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Daily Horoscope Monday 5 November


The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

Moon in Libra all day.

16:00 – 18:00: Moon is blocked by Pluto (Difficult)
Look out for compulsive behaviour and/or intense reactions. Use emotional self-confrontation for personal insight.

21:00 – 22:30pm: Moon goes against Mercury (mildly challenging)
Feelings can overwhelm rational thinking. Easy to feel irritated by others. Instead keep thoughts to yourself?

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

Sun in Scorpio makes a harmonious alignment to Neptune in Pisces (builds all day Monday, peaks at 06:40am Tuesday)

The Sun planet of self is lining up to make a good alignment to Neptune planet of mysticism over the next couple of days, so it’s a good time to reflect on your life and what you’re trying to achieve spiritually.

The Sun is currently in deeply emotional and fixed Scorpio makes a helpful alignment to dreamy and imaginative Neptune in Pisces.

This indicates how much a sensitive situation had become deeply embedded with issues around self-sacrifice, and letting something go (the ego, the identity?) to be at one with a collective feeling.

What to look out for:

  • the difference of being definite or indefinite
  • someone who is sure or unsure
  • An eloquent or ethereal individual
  • An illusion or a delusion?
  • A moodiness based around idealism or skepticism

The best things to do:

  • meditation
  • yoga
  • spirituality
  • artistic pursuits
  • musical pursuits

The things to avoid:

  • denial
  • being unrealistic
  • allowing oneself to be a psychic sponge
  • not belonging anywhere
  • overextending oneself

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’re aware of balance in relationships so that you can reach self-mastery; this is a good time to understand the yearning you have for transcendence; find seclusion for contemplative reflection.

Taurus: Your partner may request your help and assistance and in helping them you’ll realize the role they play in your plans and objectives. You’ll feel satisfied to help them as it helps you make a balance.

Gemini: Awareness of your work and the schedules you have to keep arouses your inner idealism and the perfect career you’ve been seeking. Be happy doing things for others simply because you can.

Cancer: You find yourself more sensitive to the world around you and it enhances your creative process, helping you to see things that you hadn’t noticed before. It’s an almost spiritual at-tuning.

Leo: You become aware of how the family and home life is a spiritual process that helps you to see and understand the cycles of life and what you have to do that might seem self-sacrificing.

Virgo: Do you meditate? When it comes to seeing into a relationship pattern, keeping a calm and insightful thought process will help you a lot; see each thought as it happens, let it drift.

Libra: You’ve been aware of your earning capacity and resources recently and now its time to think more spiritually about the work you do. You like to help others and that is satisfying in itself.

Scorpio: You’re still in a phase of self-awareness and being attuned to your appearance; it’s a good time to creatively express yourself in a spiritual or even mystical way. People love you for you being you.

Sagittarius: Behind the scenes you want to understand reality in a deeper and significant way, especially when you think about your home and family life over the last few years. Quiet contemplation is useful.

Capricorn: You have a deeper and more spiritual understanding of your future plans and objectives; it’s good to be idealistic right now as there’s a multitude of possibilities you could follow. Go with the flow.

Aquarius: People in authority might ask you help and it’s a good idea to assist, even if there’s no money involved; alternately you might see a way of using your money to help others who are in need.

Pisces: You become aware of how your dreams and visions can influence your general approach and individuality which at times has been quite mystical and spiritual.

Daily Horoscope Tuesday 6 November


The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

Moon in Libra until 13:00. Then Moon changes sign into Scorpio.

07:00 – 08:30am: Moon goes with Venus (Good)
A cheerful, gregarious and sociable start. Good chance to improve on a partnership.

11:00 – 12:15pm: Moon has affinity with Jupiter(mild good)
A feeling that things can get bigger.

13:00: Moon opposes Uranus(challenging)
Sudden unpredictability. Unreliability.

21:00 – 22:45: Moon goes with Saturn (Good)
Practical and sobering response. Feeling grounded.

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

Uranus, planet of the unexpected changes sign into Aries(starts at 19:00, lasts until March 2019)

The planet Uranus, known for its ability to surprise in the most unexpected ways, makes a final return to Aries, where it has recently spent the last seven years.

Over the next three months, you will have a remarkable sense of completion over an area of life which since 2010, you progressed and evolved in.

The long term result is a sense of self-reliance and independence in a particular area of your life.

What to look out for:

  • An ability to seize the moment
  • Someone who can express their individuality (again)
  • The return of a courageous initiative
  • The urge to act
  • A new invention

The best things to do:

  • Be exceptional
  • Create a situation of independence
  • Try out something new
  • Set some personal goals
  • Get involved in group movements

The things to avoid:

  • Impertinence
  • Unnecessary risks
  • Defiance
  • Being intractable
  • Being erratic or inconsistent

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You have three more months to take the reins in your own individualistic style and if necessary act autonomously. You’ve showed the word your unique style and approach is a winning formula.

