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Daily Horoscope Monday 7 January

Mercury the planet of emails, texts and chitchat is lining up to make a tense alignment to Mars (building all day Monday & exact at 10am Tuesday morning).

This indicates how easy it is to create an argument through too much conversation over trivial things.

Rather than get too frustrated by complications there’s something to be said for just going for it, and seeing what happens.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’ve got a new efficiency drive and ability to present you as ready for anything, especially when it comes to an interview or discussion with the boss; don’t push too hard.

Taurus: You’ve got thoughts that take you a long way from home, but you’re ready for anything, even some undercover and secretive missions.

Gemini: Your goals are to reach for your broader ambitions and fulfill those plans and objectives, yet a joint resources issue could cause some strife; try not to be too explosive as you adjust to make changes.

Cancer: You’ve got an urge to search for the wok that’ll carry authority and prestige; a partner’s quick thinking and manner of speaking about your relationship forces you into a testing position.

Leo: You’ve got the urge to go on holiday or to at least expand your current possibilities, but many quick questions from people you work with seem to get in the way and could be frustrating.

Virgo: You’re driven to look deeper in potential funding and contracts or shared resources, as the ideas you’re getting now will be best expressed when you’ve changed your attitude to what things are worth.

Libra: You’re being pushed into new ground by a partner with energy you quite admire, yet deep down your thoughts are mostly focused with your inner and personal world; don’t feel forced to reveal anything you don’t feel right about.

Scorpio: Slightly flippant talk could see you having to apply certain skills in order to get on with people you work with.

Sagittarius: Talk about money and how you want to spend it on fun and leisure could raise a few problems.

Capricorn: A bright and sparkly self-presentation and discussion about yourself might go against the active goals you’ve set out to win to make your home and family life more manageable.

Aquarius: Certain thoughts are best kept well hidden especially when it comes to the competition you might feel in your local neighborhood or even with a sibling.

Pisces: Your drive to improve your income and resources sees you communicating to a group or a friend and talking in very candid terms; don’t speak too hastily.

Daily Horoscope Tuesday 8 January

Venus planet of love and attraction has just recently made a refreshing change of zodiac sign into spirited Sagittarius where it will stay until February 3rd.

This brings friendly and sociable times, when feelings can be expressed honestly and more carefree than usual.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Making friendly connections with friends and loved ones who are further away or abroad will make you feel a lot better about yourself and help you set up some interesting possibilities.

Taurus: You’re entering a phase where sex could become more exciting with your partner; it’s almost as if there’s a deep meaning and purpose behind lovemaking, how far can it take you?

Gemini: You’re entering a phase where relationships will become better and smoother, rifts can be healed and you can find a proper balance between your own ego and everyone else’s.

Cancer: You’re entering a phase where it’s best not to overindulge! Keep a focus on work and you’ll notice how you’ll get on better with co-workers. Sort through any relationship problems by being practical.

Leo: You’re entering a phase where you’ll naturally be more loving and attracted to others, as they will be towards you. Go out and enjoy yourself but don’t overdo it!

Virgo: Improving relationships at home and with and amongst family members is the phase you’re going into. Try not to be too critical or over analytical of a situation, even though you’re trying to help.

Libra: Encouraging and pleasing words for people close to you and in your neighborhood help make your everyday surroundings and activities more agreeable. Socialize, talk and be pleasant and light.

Scorpio: Financial opportunities and gain might be o the horizon, but as much as you might attract to yourself you should also pay attention not to overspend or overindulge and be too extravagant.

Sagittarius: This is a good time as you can project a good impression and favorable circumstances. If you need to make peace and harmony among others, now is the time to be noticed for those skills.

Capricorn: You might find that you’re entering a phase of sorting out unresolved tensions in an important relationship. Helping others before helping yourself will have long term benefits.

Aquarius: You’re entering a phase where you will enjoy other peoples company much more than usual. New and interesting people will be attracted to you and good times will result.

