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When compared to last week’s major planetary alignments, this week’s highlights are considerably more subdued and quieter. It’s a bit like having experienced what could be considered an equivalent of an earth moving shock (for many) now one has to look at what’s left, and how to reshape or rebuild a new reality from it.

In Japan, they had major floods wash away whole livelihoods and communities, leaving a muddy sludge that has to be rebuilt somehow. In England, we had a political desertion of two vitally important figures who were attempting to birth the uncertain reality of Brexit.

What’s left is also a shambles and in its own way, a mud slide of epic proportions. I’m reminded of how I once heard Boris Johnson talk of how in his childhood, one of his favourite things was to make mud pies at the bottom of the garden. It seems like he’s still doing it now (!)

When left with a shattered paradigm then naturally everyone involved needs to contemplate before making another move.

In an intense game of chess, each player has to calculate a series of moves and all the possibilities before taking their turn and moving a piece. That potent waiting time is what is happening this week.

So as the Moon gains in light after the eclipse then take stock of the situation in your own life, as well as what’s happening in the world.

I’d love to talk politics here, because at the moment the state of the nation reflects so perfectly what is going on in the sky above! Of course, we all know that Brexit is a shambles, yet something presentable has to be delivered before the new reality is set into motion.

If only politicians would use the planets, they would be so much better informed in the long run. As it is, they are hopelessly trying to patch up ever-widening cracks without yet allowing for the natural evolution to occur.

It appears to be a messy affair of satisfying self-interests, and of leaving the sinking ship before it completely goes under.

(N.B: All times in UT Universal time. The word ‘perfects’ means the peak or the exactitude)

Daily Horoscope Monday July 16th

Mercury in Leo inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn (perfects at 15:24pm)

The inconjunct aspect between two planets is not an easy one; there tends to be a draining and haphazard use of each planet.

Mercury the talker and thinker acts proudly in the fire sign of Leo: it is now being polarized by the realistic intensifier of Pluto in the pragmatic earth sign of Capricorn. In this mismatching of elements fire is smothered by the earth.

Look out for a situation where excessively creative thinking is given a rigid response in which Pluto “phuts” out the confident light of mercury’s ideas. What Pluto demands is a total recycling of the plans that mercury suggests.

Look around you to find out who the Mercurial character is, and see how a set of plans or a message they had now has to be destroyed before it can be regenerated and reborn. The result is often a state of disorganization.

Even though ideas, communications and general discussion are full of aspiration, hope and future visions, there is a very deep practical consideration and traditional viewpoint to get past, a bit like a yawning chasm. This causes friction and awkwardness in communications.

Take note how the upcoming Mercury retrograde will repeat this aspect to Pluto twice more on August 4th- 5th & August 30th. So this potential for disorganisation will continue for a few weeks.

The Lesson:

Even though there are enthusiastic skills to demonstrate, there is a specific realism required that will deplete, so important adjustments must be made to make something work. The answer is found in carefully selecting the best bits so that big concepts can become easier to handle, organize and thus be more efficient in their delivery.

Aries: Solid good ideas although not yet enacted still need adjusting and compartmentalizing because of power play and deep power strategies in your career. You’ve got to make room for others as well.

Taurus: Your most personal thoughts, the ones you keep relatively hidden are challenged by what you’re learning and the faith and belief you have for a system or an authority.

Gemini: The way you’ve been talking doesn’t fit with the changes a partner is pressurizing you with; they’ve been through a lot and expect you to focus and concentrate on things closer to home.

Cancer: Your technique for evaluating money, possessions, buying and selling is intensified by a powerful partner: what you’re saying doesn’t seem to work for them and so you have to deflect the situation.

Leo: Your ideas are making you think about a different approach; however you are changing your whole attitude toward work, schedules and routines so take everything in your stride for now.

Virgo: The secrets are quite well hidden, although you’ve got to trust that what you’re doing is not just superficial. The power of what you what you want to do needs plenty of thought.

Libra: You want to make deep and powerful changes to your life; in order to do that you have to be persuasive and influential: talking friends into or out of a situation makes for a challenge.