Taurus: Your eccentric side of living got tucked away and became a dream for a long time; through unconscious stabilization, you learnt not to burn the torch at both ends. Now re-stabilize again before moving forwards as an independent.

Gemini: You’ve appreciated your social life, good times and love received for the last seven years, and you’ve noticed a shift this year; now is a good time for friends, groups and networks to get eccentric and odd again..

Cancer: This is another opportunity to wrap up how the world saw you differently during the last seven years, thanks to some career aspirations that were unique as you strode to get noticed for your individuality.

Leo: There’s a sense that what you’ve been doing this last seven years has been much learning about life and now you’re a source of knowledge and wisdom. Broadcast that message to the world! You’ll get noticed.

Virgo: Wrap up all the exciting changes in shared monies, contracts, deals and inheritances that came your way during the last seven years. Is there someone else who can surprise you in a way you hadn’t expected?

Libra: There is one last chance to delve into that crazy ride of partnerships, both marriage and business. You’ve learnt so much about how to relate to other people even if they’re unreliable and temperamental.

Scorpio: Gather together all you’ve changed about your progressive and futuristic plans for how you interact with the world and the changes you can make to normal work and routines.

Sagittarius: This is one last chance to change your relationship to your children, if you have any, or to how you like to express your creativity. Allow out the freedom urges and things will go surprisingly well.

Capricorn: Three more months of change at home will range from surprising family arrangements to wanting to express your unique individuality in a domestic environment. You’ve also rewritten your past.

Aquarius: Is there anything else to change in thinking patterns? Relationships to siblings have changed as have some interesting and even eccentric neighbors. Think about what you learnt and the knowledge you gained.

Pisces: Is there anything else to change where personal resources, finances and earning ability are concerned? Plenty has changed your perspective on life. An individualized project could still pay off well in the long run.

Daily Horoscope Wednesday 7 November


The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

Moon in Scorpio all day.

12:00 – 13:30 Moon aligns with Neptune(good)
People are sensitive and empathize, cross paths with dreamers, A fantastical concept.

16:02 New Moon in Scorpio(for the next month)

21:00 – 23:15 Moon aligns with Pluto (Good)
Express powerful feelings; deep rooted feelings bought to the surface.

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

New Moon in Scorpio(starts at 16:02, lasts one month)

Today just after 4pm (Gmt) is a new moon in Scorpio.

An area of your life is now ready for change and a new beginning.

As Jupiter has been in Scorpio this last year, there is a sense of finding a way to continue to develop the opportunities you’ve found in a particular area of life.

What to look out for:

  • An expectation of something new and transformed
  • Self-expression and creative impact
  • A feeling to offer others something
  • Recognition for being loyal
  • A sense of nurture and protection

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:

  • Think with the heart instead of the head
  • Be generous, sympathetic
  • Loyalty to emotional things like home and family
  • A deeper understanding of a situation
  • The investigator or researcher finding something big

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:

  • Possessiveness
  • Moodiness
  • Vengeful
  • Jealousy or envy
  • Dominating

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: A partner is priming themselves to talk you in no uncertain terms about money, shared resources and investments. It’s an issue that’s been a long time coming but now needs a realistic answer.

Taurus: A significant other is going through some emotional changes and its reflecting onto you. The feelings expressed could get quite intense so keep that in mind and be calm as possible.

Gemini: A new beginning in how you do your daily tasks, work and routines is about to start. Learn to deal with deeper emotions, body awareness and keep a good diet and health regimen.

Cancer: Feelings about love and romance are about to intensify and you’ll start to express yourself differently especially in relationships. Do you have children? If so you’ll see them in a new light.

Leo: Home and family life takes on a new tone and makes a set of deep feelings about your roots and foundations. Firm up foundations and recognize the power of what you’ve got and can make.

Virgo: A change of mind and the way you organize your life is coming; your feelings about people close to you including siblings gets a makeover. The power is in your self-expression. Travel locally.

Libra: Your ways of earning money and how you feel about possessions and ownership is undergoing a new beginning and change. It’s empowering as long as you see the potential for a rebirth.

Scorpio: The way you approach life and start things up (new projects) is about to change. You’re a powerful person especially through your emotions and you’ll recognize new ways of getting this across.

Sagittarius: Things happening ‘behind the scenes’ are getting going in ways you hadn’t considered. A feeling of secrecy is the flavor of the month. Don’t believe all you hear, think twice before speaking out.

