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Daily Horoscope Monday 3rd December

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

The Sun makes a tense alignment with Neptune (builds on Monday & Tuesday, peaks on Wednesday )

Building up over the next couple of days the sun planet of self makes a tense alignment to Neptune the planet of illusions.

This tends to indicate energy levels could be low with tiredness a possibility.

So take it easy and don’t set unattainable targets.

Instead being ready for dream mode will make things easier to cope with.

What to look out for:

  • The victim who wants people to feel sorry for them
  • The martyr whose done all that they can
  • The saviour who appears to be a redeemer
  • Contempt as the reality becomes apparent
  • The sway between the definite and indefinite; those who are sure but just as unsure

The best things to do:

  • Be imaginative & see the things others cannot see or will not see
  • Use a bit of the dramatic; explore a role or a mask to wear
  • Be gentle, kind & considerate
  • Be compassionate and generous; experience the gifted healer
  • Get to know your intuition and empathize; allow your psychic sensitivity through or be mystically led

The things to avoid:

  • Escapism
  • Denial
  • Feeling lost
  • Becoming scattered or overextending yourself
  • An extreme commitment to an ideal

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: It’s time for deep reflection on the meaning of the life and what it means for you; if you need to withdraw from the rest of the world and meditate, this weekend will be a good time to do it.

Taurus: Don’t be tricked into lending money to a friend who will find it too difficult to pay back. Just be on attention to what you share amongst friends. Don’t become a martyr or let them take advantage.

Gemini: You might be wondering if there’s any purpose with what you’re doing in your career; perhaps you’re becoming disillusioned with others; take heart and ask a trusted friends for advice.

Cancer: You’re blocked with what you know you need to accomplish and feeling like day dreaming. How about dissolving what previously worked and coming up with new ways of defining your universe?

Leo: Get your creative juices flowing by learning more about the mysteries of life. Now’s the time to do some detective work or get involved in the mystic arts. Find the magic that exists in life.

Virgo: Try to avoid keeping resentments buried in your relationship. Instead of keeping your head under the sand it is better to see the truth.

Libra: It’s time to investigate alternative remedies when it comes to your health. Maybe you should try that new diet or health regimen you heard about. Make sure the diet also has spiritual value.

Scorpio: It’s time to remember the things you really value and not get deceived by false illusions about your romantic ties. What you really value is coming from the heart with creativity and fun.

Sagittarius: You’re creating an idea of what your home environment should look like. Try to figure out what you really want and what makes a house a home. What things can show your unique imprint?

Capricorn: It is a confusing time as you might feel overwhelmed by rapid changes in your personal life. Take it easy and absorb the beauty in your local space. Don’t be pushed to say things you don’t want to.

Aquarius: Don’t allow yourself to be deluded into making costly mistakes. Now is not the time to gamble your hard-earned investments away in speculative ventures.

Pisces: It’s a good time to really get to know yourself again as other people won’t be seeing you so clearly. Be confident in who you are and don’t allow people to try and dissuade you.

Daily Horoscope Tuesday 4th December

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

The Sun makes a mildly positive alignment with Pluto (builds all day Tuesday, peaks on Wednesday)

Today and tomorrow the sun planet of self makes a mild alignment with Pluto planet of deep change.

This indicates to recognize an area of life in which you are being transformed.

There is a way of finding a different creative expression that is also regenerating.

What to look out for:

  • The persuader who can win over the competition
  • How the truth brings a logical resolution
  • A philosophy brings a creative solution to a problem
  • The casual enthusiast who seems to be getting away with something
  • A farseeing idealist who is driven to show something

The best things to do:

  • Show your talent and abilities
  • Know that you have a bit of magic in you
  • Manifest what you do well in a creative way
  • Understand the differences between two different areas
  • Make a creative leap that changes the competition

The things to avoid:

  • Exaggerating beliefs in an extreme way
  • Be irresponsible with power or control
  • Be tactless in apportioning the blame
  • Overt power used idealistically
  • Be humorous about a power based crisis or challenge

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: A deeper feeling for widening your fields of interest helps fulfil your determined plans and objectives.

