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The Lunar overview of the week ahead

The beginning of this week sees the Moon in Gemini, waning from the last Quarter phase and heading towards the New Moon in Virgo which will occur on Sunday 9th September at 18:01 (see below).

This waning phase of the moon is a perfect reflector for helping to let go and release any of August’s difficulties. Sometimes in life you have to review your situation before you can continue moving forwards.

A retrograde is quite literally taking one step forward, then two steps back. Now you are able to look back with relief at the difficulties presented during the summer months, especially from the compounded combination of retrograde Mercury, Mars and Saturn.

This week, you will be able to almost tangibly feel those challenges lifting, and the blocks clearing away so that you can move forwards again, with more knowing, understanding and wisdom gained from whatever experiences you encountered.

So, with the Moon in Gemini on Monday then keeping a fairly open outlook can be advised. It isn’t a time for heavy emotions and instead a communicative idea can be expressed or developed around Monday late afternoon and evening, as the moon gradually approaches its (brief) trine to Venus in Libra.

Keep in mind to enjoy a social date on Monday evening that will be well-received.

Just after 12 noon on Tuesday the Moon changes sign into Cancer where it will very quickly sextile Uranus and then oppose Saturn. Feelings of a breakthrough or a new situation are quickly dampened by the seriousness of the situation.

However this is one of those moments where there is an acknowledgement that the world is indeed evolving and changing, and as sentimental as we might like to be, there is no going back. You can retreat into your shell, or look to comforts of home to refill your well.

On Wednesday late afternoon and then evening the Moon makes a watery trine Jupiter in Scorpio before opposing Pluto in earthy Capricorn. This is the time to expand on an imaginary project that you might well have cooking.

Everything starts in the mind, and the combination of beneficial Jupiter with empowering Pluto could really stimulate the feelings you have about someone or something. Try to avoid any depth charges that might plunge you into dark or turbulent waters.

Whatever you felt inspired by on Wednesday night, you could begin to put into action on Thursday morning, as the Moon opposes Mars; you might want to get someone else involved, or look to another for the motivation.

Remember however this is the waning Moon phase, so it might be better to contemplate the possibilities before pushing ahead. After all with the Moon in Cancer the Crab, its just got to feel right, hasn’t it?

Just before 2pm on Thursday the Moon changes sign into Leo, and this will propel you into a heightened mood and cheerfulness. You will feel inspired in the late afternoon as Moon squares Uranus in Taurus, as this alignment reminds you to play the game and have fun. Sometimes a good bit of drama is needed by everyone.

On Friday early evening the Moon squares Jupiter: this can be a challenge but because the moon is currently in a fire sign then its all about encouraging others to ‘be like you’ or to make the changes to grow out of whatever is happening in your life (and this moment reflects the 2018 ‘transformation’ project you’ve got going on, or are growing into).

Your reactions and responses might sense a creative risk at this time, but standing back and simply applauding will prevent emotions being layered on too thickly.

Saturday at 14:30 the moon will have just changed sign into Virgo. Saturday early evening is when you’ll be feeling if you’ve correctly made all the right adjustments recently?

You’ll be quite likely to analyse whatever was happening on Thursday, but as you know, you can’t change the past and so you have to keep moving ahead.

So instead of worrying or being critical of yourself, then keep your mind active with any number of other pursuits for the weekend.

By letting yourself drift into imaginary realms on early to mid-Sunday afternoon, when the moon opposes Neptune (paint, draw, listen to music), then you’ll be ready for that all-important new Moon at 18:00!

Set your intentions for what you’d like to manifest and achieve, as this next month is going to push things ahead in a good way.

(All times in UT Universal time. The word ‘perfects’ means ‘to bring to full development’)

Daily Horoscope Monday 3 September

Mercury in Leo sextile Venus in Libra (perfects just before 13:00)

Mercury the planet of communication makes a helpful & harmonious alignment to Venus the planet of attraction and values.

What to look out for:
– Communication going in your favour.
– A helpful link or connection.
– An improved relationship.
– An improved understanding of a social arrangement.
– Someone trying to get closer (receive them well)

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
-talk or ask about love, as this brings clarity.
-improve on a friendship, make an inspired connection.
-draw people closer to you.
-demonstrate artistic impulse or aesthetic sensibility.
-record a message, make a video.
-make the best use of social media.
-be charming!

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– make it too sickly sweet (recipes)
– laying on compliments too thickly.
– being overly persuasive.