Scorpio: Your curiosity about your public and professional position leads you to extremes of thinking. The power of words could block your expression or make you inhibited, yet insightful on a deep level.

Sagittarius: You’re able to project your intelligence and concentration so that you can be valued differently; ultimately you’ve got the power, its just a case of getting that across to others.

Capricorn: You’re interested in investigating forbidden things and/or taboos but the insights you get don’t blend well with the powerful self-approach you’re developing. Take it easy, avoid intensity.

Aquarius: What a partner is saying to you is giving you sixth sense: you know their weaknesses and vulnerabilities now, but it doesn’t feel right to expose it to them, so be sweet and just know.

Pisces: You have keen observation and a penetrating mind at work; this intense analysis might not be too welcome so avoid using the techniques too much. Don’t let it affect your social network or friends.

Daily Horoscope for Tuesday July 17th & Wednesday July 18th & Thursday 19th July

The Moon in Virgo all day Tuesday; Moon enters Libra at 19:42pm on Wednesday;
First Quarter Moon in Libra squares Sun in Cancer. Starts at 19:52pm on Thursday.

Over these three days there are no major planet aspects, but the observant will notice how the moon is clearly gaining in light each evening (it is ‘Waxing’) so you can reflect quietly on what you are now trying to achieve.

The initial seeds planted at the new moon eclipse in Cancer are now sprouting so you know which direction you have to go in, and you may be feeling particularly conscientious or tenacious about any feelings raised during the eclipse last week.

The Sun will remain in Cancer for the rest of this week, so a natural focus on family, home life, tribal belonging, nationality and other domestic issues is likely.

The Lesson:

Something has started, as you become aware of it, nurture it and let it grow.

Aries: It’s a good time to reflect with your partner and show off your strength and your sensuality, enjoy things together, intimately.

Taurus: When it comes to routines it’s a good time to dig in and get your hands dirty in the garden, or maybe just the window box. Enjoy connecting with all the life around you.

Gemini: It’s a good time to practice a hobby or leisure pursuit, enjoy what you do and dig around to reveal and revel in your natural talent.

Cancer: When was the last time you got earthy in your kitchen? You’ll find pleasure from baking and cooking, and enjoying the fruits of your labour with friends or family members.

Leo: A good conversation can be something to revel in and enjoy; you’re grateful for slow yet well worded communications that have a solid purpose and bring satisfaction.

Virgo: It’s a good time to make the most of your natural talents and value yourself more favourably; good self-worth leads to further success.

Libra: When you get the chance, sit back and appreciate the world around you and feel a deep satisfaction for what you represent.

Scorpio: It’s a good time to get a better feeling for your inner world; switch that mood to being mellow, calm and staying low to the ground.

Sagittarius: If you’re in a social mood with friends, find somewhere you can all deeply relax and enjoy the passing of time together, there’s pleasure to be had in simple things that ground you.

Capricorn: When it comes to work and professionalism, getting the right mood is important; make a note of what you accomplish today and take pleasure in your progress.

Aquarius: It’s a good time to focus on just one thing and go into it fully: maybe that’s something you want to learn, or discover, or travel to.

Pisces: It’s a good time to tend to practical matters that need change, particularly those around shared monies and resources.

Daily Horoscope for Friday 20th July

Saturn in Capricorn quintiles Neptune in Pisces (perfects at 13:36pm)

This aspect between these two slow moving planets started in December 2017 and carries through most of this year. The specific dates are 18th December 2017; 20th July 2018 & 22nd September 2018.

The interpretation of these two planets can be seen as a theme to the whole year. As today is one of the exact alignments, now is a good time to write about it.

The nature of the Quintile aspect is that of creativity, especially when used in a self-realized way. If it isn’t used knowingly, it has the potential to force itself through in a chaotic or destructive manner.

So when Saturn, the planet associated with limitations and rules makes this ‘creative’ alignment to Neptune the planet of dissolution and the highest forms of idealism, then there is a sense of the past dissolving and a new pattern emerging. This new pattern will provide a different perception and way of building Saturn’s ‘reality’.