Taurus: Recognizing things are changing? There’s someone deeply perceptive who can help your life direction today.

Gemini: Your partners determined attitude to support you following your destiny and surviving to win is a helpful blessing.

Cancer: Deep insights and a change in how you work help you to see bounteous possibilities in that transitional change you know you can make.

Leo: A more intuitive approach will help bring changes in the relationship with your most intimate partner.

Virgo: Deep family past issues are helped by your compulsion to get things right and keep a determined routine.

Libra: Saying it like it really is will help you express your deepest feelings and break out of a previous pattern.

Scorpio: Your self-worth goes to help alleviate any unfathomably deep thoughts that might be causing a problem.

Sagittarius: Your vitality and self-awareness is helped along by deeply determined thoughts: you will reach success.

Capricorn: People behind the scenes who you sometimes don’t even recognize are there to help you change your life and resources around.

Aquarius: A friend is clear about your revitalized approach and helps you make some interesting plans.

Pisces: Recognizing how you’re shifting into a new direction will help the deeper mostly unconscious changes you’re going through.

Daily Horoscope Wednesday 5th December

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

The Sun makes a tense alignment with Uranus (builds all day Wednesday)

The Sun planet of self makes mild yet tense alignment to Uranus planet of change.

So many people are clearly not happy- who or what can placate the situation?

It is an imbalance that needs a solution, so look out for someone to step forward with the ability to modify or adjust the situation.

In your life a change of awareness allows for a reconfiguration.

What to look out for:

  • The defiant rebel who acts as an agitator
  • The person who is casual yet direct as they willfully push for a disruptive change
  • A kind of joker who has to deal with the consequences
  • The person who reacts irrationally or acts immoderately at the expense of others
  • A situation that is off-balance due to a lack of self-restraint

The best things to do:

  • Keep going with a purposeful energy
  • Acceptance of mutual differences will ease off some pressure
  • Whatever the situation attempt to show due care and consideration for all
  • Be honest with the truth to settle any instability
  • Show self-restraint in an impersonal situation

The things to avoid:

  • Being a rabble rouser
  • Show extremism in behaviour
  • Being inconsistent in expression
  • Being stunned, shocked or jolted by an overly forceful reaction
  • Blowing something out of proportion

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Strategic and compulsive shifts in long term plans and future objectives as well as a surprising way to change your finances around see you become more aware of publicity and advertising- how you broadcast.

Taurus: Full awareness of the psychological changes demanded of you see you set a path of destiny and fixate on a new direction- a rebirth is a good thing as it strengthens your resolve and your partnership.

Gemini: A significant other has made you conscious of how you do relationships- and now you know this you feel forced to make some changes. Of course some of it will stay secretive: they’ll still think differently from now.

Cancer: You’re aware of the work you do has power behind it; a partner senses how you’ve transformed and a group of friends see you in a unique and different light, something that’s surprising.

Leo: You have an awareness to express your creative side which sees you mildly pressured to make changes in your relationships and also how the world sees you.

Virgo: Illuminated by the family and home life situation sees you make some changes to the way you work (transform your health too) and in your attitude to traveling; an exciting place still awaits-its ready soon.

Libra: Local connections to friends and siblings see you make conscious changes to creative expression (is romance dead, or transforming?) and how you’d like people to value you (you bet you are special).

Scorpio: Awareness of family demands and a rebellious relationship see you make changes to money and cash flow; you want to see deeply into the value of things and what they are worth.

Sagittarius: A compulsion to get to the bottom of organizing and arranging a local/social situation, as well as doing a surprisingly different job sees you make changes to your self-presentation and individualization.

Capricorn: A compulsion about money and resources as well as an unusual or eccentric creative self-expression sees you becoming more aware of what goes on in your inner world of unconscious patterns: the secret stuff.