Pisces: You’re entering a phase where you will attract favorable circumstances in business and professional spheres. You’ll find that you can deal agreeably with others in different situations.

Daily Horoscope Wednesday 9 January

Jupiter the planet of expansion and increase is making a testing alignment to Uranus the planet of unexpected surprises and rebelliousness.

This could result in an attempt to push what is perceived as the truth through to others in such a way as to be disruptive.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Having learnt and understood something bigger than words can encapsulate, you now feel like you have to individually awaken those who you perceive as getting in the way. Try to be patient, not everybody works at your pace.

Taurus: You can see a larger crisis getting out of control unless some sort of a brake or slowdown is applied to it, but form where? A flash of well hidden inspiration sees you act immoderately, which could upset or jolt those least expecting it from you.

Gemini: A partner is offering a larger concept and a bigger philosophy which can throw your future plans off track, or even blow them out of proportion. Keep everything in check before rushing off the handle.

Cancer: There is a whole load of work to be done and the list of tasks seems to be getting bigger all the time. A sudden career shift or reappraisal of your direction sees you easily ruffled or emotionally in flux; it takes your steady and ambitious partner to keep it all grounded.

Leo: Creatively you are expanding into a new field of experience that is great for you as it puts you into the spotlight; however there is a willful agitation that needs to be contained, so be sure to stick to the defined boundaries and regular guidelines.

Virgo: Home and family life has been growing in some way which is encouraging but now a situation around money and resources shared or loaned can create an unexpected disruption which throws things a bit off balance. Sticking to the plan gives you plenty of work to do.

Libra: A topic of conversation with people close to you turns into something bigger than it needs to be and now a partner is getting all agitated and thrown off by the suggestions. They need their freedom as much as you do.

Scorpio: You’ve got good opportunities to earn and value the situation differently, especially as you’ll do well out of it. The thing is you need to look out for an agitated or willful co-worker or employee who could upset things.

Sagittarius: Your individuality is growing into a new self-perspective and you like the idea of being free and able to express yourself; however don’t be too willful or force too much on another. You don’t need to be too at-odds with them.

Capricorn: There’s a storm brewing behind the scenes and in your private life; you feel to follow your own path and be inspired in whatever way you like; others might not share that sentiment, which sees you acting in a more forceful or discordant way than usual. Keep to your usual parameters if possible.

Aquarius: A friend encourages you to grow your objectives and plans which is good to hear coming from them, but there is a rebellious part of your own thinking that makes you say things that can stun or jolt those that would help you. So pay attention and try not to upset anything.

Pisces: You see the big potential in your career that could really take you to other places; it’s just that there may be a surprise about money and resources which could put things into flux or out of balance. So keep practical and stick to the long term plans.

Daily Horoscope Thursday 10 January

Gradually building up today (and going exact tomorrow) the Sun planet of self has its annual meeting with Pluto planet of power and elimination.

What part of yourself could you recycle and rejuvenate right now?

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Beware getting involved in an argument with the boss; it could be that they are kicking up some power issues with you, but try your hardest to keep your cool and poise.

Taurus: Try to avoid any political arguments or strong views on culture or religion. Instead keep the peace and make personal transformation your goal.

Gemini: You’re aware of a radical shift in the money set-up, you might receive a whopper of a bill; did you track your spending habits? Hopefully just a slight adjustment is all you need to make.

Cancer: Beware of a power struggle between you and your partner; if either of you don’t push for too much change at once, you can ride this one out.

Leo: Take care not to strain or stress yourself in your daily routines; a transformation is needed and it’s a good time to work out what’s the best way of looking after yourself.

Virgo: Feeling a block to your creativity or a lack of inspiration? Then you have to let go of the past and an old way of being. The new more empowered you is waiting to come through, if your ego allows.

Libra: Personally and deep down you are determined to make a shift although you need to make sure that the volcano that wants to erupt doesn’t do it on family members or domestically.

Scorpio: You’re becoming aware of how you’re drastically changing the way you think about things. Something you thought to be true in the past has now changed, be ready to know this.