Capricorn: Your friends, groups and associations are all set to change; emotionally letting go to have a new beginning makes sense; as a result your own future plans and objectives can be empowering.

Aquarius: A powerful feeling about your career and life direction is challenging you to take more control of your life direction. Whatever you’ve been working at a long time needs to be given another go.

Pisces: Powerful new beginnings in a cultural context or coming from abroad do you good and help you see a new direction to follow or believe in. Talk to ‘foreigners’ though don’t make up your mind yet.

Daily Horoscope Thursday 8 November


The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

Moon in Scorpio until 19:00 then Moon changes sign to Sagittarius

08:00 – 10:45 Moon goes against Mars (challenging)
Difficult to see eye-to-eye. Two separate agendas. possibly argumentative.

19:00 – 19:30 Moon aligns well with Jupiter (nice)
Optimism, enthusiasm, friendly. Holds potential.

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

Jupiter enters Sagittarius(starts at 12:38, lasts for one year)

The great, expansive and bounteous planet Jupiter changes Zodiac sign today into its fiery and enthusiastic ruler Sagittarius, where it will stay for the next year.
This is a game changer and will shift your perspective into a new realm.

Jupiter changes sign once a year and with it comes a subtle shift in the socio-economic structure of society.

What to look out for:

  • An amplification of plans or a concept
  • A cheerful philosophy of life, the meaning of life
  • A restlessness to discover
  • The search for the truth and honesty
  • Opportunity and generosity

The best things to do [over the next year]:

  • Be enthusiastic and optimistic
  • Explore and expand
  • Be upbeat and open-minded
  • Enjoy the great outdoors and a sense of freedom
  • Uphold principles and morals

The things to avoid [over the next year]:

  • Bluntness
  • Being judgmental or opinionated
  • Being careless of the details
  • Recklessness or boisterousness
  • Being clumsy or scattered

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: This year ahead sees you starting to learn about expanding your horizons and world view. Travel is most likely involved as you learn through other cultures. Your faith and beliefs develop as you look into growth.

Taurus: This next year ahead sees you more confident about making changes so that old endings can be made as new things begin to grow. Big lessons about money, shared resources and finances loom ahead.

Gemini: This next year ahead sees you discover a new partner with flair and dramatic presence who expands your world through joyous relationship. You will be challenged to understand more about yourself through them.

Cancer: You are moving into a yearlong phase of developing routines and work schedules in a confident and creative way. New co-workers brighten things up, as does you learning about diet and health matters.

Leo: This year ahead will see you dramatically develop and increase your creative capacity! A new project will do you a lot of good and help you breakthrough to new levels of self-hood. Procreation is possible as well.

Virgo: You are moving into a yearlong phase of growing into your deepest emotional needs. This will present an opportunity to move house or expand or extend your family or dwelling in some way.

Libra: This year ahead will see you begin to develop communication skills and increase on your mental abilities. Journeys take on more meaning and you learn and understand your neighborhood and locality more.

Scorpio: This year ahead sees you potentially increase your personal resources, earnings, possessions and ownership. It is also going to be a year for developing your self-valuing, self-worth and self-esteem.

Sagittarius: This next year ahead sees you grow into yourself and develop your unique characteristics and personality; discovering potential success at being yourself, expanding with creative enterprises and dramatic flair.

Capricorn: This year ahead sees you looking deeply within your unconscious drives and inner world. Learning about what goes behind the scenes brings potential to a great notion. Take time to know yourself.

Aquarius: You are moving into a yearlong phase of developing friendships and group social interactions. This is the time to start to act on your hopes and wishes and the overall objectives for your life. A beneficial year.

Pisces: You are moving into a yearlong phase of developing your career, public image and professional direction. You will grow through authority figures and understand so much more about how the world sees you.

Daily Horoscope Friday 9 November


The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

Moon in Sagittarius all day.

11:00 – 13:45 Moon aligns well with Mercury (good)
Good conversation. Time of ideas. General happiness. Decisive.

14:00 – 16:00 Moon up against Venus (mildly challenging)
A test to get on well with another. Productive but mildly stressed.

19:00 – 21:00 Moon is blocked by Neptune(Bad)
Delusion and Illusion. Obfuscation. Misinterpreted feelings. Avoid too much alcohol?

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

Venus in Libra trine Mars in Aquarius (builds on Wednesday, peaks at 15:15)

There’s a harmonious flowing ‘trine’ aspect between Mars and Venus, the relationship planets.

Use this positive alignment as if it were magic and see what happens between you and your partner when you try something.