Aquarius: An absolute determination to totally transform your general approach and first impression as well as uproot your foundations and past sees you make an emotional bond with a friend or a group.

Pisces: Hidden unconscious forces as well as sudden changes of mind and eccentric communication see you become aware of your public image and status and how it’s a challenge to hold an old pattern together.

Daily Horoscope Thursday 6th December

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Mercury stations direct in Scorpio (at 21:23 pm, lasts two days)

Mercury the quick thinker changes direction to go forwards again, helping along a decision making process.

As Mercury is in Scorpio then there is a strong possibility that some well researched or investigated secret will be revealed.

The answer will then help(?) to change and move forward a situation.

Mercury goes back in to Sagittarius the traveler and world wide wanderer on December 12th, so the ‘situation’ may well be based around the reveal of foreign influence in messages and communications, planning and organisation.

We already know from the news whats happening, the Mercury direct will put the reveal spotlight on a select few of named individuals.

What to look out for:

  • The previously unnoticed mistake from a long time ago comes back
  • The whistleblower who surfaces from deep cover
  • Something lost or hidden in the depths is revealed
  • A fixed power structure re-analyses the present value and relevance of an idea
  • A new set of activities are planned but not executed

The best things to do:

  • Be determined in all your mental activities
  • Do meditation for deep self-analysis
  • Look into psychological techniques for self-understanding
  • Be deliberate in your evaluations
  • Re-appraise a clever resource

The things to avoid:

  • Last-minute decisions
  • Rushing around like a headless chicken
  • Being overly competitive about the results
  • Jealousy at a certain level of communications
  • Being fixated or overly possessive about some information

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’ve been thinking and planning on how to make changes and can see the potential of a partners ideas but still need to see it come real. Encourage your partner towards greatness and you will benefit.

Taurus: There have been crossed wires in communications with a partner recently but now a gradual return to clear talk helps things along. You will have an immensely successful relationship through listening to them more.

Gemini: Setting shifts and getting the timing right has been confusing but now you’ll get back on track and with the clarity of mind comes great potential success, opportunity and growth. Take the initiative and keep going.

Cancer: Ideas about a creative project have been floated but nothing has been clearly decided on until now as the waters calm down you get a boost to take the helm and guide your potential to success (and good times).

Leo: After much deliberation and questions asked you’re starting to get a clearer idea about what’s happening at home. Just don’t get too frustrated if things don’t go totally in your favor.

Virgo: After much talking and to-ing and fro-ing in the decisions department you start to get clearer input about the local neighborhood, friends and people close to you. There’s good ideas floating around that could grow.

Libra: Talk about an objects value has given you much to consider recently and now you start to get a clearer idea of how to represent it- the drive for success at seeing its potential makes you understand its worth.

Scorpio: You’ve thought about your general approach and first impression and even considered a change of appearance but now you can make a clearer decision. The revised you will be so much more successful.

Sagittarius: You had some strong notions and ideas and then they all got set adrift into a limitless ocean; so what happened? Gradually you can come back to shore, set foot on land with greater understanding than before.

Capricorn: You’ve had much to think about recently particularly to do with your future, and it’s been best to mull things over without a definite decision. It’s coming clearer now; look to the benefits good friends can bring.

Aquarius: Your career and professional status has been in question recently as you’ve been reviewing all the different directions you could take. Now its clearer and you can start you move towards the success that’s coming.

Pisces: Long distance communications have been confusing recently as ideas have been floated with no definite decisions. A successful and bounteous path is gradually appearing; intuit you onto it and stay with it.

Daily Horoscope Friday 7th December

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Mars in Pisces conjoins with Neptune in Pisces (is building all week, goes exact soon after 14:00 pm)

Mars planet of action and drive meets with dreamy and spacey Neptune.

This might sensitize and water down your sense of competition whilst simultaneously coloring your willpower with compassion.