Your Sun sign today:

Aries: You’ve got some excellent creative ideas you want to express and a friendly partner is all ears and very helpful to see them manifest; it inspires you when you get good feedback.

Taurus: Thinking about the past and deep feelings helps you to improve your working environment and get on better with employees or co-workers. A refreshing insight brings love to routines.

Gemini: Your thinking is fully refreshed and you want to make plans of a romantic nature; your words are in tune with your heart so say what’s coming up (or write it down) and enjoy the reaction from others!

Cancer: You could enjoy opening up your home and having a bit of a party and social gathering; there’s a few beautiful things to buy and spend money on first.

Leo: It’s just a case of saying the right thing at the right time to people close to you to get the results you’re looking for; friends will listen to you with love, and you’ll attract all sorts into your circle.

Virgo: Secret ideas are a plenty and some of them will help you to make money, or make a decision to buy or sell something you love and value.

Libra: Talking to your friends makes you well-loved and attracted by many; you’ve got the special words people want to hear. The future sounds good when it comes from you.

Scorpio: Your thoughts are revolving logically around career and professional position; in the background you want to help others and now you can, by offering the right position.

Sagittarius: You get the link between a friend and what you’re trying to learn about and understand. It feels good when the helpful things they say give you a boost. Long distance contact is a loving moment.

Capricorn: It’s a good decisive moment when you can talk about the change of mind you’ve got and how that affects your public persona and life direction, particularly in the context of a relationship.

Aquarius: A partner talks about their viewpoint in such a happy and pleasing way that you feel even more drawn towards them; their goodwill spreads across to your life.

Pisces: Your ideas and brainy input gets a good response from a partner who talks about money and investment in a pleasing way. This is the time for some interesting developments between you.

Daily Horoscope Tuesday 4 September

Jupiter in Scorpio semi-square Saturn in Capricorn (building through the year 2018, perfects at 17:42)

Two slow moving planets Jupiter (growth) and Saturn (restriction) make a rare aspect today, which is in effect over this last week(and next weeks too).
This is an alignment that has its roots back in the year 2000.
Have a good think back to what began for you 18 years ago and has developed over many years. See how it echoes and responds this week.

What to look out for:
– a very long term development manifesting.
– an authoritative person bringing opportunities.
– a transformation in policy or governance that allows for change.
– stable and sustained growth over a long time.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– understand how success is achieved through perseverance.
– to keep conscious your objectives.
– to continue to pursue your plans tenaciously.
– take note of maturity and experience gained as the result of previous difficulties.
– maintain self-confidence.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– dissatisfaction with yourself(or others).
– pessimism and self-destructive thoughts.
– emotional tension, inhibition or discontent.

Your Sun sign today:

Aries: The improvement in financial gain through others is noticeable this year, but it’s still a hard slog in terms of establishing your professionalism and the respect you want from others in your career.

Taurus: You’re growing through your partner and feeling improvement within the relationship, even though there’s a distinct tinge of repressed communications- you just can’t think like you used to anymore.

Gemini: Getting into the daily routine and service oriented tasks has taught you a lot about transforming yourself to help others; however the specter of limiting resources hangs over how you relate to others overall.

Cancer: The ongoing issue of happiness in relationship is a big one: you demonstrate joy of life and show the love, whilst the long term partner seems to be somewhat cold and withdrawn. Why can’t they love again?

Leo: Deep down there’s a family foundation which gives you a strong base from which to grow and improve, the challenge is in routine job and service that’s expected of you. Getting on with it is the solution.

Virgo: You’re learning how to communicate the meaning of life to those close to you, because you have a sober yet pressing situation to do with love and joy. People expect you to be responsible and serious, which you are, very much so.

Libra: You’ve got a plan on how to stabilize and firm up your personal income and spending, and it would appear that the home base is the most dominating issue which challenges you and how you relate to others overall.

Scorpio: Your approach has improved a lot as you appear to present yourself as the wise and knowing sage of change; however your communications can be a little austere and authoritarian at times, don’t you think?

Sagittarius: Even though personal resources have been minimally scant and limited to say the least, you still have a secret hope that the future will prove to be bounteous and solve all your problems.

Capricorn: Friends, groups and associates seem to be developing nicely, making noticeable changes as new understandings come to light; it still suits you to be pragmatic and obviously grounded though.

Aquarius: Improvements and growth in your career and vocation push you to understand that your individuality is also your potential; now you know, then the hidden feeling that everything will soon change makes more sense.