Sagittarius: After having to let go of so much you once thought had value in your life, now it’s time to replace it with something more exciting and empowering.

Capricorn: You have a new and transformed attitude and it’s time to present yourself differently: get into going out and buying some new things to make yourself look different and change your appearance.

Aquarius: You’re aware of how much behind the scenes transformation you’re going through, that however hard has its benefits as you metamorphose. Take note of your powerful unconscious motivations.

Pisces: Some of the people you used to hang out with have values you don’t share anymore. You’re aware your objectives are changing. Eliminate the old and replace with empowered goals.

Daily Horoscope Friday 11 January

Venus planet of love and money makes a mild frictional alignment to Pluto planet of power dynamics (builds all day Friday and Saturday, peaks Saturday night)

This indicates irksomeness within a relationship, or over a money matter.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’re attracted to new and different people who are different from your past experiences. Don’t feel pressurized to mix them with your other circle of friends; it’s better to keep them separate.

Taurus: The money you spend on or the money you get from a partner makes a mildly tense and uncomfortable situation affecting how you’re seen in the world. Try not to feel too inconvenienced.

Gemini: Your feelings for a partner are being mirrored back to you with a bit of added friction and strain due to a belief or world view that’s been transforming your life. Tensions bring strength.

Cancer: You’re trying to improve relationships at work, or at least bettering your diet and lifestyle and along comes a frictional moment connected to investments and resources. So is it worth it?

Leo: You’re having plenty of romance and loving, connective fun recently so why let a partner be too tense and strained? If you don’t push them too hard to transform, their reaction will be lessened.

Virgo: Much as you’re enjoying being amiable and peaceful at home, there’s a constant nagging that you’ve got a powerful and potent work project that’s needs your attention to manifest it.

Libra: You notice your social life has picked up and it feels good to talk; however there’s a pressing irritability to creatively fulfill yourself; therefore love, romance and children are talked about.

Scorpio: You have a powerful urge to transform your home life and you feel now’s the time to spend money on a makeover; don’t let this tense feeling make you too extravagant, try to avoid excesses.

Sagittarius: You have strong feelings to say the absolute and ultimate truth, which can be extreme. However a need to compromise and be peaceful and harmonious sees you presenting yourself differently.

Capricorn: It’s time to gather together spiritual rewards and satisfaction for doing selfless things for others; you might feel tension as you have made big self-sacrifices and let go of a lot recently.

Aquarius: You’ve been enjoying others company and having a good social time, but an all consuming urge to take personal control could be causing you mild friction and tension. Just be aware of that.

Pisces: You can attract the right people at the moment as people are well inclined towards you; however don’t let them be a sounding board to how you’re making inner transformation changes.

Daily Horoscope Saturday 12 January

Jupiter planet of great meaning and understanding makes a tense alignment to Neptune the planet of dreams and idealism.

This is the first of three alignments between these two planets this year.

It is a good time to recognize what your greater philosophy and vision is, and too see how you can actually make it real.

As these two planets are in mutable signs (Sagittarius and Pisces) there is much flowing change occurring so regular and established things might find they have lost their footing. In areas such as business and politics there could very large gaffes and obvious incompetence.

This is a good time to help people less fortunate than yourself, and with the current world state of affairs, this is where some good semblance will be found.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You are learning and growing into a bigger faith and belief, and you feel connected to the larger undercurrents of the collective consciousness. This is a good time to put forward your understanding, and to be a leader to those who are clearly acting lost.

Taurus: You are learning and understanding much about money matters, investments, loans and mortgages. Be careful that your long term plans and objectives don’t get you too confused. Know that change is inevitable, and be ready for it.

Gemini: A partner has got some big and opportunistic concepts that can affect the direction you see your career and public profile going in. There are some changes coming up, and you must keep the faith without getting lost in the potential overwhelm.