Desires are fulfilled on an unconscious level and there’s action to do with secrets.

What to look out for:

  • The spiritual warrior rises up with hidden reserves of energy
  • A focus on the pursuit of dreams
  • The leader who has to sacrifice a lot whilst avoiding confrontation
  • A battle on or over water or a confrontation at sea
  • The person who seeks spiritual union rather than sexual

The best things to do:

  • To prove your intention, good will and worthiness
  • Identity with humanity and sense your mission in life
  • Be artistically inspired
  • Accept responsibility for the ills of the world
  • Show moral courage

The things to avoid:

  • Misdirected activity
  • Running in circles or chasing rainbows
  • Trouble in getting started
  • A lack of self-discipline
  • Be overwhelmed by other peoples expectations or moods

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You start to pursue your desires more subtly, with some sort of a secret edge as to how you go about getting what you want. There’s a motivation to look into your unconscious patterns.

Taurus: A friend gives you plenty of motivation and drive to reach for the dreams and long term goals you’ve kept a long time. Go with them into the fantasy mode and see where it takes you.

Gemini: You feel motivated to pursue your career and professional status; the inspired and visionary ideas you’ve been having needed to be chased to make them real.

Cancer: You feel it’s time to assert your viewpoint and the wider vision you tend to have; this could mean pushing forward with some travel plans or learning and educating yourself spiritually.

Leo: You feel a drive to assert yourself around shared resources and financial arrangements; there might be some confusion that you still need to get clarity on before you can make changes.

Virgo: A significant other pushes forward in relationship matters; it only goes to make things more confusing and a self-sacrificing dilemma that can be frustrating – who needs saving, them or you?

Libra: You feel a surge of energy towards work, tasks and getting the job done; however the people you work with could be vague and confusing opening you up to potential emotional vulnerability.

Scorpio: Your physical energy and sexual drive is enhanced by dreams, moods and emotions; expressing to a loved one what’s happening makes for more fun, good times and romance.

Sagittarius: You’re subtly pursuing your drive to get clarity on a home base and family foundation; things have been getting quite confusing about home life and now you feel the motivation to sort it out.

Capricorn: In general organization and communicating with people close to you, you find you can assert yourself idealistically, empathically and agreeably with some underlying kindness.

Aquarius: You’re entering into a decisive phase about money and resources but notice you have a greater sensitivity about your sense of self-worth and self-esteem. A spiritual insight develops.

Pisces: You have increased motivation, guided by inspiration and intuition. Feel the push to fulfill your desires. However you must remember to keep boundaries wherever possible.

Daily Horoscope Saturday 8th December

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Mars in Pisces makes a tense alignment to Uranus in Aries (builds all day Thursday, peaks on Friday night; still in effect Saturday)

Mars planet of action and strife makes mildly tense semi-square to Uranus planet of freedom.

Mars is the planet known as the lesser malefic, meaning it has a reputation for a certain willful attitude or competitive drive that can easily turn to anger or assertiveness.

When it makes an determined aspect to Uranus the awakened rebel, then there is likely to be some sort of a confrontation that builds up over a while and reaches a peak.

As Mars is in a water (emotional) sign and Uranus is in a fire (expressive) sign, then there is much hot water… someone’s prepared to fight to make some idealistic changes & inventive action brings a conceptual push.

What to look out for:

  • A single-minded or self-centered individual whose ruse is changed
  • A leader trying to lead when the tide has turned
  • The individual trying to fit back into the group that has changed
  • The reform and reconstruction of the collective
  • The runaway who says if I don’t like it I’ll leave

The best things to do:

  • Be courageous in your creativity
  • Be original and inventive
  • Seek a consensus agreement
  • Know whats in it for yourself
  • Recognize and accept that change is needed

The things to avoid:

  • Being abrupt
  • Eruptions and ruptures
  • Putting yourself first and being unconcerned with equality
  • Short tempered tantrums, irritability
  • Projecting anger onto others, angrily working for a cause

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: There some tension building up behind the scenes which require your stamina and persistence to see them through. Someone could be forcing uncomfortable situations on you which make you irritable.

