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Daily Horoscope Monday 8 October

Today’s Moonwatcher:

This week starts with no moonlight; we are in the Balsamic phase, the most reflective phase of the monthly lunar cycle.

So, this is an important time to literally reflect and not push anything forward, let all reactions and responses wash over you, until the new moon.

The Moon is currently in Libra which is the sign of coupling and two-ness. This suggests that confiding with a friend might be a nice thing to do, or being socially interactive.

However it might also be a good time to spend some time on your own and instead ‘make contact’ with your creative self, your muse, in order to reflect on all that has been happening recently. This is possibly the best way to find a balance at this current time.

12noon – 15:30 Moon aspects Jupiter: Emotionally deep and searching for meaning of changes. Understanding your mood. Finding the faith for transformation.

13:00 – 16:30 Moon aspects Mars: This is great for a motivational boost, drive across a message, state an opinion, assert yourself positively.

18:00 – 19:00 Moon aspects Venus: Be sweet, be charming, subtly get things done your way.

Today’s Planet-2-Planet:

One of the core themes of this week is the upcoming tense aspect between Venus planet of love, against Mars planet of desire.

It’s gradually intensifying and peaks on Wednesday evening.

Whenever these two meet you can expect sexual fireworks of some kind or other!

Venus in Scorpio square Mars in Aquarius (builds through to Wednesday & peaks Wednesday night)

The planet of love and attraction (Venus) is tensely blocked (the square) by the planet of desire and goals (Mars).

Both Venus and Mars are in ‘fixed’ signs which mean sustaining and solidity; neither planet wants to give up on a thing.

This likely results with a sense of doubling down on a relationship issue.

In circumstances there may well be a situation that is hard worn or full of tension, it is still difficult to let go.

What to look out for:
– discordant tension between two people
– hidden tension coming to the surface
– a blatant physical attraction that isn’t well tempered.
– obstacles to social or sexual satisfaction

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– be calm, honest & direct to constructively build a better relationship
– have a competitive game with friends
– be determined to find compromises and solutions
– use effort and skill to create a social gathering, mix music and dancing

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– avoid impatient or aggressive action
– avoid frustration or broodiness as it can be destructive
– be careful of impulsive demands that can create volatile situations
– ego tension can create critical rejection

Your Sun sign today:

Aries:One of your friends is bringing up some deeply personal issues that maybe a little sensitive; however getting things into the open can avoid frustrations and make for a harmonious outcome.

Taurus:A partner is challenging you over your career direction; there’s been quite a lot of revising going on and now you need to set a new path that’s harmonious.

Gemini:You’re improving relationships with people you work with but there’s a point of view which you have held onto for a while which makes frustrating and annoying exchanges. Try to harmonize.

Cancer:You’ve been feeling romance and love and happy to express it but there’s a challenge in that some form of action has to be taken to make changes before harmony can be achieved.

Leo:You’re enjoying home and domestic bliss but a close partner is getting increasingly frustrated and wants some sort of action oriented response when all you want is a good time.

Virgo:Love and romance is on your mind and you’re thinking of ways to impress someone you work with or someone you’ve seen at the gym. It’s a good time to strike up some witty banter and see if the sparks fly.

Libra:A creative new activity has got you fuelled up and you want to spend more time and money investing in it. Try not to spend too much on new gear.

Scorpio:A pleasant and charming approach is challenged by tensions and frustrations at home. You have to try and keep some sort of balance between your individual requirements and family issues.

Sagittarius:Secret loves and feelings could be expressed as angry words which is not your intention. Try to instead keep the peace by finding a quiet retreat space to keep your inner world harmonious.

Capricorn:You’d like life to be one big party and social event but there’s something about your available resources or how you spend your money that holds you back and gets you frustrated.

Aquarius:You just want to be you right now but other people are expecting you to behave a certain way. Find a balance in what you want and what others want.

Pisces:Someone from outside your usual circle is stirring things up and getting under your skin; try to avoid changing your plan of action too much and just go with the flow.

Daily Horoscope Tuesday 9 October

Today’s Moonwatcher:

03:47am: The New Moon in Libra, which sets the tone for the month ahead.