What to look out for:

  • The ability to align attraction and pursuit
  • Someone who combines both give and take
  • love and affection in harmony with sex and desire
  • A creativity between the masculine and the feminine
  • A productive combination of relationships with freedom

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:

  • seek success in getting what you want
  • recognize equality
  • Work with personal magnetism
  • Understand the choice between act or react
  • knowing when to wait or to pursue
  • The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:

    • goading a partner into anger
    • surrounding oneself with angry people
    • Being flirtatious
    • Smiling when actually angry
    • projecting anger

    Today’s Sun signs:

    Aries: Use this magic window of time to connect with your partner in a loving way- tune into their thoughts and feelings and say the right thing which will help direct the future potentials coming your way.

    Taurus: Use this magic window of time to get a feeling about what you value in your work and career the most- it’s alright fighting for a cause but do you feel it could be directed toward something more worthy?

    Gemini: Use this magic window of time to get a feeling for how to present your creative skills and talents; there are ways to do things cleverer than you’ve previously considered, work through them with a smile.

    Cancer: Use this magic window of time to get a good feeling for how you can connect to all the things you love by using the right communications and methods of relating.

    Leo: Use this magic window of time to contact friends, groups and people close to you with your thoughts; let your partner know what you want to say as their drive has been an important part of your recent connecting.

    Virgo: Use this magic window of time to get clear around money and earnings, the people you work with and the feelings about your professional and public career.

    Libra: Use this magic window of time to show people from abroad (or who can teach you) your talents and creative skills and your ability to be curiously charming- in such a way they cannot help but love you.

    Scorpio: Use this magic window of time to tune into your subtle emotional field so that you can relate to others and speak what you feel in such a way that brings positive changes all round.

    Sagittarius: Use this magic window of time to keep on pushing with organizing your communications project that holds the key to a wonderful future for you. Friends and partners all support your continued drive to that goal.

    Capricorn: Use this magic window of time to improve your relationships with people you work with and your drive to gain a better foothold in your personal finances.

    Aquarius: Use this magic window of time to enjoy stating your beliefs, attracting people form farther afield with your assertive qualities and showing people how creative you are.

    Pisces: Use this magic window of time to get a good feeling for how your emotional set-ups can change and shift; there’s a lot to be said but don’t necessarily rely on the first set of plans, there will be others.

    Daily Horoscope Saturday 10 November


    The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

    Moon in Sagittarius all day.

    18:00 – 20:00 Moon aligns well with Venus (nice)
    Improve on relationship. Happy and helpful responses.

    20:00 – 22:00 Moon aligns well with Mars (nice)
    Assertive expression. Goal seeking. Positive direction taken.

    After Midnight: Moon aligns well with Uranus (nice)
    Strange and slightly odd, but progressive. A good party?

    Planetary Reflections:

    Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

    Mercury in Sagittarius makes mildly testing alignment to Venus in Libra (peaks at 17:30)

    What to look out for:

    • A drive to be logical as well as practical
    • Thinking about money
    • A pleasant voice
    • Someone who is persuasive and tactful
    • Someone who know what to say

    The best things to do [with this moment in time]:

    • getting a point across
    • working for pleasure or finding pleasure in work
    • trying hard to be fair
    • evaluating a relationship
    • Be encouraging or approving

    The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:

    • Worry about what others think or say
    • Being hypocritical
    • Being the devils advocate
    • being duplicitous
    • Overlooking the larger picture

    Today’s Sun signs:

    Aries: Its a good time to listen to the truth your partner has to tell you; I mean, why else are you with them if they can’t tell you like it is? Decisions made now will be changed or retracted later, but its harmonious balance of the see-saw that’s important at the moment.

    Taurus: There is an improvement in how you relate to co-workers and employees but the sore spot is still making a decision about the money that needs to be paid, or calculated. Decisions now will be changed later on, so can you keep them happy for a bit longer?

    Gemini: A partner has got some good ideas that need listening to; there’s a lively option that’ll be fun and creative to get involved in (you need plenty of that); sometimes though they do go on and on. Take it whilst its there though, as good things don’t last forever.

    Cancer: You’re talking about the truth of the job that needs doing, and the routine hours involved that have to be decided on. The love you feel for the dwelling is such that its worth the value? Would your family have costed it in this way? Something to consider.

    Leo: You’re thinking creatively and have a fun plan to discuss that involves children (if you have them); meanwhile keeping the balance with people close to you is a diplomatic requirement. You have to network your skills in an affectionate way, keeping all sorts happy.

    Virgo: When it comes to family members, you have to express your ideas that reach out to take in the big picture; the main concern though is that you’ve got enough money and are attracting good resources. Don’t spend too much on yourself right now, think carefully how to best use what you’ve got.

