need to be mentioned.

Sagittarius: You’re aware of understanding and being a part of another culture, which is excellent, it’s just their values and the money you earn at the moment isn’t good enough, and that’s irritating.

Capricorn: You’ve been confident to make some big changes that could be seen as extravagant or even a bit dogmatic, partners and others may be irritated because you’ve been overly dominant in your approach.

Aquarius: You partner can’t seem to demonstrate enough how generous and proud they are to have you in their lives; you’re just playing it cool, which might irritate them for a reason you keep secret.

Pisces: You’re having fun on the job, or in keeping healthy and fit. As you get into the routine, certain overly ambitious friends irritate and aggravate your method, thinking maybe they can be better or dominate you?

Daily Horoscope Tuesday 28 August

Mars in Capricorn stations direct (starts on Monday & intensifies all day Tuesday)

Mars planet of competition and action starts to move forward again in the sign of Capricorn; ambitious projects that seemed to be stuck or going nowhere (since middle of May) can now move forwards; it’s time to get more organised to reach for a goal.

Aries: You’ve been strategically and confidently pushing your reputation and status, now its time to move forward with what you’ve organized and keep proud of your actions.

Taurus: You’ve been considering what a change of location, a trip or a move abroad would do to you; through keeping broadminded a solution is now clear thanks to some generous action.

Gemini: Your method of taking action over available resources has been changing, now it’s time to move forward, though try to avoid being boastful about your personal power.

Cancer: You’ve been watching a partner’s action and drive recently and now it’s clear the direction they are heading in; it fires up your confidence and makes you proud of them.

Leo: You’ve been driven to get organized over work and in developing a healthy lifestyle, now having revised certain techniques you’re ready to move forward with new confidence and pride about how you do things.

Virgo: If you’re in the mood to go out and have fun, a little bit of confidence applied to conquest could help express your desires, and you might even fall in love!

Libra: The energy and drive you originally had to make changes at home and domestically now comes back, however you might like to curb too much extravagance!

Scorpio: You’ve been speaking in a more confident style in recent months and now it becomes even easier to express yourself again; be careful not to be too boastful or dogmatic though.

Sagittarius: You’ve been in a conquering mood for a while when it comes to talking about money and earnings, now you can be in generous position, through keeping broad minded about what you actually want.

Capricorn: Your sense of pride and confidence improves as you put so much extra work and effort over the last few months, making you a virtually new person. Now how can you take that confidence and make yourself where you want to be?

Aquarius: You’ve had the drive to act out your inner world and now recognize personal secrets that have taught you about confidence; now by being more broad-minded see where you’ll go.

Pisces: Being motivated by friends has shown you a lot recently, now how can that affect your own organization for the future?

Daily Horoscope Wednesday 29 August

Mercury in Leo Square Jupiter in Scorpio (already perfected on Tuesday morning, with noticeable after effects)

Mercury planet of ideas makes a tense square alignment to Jupiter planet of expansion. This is testing time for decisions. Although you have big ideas and can see the whole picture, there’s caution to be applied in how you put it across to others.

Aries: You’re searching for a meaning to the whole situation and being obviously uncritical when a more subjective insight is required; over- exaggeration is best avoided as well.

Taurus: Try to avoid making a judgment about a difficult family situation as a rash decision can be the cause of self-undoing. There’s a lot of talk but try to let it breeze past.

Gemini: Big ideas are pushing you to make a decision which is difficult as often you can’t say no; try a bit of procrastination instead and keep good natured and easy going in the meantime.

Cancer: You’re being encouraged to be extravagant where finances are involved; you might have difficulty in seeing the negative when it might in fact be useful.

Leo: You want to say things about yourself and your situation to your family but it might in fact be better to contain any nervous or anxious energy until a later date.

Virgo: Your interests are diverse but scattered at the moment. Stick to what you know already without too much exaggeration, and try to keep your inner world to yourself.

Libra: You need freedom of thought so you can pursue your ideas, which is why keeping friends seems the most important value you want to impress right now. Don’t overdo the emphasis.

Scorpio: You’ve already shown how clever you are, so there’s no need to overextend or over explain your ideas; sometimes you need to know when to stop.

Sagittarius: Your thought are inspiring you to extend your horizon and travel further but pay attention that you don’t be reckless or smug in what you say, else you could upset.

Capricorn: You’ve been thinking about making changes that’s bought about by what your friends are doing, though be careful you don’t adopt a too arrogant way of thinking.

Aquarius: A close confidante has plenty of ideas which allow you to be mentally lazy and presumptuous: make sure you’re still adding rationality to the mix and keep your foot in the game.

Pisces: You’re thinking expansive thoughts but how far can they take you when day to day practicality is required? You want to play the scholar when your best teaching is in emotion and feeling.

Daily Horoscope Thursday 30 August

Mercury in Leo Inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn (building on Wednesday, perfects early on Thursday morning)

Mercury in Leo calls for the use of some charmed words as what can be said could be penetratingly deep and intense as the quick talker aligns with Pluto, the planet of power.

Aries: You have insights that can help boost your creative efforts but to make it work well, you also need to employ some careful diplomacy so any power games can be well covered up.

Taurus: Well you gone and said it to the family now what you going to do? Luckily your children (or a creative project) are there to provide the love and affection so that it doesn’t seem too extreme.

Gemini: Speaking it because it has to be said, especially to people close to you then has you turning to beloved family members for the support you need; it sounded intense but the changes had to happen somehow.

Cancer: A decision or evaluation about a money resource sees you thinking beautiful and helpful thoughts to friends or siblings; there’s a powerful partner who can dominate the whole proceedings and your thinking patterns.