Cancer: So much growth through the routine job and work, especially with the co-workers or employees who are along for the ride. Fortunately you see the same way as they do, and its the mystic truths that make it all work, even as the changes happen.

Leo: With a marvelous creative surge rising up like a wave of joy in you then you are finally getting carried towards those dreams you’ve held on to for so long. Keeping on top of your game is important, and creatively demonstrating what you mean and how you can make it transform everything positively is important.

Virgo: The potential for the family to understand you and grow with your philosophy is actually happening, although a partner is being particularly vague and dreamy in their interactions with you. You must help them, there is no alternative and they really do need looking after in ways only you know how (and have got used to).

Libra: What was a good ideas and topic of conversation with the local neighborhood and friends seems to be getting bigger and bigger, so that now you have to sacrifice valuable working time and hours to fulfill others wishes and demands. Still, you’ll keep developing, and you’re definitely learning a lot from this.

Scorpio: A big opportunity to earn money and gain in your sense of self-value is so welcome, and it helps you to see that by softening your harder edges, and being a bit more creative, you can turn something into an amazing experience of understanding and even spiritual unity.

Sagittarius: A new approach changes everything, especially others attitudes towards you. Even though home and family life has been a strange brew of half fulfilled dreams and fantasies, a sudden re-appraisal sees you genuinely happier than you’ve been in a long time. Hopefully the self-sacrifice has been worth it.

Capricorn: Behind the scenes, you see the bigger picture and although it might be difficult to put into words or to talk about it without appearing to be discombobulated, you are appreciating that a spiritual deeper understanding helps you sort things out in a more manageable way.

Aquarius: Friends seem to have all the answers, and hopefully the are not telling you to spend your money and resources in this way or that way. It might be best to not take that advice, as the flow of resources might not result in a gain, but in a loss. Keep your own plans and long term goals.

Pisces: In terms of a career and life direction, things seem to have expanded considerably; its just that you whole approach to life has changed, and a more gentle and sensitive way of doing things makes you think about how to do it all differently.

Daily Horoscope Sunday 13 January

Mercury meets with Saturn, beginning a new cycle of thoughtful common sense and judgmental or concrete decision making.

It’s time to get a keen sense of reality and solve any on-going problems.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’ve put so much work into your career and now you’ve realized you need a little bit of respect; don’t be too hard on yourself and delegate some of your overwhelming workload.

Taurus: It’s time to focus making dreams a reality. In order to do this you need to focus on the building blocks. Use your unique communication style to influence others to help build the foundation.

Gemini: Knowledge is power and helps give you the competitive edge; let go of any grudges and proceed to collect evidence of what you already suspect to be true.

Cancer: It’s time for you to get practical regarding a discussion with your partner. Do you always have to be right, or do you want to find common ground? Try to harmonize instead of being too commanding.

Leo: You’re preoccupied with the everyday details failing to see the forest for the trees. If it gets too claustrophobic allow yourself some space to come up with a fair decision.

Virgo: Don’t worry about fixing all the problems in your life allow yourself to focus primarily on the short term goals as this will help you keep practical and realistic.

Libra: You want to talk about your deepest feelings yet it might be difficult to articulate your emotions and fears. Don’t worry if others criticize or want to correct you, you’re doing it the right way for you.

Scorpio: You want to be your boss and own authority figure and be seen as someone in authority. Focus on getting your message out, your mind organized and do the work needed to promote yourself.

Sagittarius: You want to be paid for what you know and all of your insights; and you know what nobody else does. You’re able to find a needle in a haystack, so let others know you’re a solver.

Capricorn: You want to keep your appearance and stay young. It’s time to revamp your image and invest in what makes you feel distinguished. Project a confident, clear, reliable and serious image.

Aquarius: At times it feels like you’re the only one who knows how to do it, yet no-one seems to listen and no-one sticks the rules. Give people the space to want to ask for your advice.

Pisces: You’re worried about long term future goals and whether or not you’re going to make something of it. Don’t regret seeking new opportunities and focus on making a new path.

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