    Libra: People do already love you exactly as you are. Your affectionate charm works wonders and even though you might be considering a style change, and talking about all the different options, you still look fabulous (and hopefully feel like that too).

    Scorpio: Certain things have to stay in the secretive zone, even though you know their value and can happily calculate and decide on how to spend it. There could well be a partner whose using resources in ways you hadn’t previously considered. Look for and be attentive for hidden clues?

    Sagittarius: The huge whoopee and happy expression of self has been a while in the making, but you are happy to talk about it now. People, groups and associations all really like you, its just that sometimes its not openly expressed and so you feel like you’re a bit in the dark.

    Capricorn: Improvements in your public profile and reputation are always welcome as you know popularity at work helps a lot; however there are some secrets that you are privy to, and its a real challenge not to blurt out the truth in the current situation.

    Aquarius: You admire and rather like someone from a far, and feel to tell them all your long term plans and objectives. However once said, you’ll be re-considering everything and soon recognize that a different approach and change of plan will be necessary.

    Pisces: There are new ideas in your career that take in the big picture as well as tell the truth of the matter. However there is some careful balancing and harmonizing to do with available resources before you can make important decisions and manage the whole picture.

    Daily Horoscope Sunday 11 November


    The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

    Moon in Capricorn all day.

    11:45 Crescent Moon phase(Good; lasts for two days)
    Look for bright moon in Sky; see direction of growth; make conscious decision.

    14:00 – 15:30 Moon aligns with Saturn (challenging)
    Loneliness.Good to interact with older people. Wisdom responses.

    Planetary Reflections:

    Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

    Sun in Scorpio makes helpful alignment to Pluto in Capricorn (peaks at 15:30)

    What to look out for:

    • displaying something that was previously concealed
    • A controlled risk-taker
    • A constructive challenge to overcome
    • A reviving generosity
    • Leadership that needs approval

    The best things to do [with this moment in time]:

    • A determination for reform
    • The ability to let go
    • Owning your personal power
    • Finding compensation
    • Recognizing a strong need to belong

    The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:

    • Exploitation or manipulation
    • Coercing or controlling others
    • The all-or-nothing extremism
    • Being arrogant or dominant
    • Using a crisis to maintain intensity

    Today’s Sun signs:

    Aries: An awareness of how to use the resources you have to strengthen your public profile and career position is evident. Deep feelings between you and a partner will strengthen over the next month.

    Taurus: Your significant other is making it very clear that you must listen to their beliefs. They have faith in what you are doing, and the support is obvious. You know that between you both there’s a fair amount of control applied to keep everything in line. Honour and respect each other. Always.

    Gemini: The routine work or job is now clear and ready, and this time the right people to work with show you there is a vast resource worth tapping into. The power of sharing becomes clear, especially over the next month.

    Cancer: There is one particular relationship that is so very challenging; yes, they are a powerful person, and when they can active your heart strings and make you feel, you feel very deeply. You want to keep a modicum of control though, which you will, by making sure its fun and games too.

    Leo: You’ve had to apply a deep control to home and family life; firmly stuck in a particular place, you’ve yearned to get away in order to change your work and job, but sticking it out seems to be the only way, for now.

    Virgo: Communication and local networking has a deep purpose and a lot of emotion attached to it. You want to learn about a certain subject, that is fun to do and could change your life. Its about time you got some empowerment, it’ll rejuvenate and regenerate you, don’t you think?

    Libra: Being fully aware of the cost and the value of something means you can use it to make those trying and overpowering changes at home and among the family. Taking control of home life is an absolute, knowing how much it all is puts it into perspective.

    Scorpio: You have discovered a new way to present yourself in an individualized way, and it feels good. This next month you’ll be field testing your new approach, but for now have a deep and rejuvenating think about your methods of communication as well.

    Sagittarius: So much going on behind the scenes and its difficult to clarify it; however you do know that when it comes to money and resources you’ve got a sense that things can regenerate. You are popular, more than you think so, and you’re about to find out how much.

    Capricorn: Your long term plans and objectives are set out and you want to stick to them, as they make you feel individually stronger, and even invincible. You’ve been through the crucible of transformation and you are stronger now, and no-one’s going to change you anymore.

    Aquarius: Putting on a public face for your vocation is an absolute necessity in order to keep the success you’ve recently experienced; theres a deeper unconscious sense of personal power that will help sustain you; use it to your advantage.

    Pisces: You recognize how your faith and belief and ability to sustain and stick at something brings some rejuvenation back to your long term objectives and goals. Among all of your social world you know at least a few powerful people, and they are there to help if you need it.

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