Pisces: Improvements are happening seemingly at long distance, but the transformation can also happen closer to you. The situation makes you look at your pragmatic structured objectives and wonder how to incorporate.

Daily Horoscope Wednesday 5 September

Mercury in Leo inconjunct Mars in Capricorn (perfects at 15:15)

Mercury the thinker and talker makes an at-odds alignment to Mars the planet of taking action and desire.

What to look out for:
– a critic who has a strong point of view.
– an argumentative opinion maker.
– a clash of ideas both of which seem valid.
– a proud person who has to increase their motivation.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– show determination and resolution without depleting the original cause.
– show strength as the result of a discussion.
– applying the right skill, dexterity or disposition to a situation.
– learning to be quick in repartee.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
-irritation when listening to others.
-being wary of increased sensitization.
– a reflex action that was too hasty.
– being too critical.
– the bringing about of a dispute.
– getting involved in a controversy.

Your Sun sign today:

Aries: A decision about children or a creative project sees you willing and able to take more authoritative action to better your position.

Taurus: A conversation about home life sees you readying yourself to take action over a long distance desire; motivating yourself like this is good for you.

Gemini: The way you’ve started thinking recently gives you an advantage; now you can ready yourself to make empowered changes and take inspired and confident action.

Cancer: Your recent thoughts about personal finances and values allow your partner to give you further boosts of encouragement; they’re about to activate a new action plan for you.

Leo: Your clever style of self-representation sees you now readying yourself toward fully integrating an action oriented approach to daily tasks and schedules. An active and healthy routine is essential for success.

Virgo: Are you getting the drift about keeping more things hidden and to yourself? It’s more convenient to operate this way and thus you see an advantage to express your true desires and reach more innovative goals.

Libra: Friendly talk about plans to friends gives you an advantage to really think about what you’d like to do at home; be prepared to shift some energy around behind closed doors.

Scorpio: Your intuitive and creative ideas for your career are great but sometimes a challenge to get across; recognize how more singled pointed thinking will get your goals realized.

Sagittarius: Clever ideas from a long distance see you with excellent inspiration and good feelings; soon it’s time to activate your earning potential.

Capricorn: Your insights and ideas can make a lot of changes; you’ve got to take advantage of this energy and ready yourself to be more of a leader.

Aquarius: Talking with a partner helps you to see how your confidence and ability to shine is in the wings; what would it be like if you were to take more command of the situation?

Pisces: Thoughts about your working style and who you work with see you also able to take action over a plan or wish you’ve been reviewing for a while.

Daily Horoscope Thursday 6 September

Mercury enters Virgo (at 02:40, until 21 September)

Saturn in Capricorn stations direct (at 11:10; intensifies for next 5 days)

Saturn the planet of responsibility and personal testing starts going forward again (after four and a half months in reverse).
This brings important issues to the surface for you to get on with; its time to make real your ambitious work plans.
How are you seen in the world? This matter starts to consolidate.

What to look out for:
-a postponement that starts to resolve.
– the unfinished business that has dominated begins to show signs of completion.
– a proper timing system starts to take place.
– a serious promotion after a long wait.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– accept your present duties with more patience, endurance and inner steadiness or attention.
– finally understanding how all good things take time to develop.
– recognize what your inner limits have been, and now being able to work through them.
– taking stock of yourself; building your inner structure so you are psychologically stronger.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– slacking off just when it starts to get good.
– allowing any weak elements of your personality through.
– avoiding the tasks set.

Your Sun sign today:

Aries: You’ve taken a step back from climbing the mountain for a while so you could review the best path to take; now you’ve found it you know not to push, just be yourself and you’ll get all the respect.

Taurus: You’ve had difficulty looking at the bigger picture and having faith especially in relationships, but the continuous test has also taught you a lot and been beneficial to your personal development.

Gemini: The continuing difficulty in working with limited resources and investments has taught you a lot, not only in the world of business but also in your personal relationships and partners values.

Cancer: Long term commitment comes to the forefront again; You’ve had plenty of time to consider the benefits of keeping your relationship intact, even though it can restrict your own individual spirit.

Leo: Humdrum work schedules and daily tasks have seen you make adjustments in order to keep efficient; now it’s down to making the most of regular routine. Hey, at least you get a lot done.

Virgo: The reality of a creative expression has now fully grounded you: its going to do you good in the long run. If you think about it the limitation and restriction you complain about is good, isn’t it?

