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Daily Horoscope Sunday 3rd March 2019

With the Moon in Aquarius today, its a good time to tune into ‘the group’ awareness; whats happening on social media, or in your social network?

Its a good time to get a good feeling for the future, or for innovative ideas.

Going solo or into a quiet retreat to read a good book could be a good consideration.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Reacting and responding to your friends is good; they might be wanting some help, and you’ll have a answer for them.

Taurus: Considerations and setting the mood for your vocation or career could well be on your mind.

Gemini: Your mood could be quite spiritual, thinking about the great concepts of the world. Maybe a holiday to consider?

Cancer: When there is a lot to talk about, emotional edginess can result especially if there is not enough feeling or emotion behind it.

Leo: Your partner might be helping you to brainstorm a plan, or set in motion a good concept.

Virgo: When it comes to your working life and routines, there has got to be a different way of doing things. Break out of the mold and be your person.

Libra: Play games with friends, have fun and let loose some of that intelligent form of expression.

Scorpio: Home life and family matters need to have some freedom as well, so you may as well give the people who need it their space.

Sagittarius: Good ideas that encapsulate the future will be welcomed. A lot of coolly detached emotion is expressed by someone close to you.

Capricorn: Feelings about self worth and money are rising up to be considered. Is it worth buying or selling what you have in mind?

Aquarius: Its the perfect weekend to be yourself, find some quiet time to reflect on how you do things your way.

Pisces: In the background and behind the scenes, there is a matter of much consideration for the future. What does the group think about, in secret?