Social justice will be large on the agenda, and a lot of placating will be needed.

Finding harmony, peace and balance will be the necessary theme.

The sometime overwhelming urge to make a change (in a relationship or partnership) will need to be kept in check, as Venus the planet of relationships and love is in reverse all month, and therefore ending something now is most unwise.

The same can be said for starting a relationship now, try not to be so hasty! Bide your time. You’ll be glad you did later on.

06:00am – 08:50am Moon aspects Pluto: honestly a lot of people might wish they hadn’t woken up this morning!

Possibly very tough responses and reactions to bring up the worst, but healing, change and transformation is possible.

Easier to let go of difficult thoughts after 09:00am.

16:00 to 17:20 Moon aspects Jupiter: this is a mild nudge to remind you that change begins with understanding the situation.

A deep search into emotion and feeling, and relating that to the world around you.

Today’s Planet-2-Planet:

Today is new moon phase in the air sign of Libra, the balance and the scales of fairness.

Soon you can be on the lookout for a thin bright crescent moon appearing in the sky.

New moons are the perfect time to begin a project or initiate a new beginning; in Libra the focus will be on relationships, partnerships or doing something creative.

New Moon in Libra(at 03:47am and for the next month)

What to look out for:
– a diplomatic solution to a challenging test
– a peacemaker who wants to balance
– a tactful and strategic cooperation
– an persuasive artist

The best things to do [with this lunar cycle]:
– create an infusion of willpower with emotions to reset or begin again
– observe and learn about a relationship
– pull together loose ends to show intentions
– achieve balance through aesthetic pursuits and equal relationships

The things to avoid [with this lunar cycle]:
– indecision or inconstancy
– a passive-aggressive urgency
– deceit or superficiality
– vanity or conceit

Your Sun sign today:

Aries:You can see how your independent and assertive stance distances you from people who would rather be close to you; find a balance to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Taurus:Diplomatic moves help to improve relationships with co-workers or employees, even if it means making small adjustments to your usual approach.

Gemini:Keeping fun and good times as a top priority helps to offset any serious matters; children start to play an important role.

Cancer:Maintaining a fine balance between having the home as a social place and simultaneously a private dwelling sees you needing to be fair.

Leo:A creative shift towards speaking or writing what’s on your mind helps you to be more charming and draws people close to you.

Virgo:You’re pretty clear with yourself about what you can indulge in and splash out on, and what’s off limits, at least until later.

Libra:Being friendly and approachable brings you admirers, as you find it easy to present yourself as charismatic, amiable and appealing.

Scorpio:There’s a lot going on behind the scenes that sees you quite happy to withdraw and contemplate before making your next move.

Sagittarius:You’ve got a lot of future plans that need expressing with charm and tact, rather than bluntness.

Capricorn:Your life direction and ambitions are highlighted; being polite is a necessity even though you might just want to get on with the task ahead.

Aquarius:Opportunities arise for a holiday or getaway that you’ve dreamed about for a while; delightful times look promising.

Pisces:There are some fascinating changes going on that you find difficult not to get involved in; a plan to generate creative resources looks promising.

Daily Horoscope Wednesday 10 October

Today’s Moonwatcher:

The Moon has moved into Scorpio this morning.

06:00 – 10:15am: Moon aspect Saturn: a very good time to be calm and reflective; even though feelings might be having a deep dive, you will want your reactions to be sensible and focused.
Use this time to be careful and through in your work this morning.

17:30 – 22:30 Moon aspects Mars & Venus: A statement like “Was it something I said?” will be echoing around the land as the Moon activates a very tense alignment of the two relationship planets.

This could result in a bedroom drama, and quite possibly a lot of couples might be very weird-ed out this evening.

Be prepared for short fuses, intense reactions, trigger hair responses and some pretty stuck-in-the-mud situations.

Today’s Planet-2-Planet:

Mercury the planet of thinking makes a rare alignment to Uranus planet of spontaneity indicating that we’re in the balance with our thoughts, there’s a decision this way…and there’s the other way.