Libra: Keeping order and structure within the family and home is a priority; after all the difficulties and tests you now know how to conduct a harmonious balance and still get things done.

Scorpio: Getting your local space in order has done you good, the result is the way you get around. Keeping to organized schedules and limiting communication to bare necessities has its benefits.

Sagittarius: You’ve had contemplative insights into self-worth and self-esteem and now you have learnt to value yourself differently; long term structuring of your money and resources is the big lesson.

Capricorn: You’ve had time to consider how you come across to people and re-configure your approach to life; now the serious stuff starts up again as you get tested: have you re-worked yourself enough?

Aquarius: Its business as usual except the massive secret plan and overhaul that you’re planning is almost ready to spring on the unsuspecting world; soon you’re going to change your whole life around!

Pisces: You’ve been reviewing long term plans and objectives and have now come to a conclusion and a path to move forwards with. It’s reduced and limited to what it once was, but it’s balanced.

Daily Horoscope Friday 7 September

There are three planetary aspects today:

1) Mercury in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus (builds all day Thursday & perfects at 07:40)

Mercury the decision maker makes a harmonious and flowing alignment with Uranus the awakener- a new concept takes off.

What to look out for:
– a revolutionary spirit and mind shows inventive thinking.
– a new method that has practical application.
– someone who wants to help and progress things along.
– a ‘scientific’ evolution or new idea breaks forth.
– a new method of transport: futuristic?
– a analysis of earth and land suddenly changes a situation.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– show a talent for speaking.
– be intellectually flexible.
– influence people
– use sudden cognition or perception in an efficient way.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– scattering your energies in too many directions.
– nervous haste.
– eccentric actions.
– moodiness and/or over-excitement.

2) Mercury in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn (builds all day Thursday & perfects at 12:20)

Mercury the planet of ideas harmonizes with a restrained & concentrated will that has stood the test of time.

What to look out for:
– great depth of thought.
– mental work.
– A thinker or a philosopher.
– an opportunity to gain experience.
– travel to work.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– apply logical thinking.
– be thorough and concentrate.
– get straight to the point.
– get organized.
– be industrious.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– being obstinate.
– to endure without yielding.
– a distrustful or dishonest person.
– clumsiness or heaviness.

3) Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces (builds all day & perfects at 18:25)

The Sun planet of self goes into its annual challenging alignment to Neptune planet of illusion.

What to look out for:
– sensitivity, impressionability & susceptibility.
– being exploited by other people.
– great disappointment.
– entanglement in scandal.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– Be compassionate.
– dream.
– let someone show you how to be creative.
– draw, paint, play music.
– give room for imagination, be inspired by your visions.
– join a spiritual or healing group.
– understand all humanity is one.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– seeking to be saved.
– a craving for stimulants or alcohol.
– a negative attitude to life.
– being easily seduced.
– weakness or emotional chaos.

Your Sun sign today:

Aries: You’ve had good team-developing circumstances that helped you get on top of schedules and work projects; now the intuitive you has to have an excuse to slip away for some chill out time.

Taurus: Creative expression and fun times have given you an excellent opportunity to put across your dramatic self, acting from the heart. However achieving long term objectives is still elusive.

Gemini: Being confident and expressive with the family shows your big heart and capability for plenty of love, even though proper fulfillment of your career and profession still leaves things to be desired.

Cancer: You’ve been shining in the field of communications recently, making several successful connections. However in a wider context the airwaves seem to be foggy and misty, tread carefully.

Leo: You’ve spent plenty of money recently on a confident and proud project, but now it seems there might not be as much returns as you’d hoped; the cash flow looks decidedly confused.

Virgo: You’ve been feeling proud and strong as an individual and shining out brightly for all to see, however there’s a relationship that you’re aware seems to be causing confusion; what to do?

Libra: You’ve been keeping yourself tucked away behind the scenes, confidently waiting for the right time, but now there seems to be more confusion than you’d planned that needs integrating.

Scorpio: You’ve been enjoying social times with friends which has done you good, although it appears to them that you seem to be uncertain or confused about how to express your true heart feelings.

Sagittarius: You’ve had some lucky developments in your profession and career but now there’s a slightly confused and murky past that needs clarifying, which needs you to use some careful strategy.

Capricorn: You’ve had a lucky outcome and expansive opportunity to go farther and travel but there now seems to be confusion about love matters, especially when it comes to talking about them.