A strong sense of the need to take care of others (read society) prevails but there is a readiness for sacrifice, as in, if [we] let go of one particular thing, does the new vision that replaces it fulfill expectations? So there can be somewhat of an introspective nature as [we] struggle between materialistic and idealistic tendencies.

A peculiar character can emerge who seems to embody all of this.

One of the best examples of this is in politics and Brexit: we don’t know what we are doing, but we have to do it! That is the ultimate Saturn/Neptune matching.

The Lesson:

The process of life is impermanent and always subject to change. It could be said that the only thing we can rely on in life is change (it’s an oxymoron, but holds true when considered).

Aries: You need to develop an intuitive strategy and method of thinking if you are to avoid turning over your power to someone else.

Taurus: You’re looking for the facts but might find them unclearly represented or easily misunderstood.

Gemini: Your unique artistic visualization and method of making your dreams real could be under-valued, there’s still time to change things around.

Cancer: If you’re experiencing professional uncertainty through someone else who’s blocking your idealism, then try to integrate and blend both visions.

Leo: A working method or skill needs to be integrated with something more fluid; what is a friend suggesting?

Virgo: The slow creative development you’ve worked hard towards is blessed with a magical moment that helps your ideal life direction along.

Libra: The consolidation and effort you’ve put into family matters receives an insightful yet mysterious link from afar.

Scorpio: A serious state of mind is boosted creatively by a secret understanding; in a way it’s something that can’t be verbalized, it’s just a way of knowing.

Sagittarius: Your value and self-worth that you’ve worked hard to develop and stabilize gets a perceptive boost from a partner who is more mysterious than they seem.

Capricorn: A feeling for your body makes you want to get seriously healthy and that diet has never looked so enticing; it’s time to integrate body, mind and spirit.

Aquarius: The on-going process of clearing away the old to make way for the new draws you towards more creative yearnings and productive dreams.

Pisces: If the ‘realist’ is becoming the dreamer then refocus on goals and see any intuitive input as an assistant toward more productive dreams.

Daily Horoscope Saturday 21st July

Venus in Virgo sextile Jupiter in Scorpio (builds all day Saturday and perfects at 09:20am on Sunday)

A very pleasant aspect to end the week with; whenever Venus and Jupiter make a contact with each other, a loving, happy and satisfying result can be expected. Today Venus, planet of love, money and relating is in the helpful and analytical earth sign of Virgo.

Jupiter the planet of expansive opportunity is in the competitively and resourceful water sign of Scorpio.

So with one planet in earth element and the other in water element, then there is a substantial receptivity and containment, a form of inward feeling expression. So this is something likely to happen that you will enjoy feeling in yourself, rather than experience from events in the world around you.

Venus represents values and self-worth; it is the planet of magnetic attraction. When in Virgo it tends to be discriminating and precise in what it likes and loves, so it acts best being dutiful and of service to someone.

Jupiter is the planet of learning and teaching wisdom; it’s the traveller and the pilgrim, who takes in the bigger picture so that it can believe in its purpose.

When in Scorpio the zodiac sign of resources and mysterious powerful emotions, then it has the capability to increase its capability to attract money and resources.
Funding, sponsorship, financial assistance is all highlighted now.

There is a sense of through getting on with others, improving (working) relationships, then greater rewards will be dug up and discovered, a bounteous possibility is within reach. By being dutiful, you will meet or know of a great benefactor. This is good for money and resources, as well as establishing a nice, service based relationship with someone you care about.

The Lesson:

There is a lot to go around, and through sticking to the one plan and belief, eventually all good things happen.

Aries: The people you work with you just have to adjust to but it’s useful because takes you to the point where you could make some big changes just so you can have some emotional space.

Taurus: You’re in a romantic and joyous time where sensual pleasures, fun and games are doing you so much good; a partner also benefits and grows through how you express yourself. Love becomes even bigger love.

Gemini: You appreciate and enjoy domestic surrounding and home life and your work reflects this. Any people working for you and with you also help improve your home.