Mercury in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus(peaks at 17:36)

The planet of thinking and decisions making (Mercury) is traversing deep emotional territory (Scorpio) which is good for research, but can also create a sharp tongue and jealousy or revenge, especially as it is challenged and polarized (the opposition) by the planet of unexpected surprises (Uranus).

An impatient or restless person might purposefully shake up a situation in order to create a new situation that will need stabilizing.

What to look out for:
– sudden news & unexpected situations
– errors that are easily made
– people with unstable or erratic nervous disposition
– a strange experiment for analysis

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– keep a systematic approach as much as possible.
– back up your words with action
– get into a new fascination
– meet hysterics with reason

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– avoid blowing up as it will only make it worse
– avoid shock tactics
– being too disciplined (could be difficult to maintain)
– being unreliable or acting crazy

Your Sun sign today:

Aries:You feel you’re in a much clearer space to talk about important financial issues. The changes you’ve been through help you to set new boundaries.

Taurus:People are relating to you differently now as they can see the impressions you give off have totally changed from the old you.

Gemini:Careful analysis is the key to work through the cause of any restlessness and dissatisfaction; you might have to go a long way back into the past for the answer.

Cancer:A decision on how to have fun and when is pending; there’s serious and responsible things to do as well, but your friends always seem to be having fun, so why can’t you?

Leo:Critical discussions with an older person helps you to settle on a decision for your career path, everything’s been up and down so it would be good if something stuck.

Virgo:You’re happy to keep on moving until the right place can be found, but can it be found? You’ve got to look within for peace of mind, in order to feel happy with your environment.

Libra:Straight up talking about what’s on your mind and the changes that you need to make will help; find someone who got a good ear to listen to you.

Scorpio:First impressions have always been important haven’t they? A decision to try to not let unreliable relationships bother you is made today.

Sagittarius:You’ve got exciting methods to apply to work and life in general, but in order to be correct you’ve got to keep quiet about them, at least for now.

Capricorn:You’re thinking about telling friends some of your more radical and inventive ideas, but will they judge you for it? Maybe wait a little longer.

Aquarius:It’s time to let people know about how important your domestic space is. You can do your job pretty much anywhere if given enough slack and room to move around in.

Pisces:A vacation or short break is needed; it’ll give you a chance to work through some of the surprising thoughts you’ve had that disrupt your mental space.

Daily Horoscope Thursday 11 October

Today’s Moonwatcher:

08:00 – 12:15pm Moon aspects Sun: a mild recognition that harmony could return again, especially if last night was a major challenge.

10:30am – 13:30pm Moon aspects Pluto: this is seeking the deeper meaning with your partner or friends.

No superficial stuff, you need to know what they really think about you (for therapeutic and healing purposes).

12:30 – 14:30 moon aspects mercury: Great for speaking your thoughts and ideas. make a helpful suggestion or two to whoever looks like they need it.

20:00 – 23:15 Moon aspects Jupiter: this is a deep emotional connection, that has opportunities to dig up stuff, for healing and expanding.
On the other hand, if the last couple of day has been decidedly challenging, then this is a “I can do it my way” kind of a feeling: everything will be alright because your tough, and can handle it all, right?

Test your trust with others, don’t fear because everyone is sensitive underneath.

Today’s Planet-2-Planet:

The Sun planet of awareness runs up against Pluto planet of power which could cause pressure to change in some way.

You could experience some challenges that serve to strengthen you.

Sun in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn (builds all day & peaks Thursday night)

What to look out for:
– contention with people in authority
– people being held to account
– problems from the wielding or abuse of power
– forced to find the fix to a problem

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– work out a way to cooperate for the good of all
– giving up something to bring in more positive change and evolution
– making changes to the areas that aren’t working well
– prove yourself if challenged

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– issuing ultimatums that will later backfire
– arrogance and/or over-estimation of the self
– fanatical aspirations or tendencies
– craving for power

Your Sun sign today:

Aries:Working out issues that arise from relating can be tough, especially if it feels like the world is watching you.

Taurus:You’re aware your working methods have to change. Look deeply into your lifestyle, health and diet routines to see what needs regenerating.