Aquarius: You’ve had interesting developments in shared finances recently, but now there could be some confusion about what you own and what others own, there’s a sense of deception hanging around.

Pisces: A partner has acted special recently which secretly you love but there’s a part of you that is best being independent and coolly detached; try using the uncertainty card to define what you want.

Daily Horoscope Saturday 8 September

Venus in Libra squares Mars in Capricorn (builds all day & perfects at 20:38)

Venus planet of love makes a tense aspect with Mars planet of desire; whenever these two meet you can expect sexual fireworks of some kind or other.

What to look out for:
– an impulse to love.
– passionate expression.
– sensuality and desire.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– be in love.
– make love.
– sexual union.
– demonstrate talent.
– be artistic in creativity.
– be lively in expression of feelings and sentiment.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– exaggerate feelings
– being dissatisfied or unsatisfied.
– showing a lack of tact.
– sudden outbursts of passion or sensuality at inappropriate moments.
– reacting with coldness.
– a disharmonious situation in the bedroom.

Your Sun sign today:

A partner is challenging you over your career direction; there’s been quiet a lot of revising going on and now you need to set a new path that’s harmonious.

You’re improving relationships with people you work with but there’s a point of view which you have held onto for a while which makes frustrating and annoying exchanges. Try to harmonize.

You’ve been feeling romance and love and happy to express it but there’s a challenge in that some form of action has to be taken to make changes before harmony can be achieved.

You’re enjoying home and domestic bliss but a close partner is getting increasingly frustrated and wants some sort of action oriented response when all you want is a good time.

Love and romance is on your mind and you’re thinking of ways to impress someone you work with or someone you’ve seen at the gym. Time to strike up some witty banter and see if the sparks fly.

A creative new activity has got you fuelled up and you want to spend more time and money investing in it. Try not to spend too much on new gear.

A pleasant and charming approach is challenged by tensions and frustrations at home. You have to try and keep some sort of balance between your individual requirements and family issues.

Secret loves and feelings could be expressed as angry words which is not your intention. Try to instead keep the peace by finding a quiet retreat space to keep your inner world harmonious.

You’d like life to be one big party and social event but there’s something about your available resources or how you spend your money that holds you back and gets you frustrated.

You just want to be you right now but other people are expecting you to behave a certain way. Find a balance in what you want and what others want.

Someone from outside your usual circle is stirring things up and getting under your skin; try to avoid changing your plan of action too much and just go with the flow.

One of your friends is bringing up some deeply personal issues that maybe a little sensitive; however getting things into the open can avoid frustrations and make for a harmonious outcome.

Daily Horoscope Sunday 9 September

There are three planetary aspects today:

1) Venus enters Scorpio(at 09:25, stays until 31 October)

2) Mercury in Virgo quintile Jupiter in Scorpio (perfects 14:15)

What to look out for:
– a wealth of ideas.
– playing around with intellect.
– a creative interest in changing something.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– be optimistic.
– feel successful.
– being helpful.
– play with knowledge.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– wantonness & mischievousness.
– tactlessness
– arrogance
– letting chaos take over

3) New moon phase: Sun in Virgo conjuncts Moon in Virgo(18:01)

This evening’s new moon indicates it’s a good day to prepare your intentions for the month ahead.

What to look out for:
– that moment where spirit and soul come together.
– the blending of the conscious and the unconscious.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– find inner balance.
– seek good relationships with partners.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– differences caused by inner tensions.
– the difficulties of dissatisfaction.

Your Sun sign today:

Aries: Use this new moon to set your intentions around your diet, health and exercise.

Taurus: Use this new moon to set intentions around leisure and romance.

Gemini: Use this new moon to set intentions around your most personal feelings about family, roots and home life.

Cancer: Use this new moon to set intentions around people close to you, your local environment and things you have to learn.

Leo: Use this new moon to set your intentions around your self-worth.

Virgo: Use this new moon to set your intentions around the enjoyment of your life.

Libra: Use this new moon to set your intentions around the requirements of your inner world.

Scorpio: Use this new moon to set your intentions around friends, groups and your wishes of the future.

Sagittarius: Use this new moon to set your intentions around your professional career and public image.

Capricorn: Use this new moon to set your intentions around your faith, beliefs and the adventures of learning.

Aquarius: Use this new moon to set your intentions around shared resources and finances with others.

Pisces: Use this new moon to set your intentions around relationships.

I hope you enjoy your Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Stars Forecast.

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