Leo: Speaking for yourself sees you value what you do slightly differently, you are a creative source after all; it’s all about your work technique and penetrating to the very depths so that you can come out on top.

Virgo: Secretive thoughts push you to love yourself more and take care of your body and let your inner beauty shine; transformation of your most heartfelt desires take a while to come forth, but they will.

Libra: Chatting with friends sees you feel secret attraction for someone; you want to make deep seated changes to your life and family or domestic situation, but ask yourself, is this the right person to get involved?

Scorpio: You’re broadcasting career ideas which attract you towards a different group with different objectives; again you have to be attentive to what you say because of the power of words that can lead to decisions.

Sagittarius: You’re taking in the bigger picture and want to talk about it; the boss likes you, on a subtle level, and knows you can help. Think carefully about how you’ve changed what you value about work and career.

Capricorn: Ongoing discussions about shared money and investments leads you towards simply wanting more freedom in relationships to roam as you please; just don’t be too eliminating and remember inclusivity.

Aquarius: Discussions with a partner take on various levels of meaning; it’s down to the money, values and the love of what’s shared together. Remember you’re diving deep into hidden realms of yourself to make changes.

Pisces: You’ve had co-workers or employees giving you confident ideas recently and this helps you to consider better relationships with them. Deep down your long term career goal is domination- does this help it along?

Daily Horoscope Friday 31 August

Sun in Virgo Semi-square Venus in Libra (builds all day & perfects just after 20:00pm)

The Sun planet of self reflects its awareness into the mirror of Venus, planet of attraction. There might well be a feeling that you want more of something; controlling it by keeping things lite and friendly will help.

Aries: You’re back into the work routine and familiarizing yourself with the people you work with; however there’s a new attraction on the scene who sensitively and emotionally draws you closer. A partnership beckons.

Taurus: You’re aware that you are a crystal clear channel of creativity, with many ideas flowing through you. Now a charming co-worker comes along to help you turn that flow into a form of work- together is better?

Gemini: Domestic and home issues are highlighted, and with many ideas about what to do and where to take it, it’s natural you express nurturing feelings around being part of the family, in order to be comfortable.

Cancer: You’re aware that something to do with locals, neighbors, or people close to you is now being communicated about which is good. Doing this shows how much you love and protect your home.

Leo: You are focusing on money, values and resources: by keeping feelings open for friends and people close to you, you also demonstrate how you value them as well.

Virgo: By using cleverness and keeping your wits about you, you’re able to attract some resources to you through expressing feelings to your partner or a significant other.

Libra: Unconscious stuff to do with your inner world can come to the surface quite easily and you could be expressing stuff in a friendly, attractive way that gives away a bit too much of what’s hidden deep within.

Scorpio: A friend is shining out like a beacon of hope and you’re not sure where it’s coming from but there’s some definite help from a hidden benefactor. Feel the love and embrace whatever’s coming.

Sagittarius: Being aware of how the rest of the world sees you could make you more sensitive than usual; you’re glad that a friend is so receptive to how you express yourself; they’re in a clan that you too can feel a part of.

Capricorn: When it comes to work and your professional path, you want the most beautiful people to work with and you’ll keep directing the situation that viewpoint until you get them/find them.

Aquarius: You’re aware certain arrangements are happening to move your financial situation along; a partner has something nice, calming and gentle to say to you if you’ll accept what they’re trying to get across to you.

Pisces: Your partner is highlighting the intricacies of being versatile in a relationship; they’re valuing something for more and more, and you’re keen to accept whatever’s going to manifest as a result.

Daily Horoscope Saturday 1 September

Its a relatively quiet day in the sky today, without any major planetary alignments.

Daily Horoscope Sunday 2 September

Last Quarter moon phase: Sun in Virgo Squares Moon in Gemini (starts 02:37am Monday, lasts two days)

This phase will show you how the last three weeks of effort have manifested. As its in Mutable signs, then fluctuation and change can be expected.

Aries: You’re aware of your style of working and the way you go about completing tasks; also diet and health have been adjusted; now it’s time to settle your mind and thinking patterns.

Taurus: You’ve become more aware of what you want in romance and creative love life; now the issue of resources and values becomes more obvious.

Gemini: You’ve been more aware of your personal feelings around family and domestic situations; now it’s time to think about yourself as an individual and what outcome you’d like to see.

Cancer: You’ve been aware of your interactions within the local environment and neighborhood; now its time to quietly reflect on those feelings raised.

Leo: You’ve aware of changes in values, resources and earning structure; now its time to attune yourself to your long term plans and objectives, to realize you’ll eventually come out on top.

Virgo: You’re aware of being more in control of your individual approach and self-presentation; now it’s time to attune yourself to the feelings of the other people you work with, to keep harmony.

Libra: You’re aware of development in your life that go on behind the scenes which are accessible only by you; now its time to make adjustments to your viewpoint and know you’re learning more.

Scorpio: You’re aware of your long term career plans and how friends can influence that; now its time to take into consideration the changes you’d like to make that’ll bring more harmony to those plans.

Sagittarius: You’ve been aware of developing your career and public position, but your ability to fully harmonize with everyone is now clear. Keep working at it.

Capricorn: You’ve been aware of expanding your world view and beliefs, learning things on the way and now you see how daily tasks and routines can get in the way of that. It’s a long journey…

Aquarius: You’ve been getting more aware of how responsible-oriented the changes are going to be in your life but for now you still want to have fun, not surprisingly really.

Pisces: You’re aware of the importance of knowing yourself through a relationship mirror and now its clear that shifting moods around domestic situations create a lot of the tension.