Gemini:Deep down you want to make some powerful changes, and the way you like to express yourself is the first to transform, go easy on yourself.

Cancer:You’re most likely aware that your method of communication in the context of relating is what causes problems. Try to think and thus speak in more fair and just terms.

Leo:So how’s the state of your mind? You’re pushing at changing your mental state after experiencing so many barriers and blocks; it has helped you work harder though.

Virgo:There’s a deep love and attraction forming but you need to pay attention and be aware of money issues and not let money get in the way of love.

Libra:Your whole approach is being challenged by what’s happening at home; personally you might have had enough, but you’re forced to find a peaceful solution.

Scorpio:You’re pressured to take a look into your unconscious mind and outworn patterns because you want to make some radical changes to the way you think and organize yourself.

Sagittarius:Your plans are involving some big and drastic letting go of possessions and goods and resources. A determination to survive and start again is apparent; you’ll bounce back soon enough.

Capricorn:You’re conscious that you have the skills to take the top job, but the pressures on to be fair to everyone else involved. Go easy on some people; remember to work as a team.

Aquarius:You want to expand your horizons and learn about life from a different perspective; but in doing so you’re forced to go deep into your old unconscious patterns, and that’s downright uncomfortable.

Pisces:You’re long term objective is to be fully in control, but there are still lessons to learn about finances and the sharing of the resources pie, and you are forced to survive a crunch, which you will.

Daily Horoscope Friday 12 October

Today’s Moonwatcher:

09:53am Moon changes sign into Sagittarius.

Phew! Moods should lift somewhat and generally people being a bit more enthusiastic.

A fluctuating day of emotions as the moon aligns to several planets ‘mildly’ in the daylight hours.

Just feel a bit more relieved as its Friday, kind of a day.

15:00 – 18:30pm Moon aspects the Sun: look up to the sky this evening and you’ll see the first crescent moon, bright and crisp in the night sky.

This is a time to gradually start recognizing the link between your emotions and your will power.

You know your own strength within a relationship now, as earlier this week it got properly tested. Youch!

Today’s Planet-2-Planet:

Mercury the planet of thinking and organizing makes a helpful alignment to Saturn the planet of rules.

This shows that serious thinking sets boundaries and limits.

Mercury in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn(builds all day Thursday & peaks 08:20am)

What to look out for:
– a concern to make the situation better
– the ability to see the flaws and correct them
– an older teacher
– a serious adviser

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– respect the people who know more than you
– ask for sage advice
– be prepared to help someone who asks you
– devise methods of greater efficiency

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– mentally isolate yourself from other people
– loneliness
– being a carping critic
– overlooking the tried and tested

Your Sun sign today:

Aries:Talking about money, resources, contracts, loans and mortgages with another is inevitable; you have to take it all seriously; hard planning makes you become a respected professional.

Taurus:Every conversation with a significant other reflects back to you relationship issues; they’re taking things seriously and want real decisions; you want to give them your overall viewpoint.

Gemini:You’ve got good ideas for co-workers and the workplace but they’re best described in limiting and restricting terms. Making things too big isn’t needed now. The bare (but beautiful) bones are best.

Cancer:You’ve been coming up with some marvelous ideas but they need to be aired to a responsible partner who’ll tell you where they need tightening up and how achievable they are.

Leo:You’re deepest and most personal thoughts are made real and true by the amount of work and responsibility you’re prepared to put into them; home life gets serious, in a good way.

Virgo:You can talk all you want until the cows come home but it’s your word that’s required to crystallize the situation and make sure you’ll stick to the decisions you’re making.

Libra:If home and family life has been a challenge but given you a lot to work for, then how you talk about your values is now important. People will take what you say quite seriously.

Scorpio:It’s a fine time to represent yourself and talk about what you’d like to do; there are people close to you who are serious and expect to see you sober up and be responsible and serious.

Sagittarius:Keeping thoughts to yourself, it’s time to evaluate all the difficulties you seem to face over your values and attitudes towards money: how you earn it, what you possess, buying and spending.

Capricorn:A friend has many tall stories and explanations that are fun to listen to, but they want you to take the serious role and sort it all out for them. Be serious and listen carefully to extract the gems.