Cancer: Friends and people close to you help you to establish a connection network that expands your feelings of love and helps bring about a hobby or creative pastime that’s good for you and enjoyable to grow into.

Leo: You feel deeply satisfied and content about how you can make money; not only do you now have something that you’ve expanded with, but your values have grown nicely as well. Congratulations.

Virgo: Projecting self-love and spending money on beautifying yourself also makes you appreciate your body more and think and talk in more emotionally sensitive ways.

Libra: Loved ones behind the scenes are putting all the dots together to help make plenty of money and expand on available resources. It’s a wonder that you can keep it all a secret.

Scorpio: Friends and social networks and connections really are wonderful things. A group has helped you benefit and expand into your new role with great aplomb and a particular friend is heaven sent.

Sagittarius: Your feelings about your career are improving and deep down you feel catered for and as if it’s all going to work out all right.

Capricorn: Loved connections have traveled and are giving you wonderful feelings about the future and helping to expand on your life objectives. Learning from their bigger picture helps to positively boost your career plans.

Aquarius: Your public image has expanded and developed into something new and now you see how financial wherewithal can improve this even more. Its big, it’s good and people love the changes you go through.

Pisces: A loved partner challenges you with their values and you understand how much opportunity and expansion lies in long distance travel, another country or a cultural learning location.

Daily Horoscope Sunday 22nd July

Sun moves into Leo at 21:00pm, stays for a month until August 22nd.

We are now at the height of the summer and the golden month of the year when the Sun travels through the zodiac sign it rules, Leo the Lion. The season of the summer often reminds me of the British royal crest of the Lion and Unicorn, which symbolically represent the Sun (Leo the Lion) and the Moon (the Unicorn).

The Sun represents the King, the Moon represents the Queen.

Summer has the longest daylight hours and warmest temperatures because the Sun has reached the tropic of Cancer, north of the equator, on its annual journey. The zodiac sign of Cancer rules the Moon in astrology, but instead of pairing a crab with a lion as a symbolic crest the Unicorn is used instead.

This is because the Cancer constellation of stars has another constellation very close beside it, made up of fainter stars than the Crab. This constellation is called Monoceros, the Unicorn.

Now we have Sun in Leo then it is time to be ambitious, confident and dramatic. Be creative, have fun, show off and express your heart-self.

It’s also a good time to demonstrate leadership and confidence, as well as honour, loyalty and pride.

The Lesson:

Enjoy the fruits of your labour, the sun is warming and helping to grow all that you have been culturing over the year. Next month it will be the harvest time so make the most of the ripening fruits on the branches of life.

Aries: It’s the time of year to put forth what is uniquely yours and distinguishes you from others; your powers of self-projection are getting stronger.

Taurus: It’s the time of year when your self-protection urge and self-sustaining urge is activated; become more aware of your roots and family.

Gemini: It’s the time of the year when you do well to branch out into learning more about relating to people close to you; got some writing to do? It’s a good month in which to express your thoughts.

Cancer: It’s the time of the year when you focus on material success; you don’t have to give up until you have attained what you want.

Leo: It’s the time of the year when you can reach out for more experience; you quite enjoy the freedom of being on your own sometimes.

Virgo: It’s the time of the year when you can go deeper into yourself and take a while to see the unknown part of yourself; sanctuary and retreat and enjoy a quiet phase if you can.

Libra: It’s the time of the year when having a friend or being a friend to another helps you achieve a certain purpose.

Scorpio: It’s the time of the year when you become conscious of achieving some kind of prestige and power; you’ve got a natural authority which you like to test out sometimes.

Sagittarius: It’s the time of the year when dreams and visions take on more significance; you become more aware of a basic urge to expand your horizons.

Capricorn: It’s the time of the year when you become aware of the drive to reorient yourself and allow for regeneration and transformation, particularly within a relationship or partnership.

Aquarius: It’s the time of the year when you become aware of a partner close to you; as well as your own wishes, can you also consider the needs and wishes of others?

Pisces: It’s the time of the year when you become aware of how you work and what you can do to improve a situation; this is also reflected in your diet and health: have you been to the gym recently?

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