Aquarius:It’s time to talk carefully and strategically about some long term plans; the reasons you’ve kept things hidden is a very good one, don’t give it all away now, think carefully who you’re telling it to.

Pisces:Through opening long distance communication channel you’ve allowed yourself to think about long term objectives and eventual goals that might seem restrictive now, but later on, more possible.

Daily Horoscope Saturday 13 October

Today’s Moonwatcher:

08:00am – 12noon Moon aspects Neptune: An inspired and dreamy state of mind sets the tone.

People are enthusiastic to daydream and subconscious influences are strong.

A enhanced sensitivity to the environment if exploring outdoors.

12noon – 16:00 Moon aspects Uranus: Exaggerated or magnified feelings.

Unexpected reactions, expect stubbornness.

You might feel restlessness and strive for an afternoon of independence.

Today’s Planet-2-Planet:

Sun in Libra biquintile Neptune in Pisces(peaks at 13:45)

Recognize within yourself (the Sun) the capacity to dream and imagine (neptune).

Understand that this is a natural thing that everybody can do well (the quintile).

Be (the Sun) compassionate and forgiving (neptune) as that will help solve a problem (the quintile)

To improve harmony and balance, its a good idea to let down personal conventions to be more at-one with all-that-is.

What to look out for:
– logical resolutions through using visualization
– an ingenious and influential person
– getting away with something
– a tactful persuader

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– understand how people need to have a vision to dream
– enjoy the magic of life to improve relations all around
– manifest something out of thin air
– make a creative leap for the benefit of all

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– deceitful dissolution of a plan
– undermining an artistic or creative person
– being air-headed in denial
– acting as if distracted or on the defensive

Your Sun sign today:

Aries:Your partner has a plan that solves all of the hidden problems, or so they think.

Taurus:The routine work and tasks link together your imagination for future plans.

Gemini:Everything becomes a lot more fun as your dreams appear to come true.

Cancer:The home base solves the faith; a place of dreams for dreamers.

Leo:Being aware that things need organizing more locally solves the idealization of resources.

Virgo:A money situation gets a creative connect with a partner who can manifest dreams and visions.

Libra:Recognizing how you approach the job or co-workers helps to manifest the ideal situation.

Scorpio:Behind the scenes you have a dream of how expressive and creative you’d really like to be.

Sagittarius:Friends or associates are convincing you that home life has to change again.

Capricorn:A public image shift is possible if you can persuade in a dreamlike fashion.

Aquarius:A journey abroadf is dreamed about, you can do it with synthesis.

Pisces:The job, task or duty to fulfill is like a bit of magic, subtle and with sleight of hand.

Daily Horoscope Sunday 14 October

Today’s Moonwatcher:

07:00am- 13:15pm Moon aligns to Mars: Wake up feeling assertive.

Pay attention to reactions and responses to avoid unnecessary flare-ups.

Someone can be easily angered or express frustrations.

19:17pm Moon changes sign into Capricorn.

Stabilize the emotions; feel practical and able to succeed.

Work out the plan.

19:17- 21:10 Moon aligns to Uranus: New feelings of ambition change the situation.

Today’s Planet-2-Planet:

Mercury in Scorpio quintile Pluto in Capricorn(peaks at 11:28am)

Its a good idea to listen to the person (Mercury) who can transform a situation (Pluto) by linking together (quintile) two apparently separate things.

A researcher (Mercury in Scorpio) is driven to show something (quintile) that was previously hidden and can change everything (Pluto in Capricorn)

What to look out for:
– a spin doctor who is really good at convincing
– influential ideas that uncover
– a potent solution to progress and evolve through making changes
– hidden information revealing hidden power or corruption

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– ask questions to get to the truth
– synthesize power and secrets
– have an emotion-led discovery of the deep
– understand how power and authority work together

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– try to outsmart the source of power
– an entrenched attitude
– overly persuade others/ plotting & conspiring
– use secretive ideas to form power structures.

I hope you enjoy these Daily Horoscopes & the Moonwatcher forecast for the week ahead.

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