Taurus: A future plan of action is giving you and your friends’ motivation to make some changes. If it can’t happen straightaway, try to avoid getting irritable.

Gemini: You feel frustration at your career, and possibly those in charge of it. If it wasn’t for those irksome situations, you’d be able to make the changes you want.

Cancer: An outward bound adventure is doing you a whole load of good and it tempts you towards making some other changes that would release you from another situation.

Leo: The way you motivate and take action over things is requiring a change- more energy is needed to do other things, you can get irritable as a situation seems to dominate but carry on you must.

Virgo: A partner has been driving you crazy and bought up so much stuff to make you irritable; you’d like to break away and do your own things. How can you keep your cool?

Libra: You’ve been motivated and activated by work and routines but a bit irritable or annoyed by some of the other changes fostered onto you. Go let out energy in a health or gym routine.

Scorpio: You’re driven a by a wave of creativity that comes from the heart and it feels good but its frictional to get it clearly expressed, due to other changes you have to manage as well as the same time.

Sagittarius: Try not to get too worked up by frustrating family circumstances; they’re not too bad. Sure it can be inwardly discordant to have to deal with a certain someone, but you know what they’re like.

Capricorn: A friend or someone close is getting good at working you up and it’s uncomfortable to have to listen to it. If you release the tension whose going to be inconvenienced the most?

Aquarius: You’re driven by your values and what it’s all worth but the tensions have been building up as to the changes you have to make and now your malcontent has to be expressed. Duck and cover?

Pisces: When given the chance to present assertive leadership, you want to be seen as effective, but unavoidable tensions reveal willful attitudes and now you might find you’re uncompromisingly resistant to change.

Daily Horoscope Sunday 9th December

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

New Moon phase Sun conjoins with Moon (started on Friday, just before 07:30 am; lasts for 4 weeks)

It is currently the New Moon phase, which started two days ago in the spirited and fiery sign of Sagittarius.

The moon travels faster than the Sun, meaning we gradually gain in conscious awareness of a new opportunity, which will start to become apparent from today.

Soon it will be the crescent moon phase and if you look to the sky there will be a thin bright silver of moons light getting brighter everyday.

This indicates it is time to consider and develop the inspiration and enthusiasms you begun yesterday’s new moon with.

What is it that you’d like to accomplish in the next 3 weeks?

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: There is an unmistakable urge for you to stretch any previous confines and go find new spaces to conquer and develop. The traveling bug helps you to define a new goal. Choose a good place.

Taurus: You’re inspired and enthused by a money making scheme that could appear at first to be limitless; steady on though and take things slowly and appreciatively to make the best outcome.

Gemini: A significant other is showing you a new logical and well reasoned route to follow that take in more of the bigger picture. Follow their lead and see where it goes? There are money prospects.

Cancer: You got reasonably excited about a diet or health plan that encompasses a bigger theory than you’re used to; can you get a significant other involved to feel the same way? You can try.

Leo: You’re roaming for love and romance, the energy of which is best placed into getting cleverly creative; go out, have fun, experiment, be inspired and then slog out the tasks and duties.

Virgo: Family matters have taken on larger proportions than you’d bargained for; primarily you’re most concerned about your own personal feeling but there’s stuff and people that need helping.

Libra: Communicating in an unfettered style is what inspires you; you want to see things around you move on and find their own patch because you’ve got some serious personal stuff to work through.

Scorpio: Money is coming in and expanding opportunities that in turn are helping you to change your values. Plan and structure things very carefully to have the most effectiveness.

Sagittarius: Well you always aspire to freedom and now you’re well on the way to getting it. Don’t stop to worry just keep on forging ahead into the future and your spirit will keep you going good.

Capricorn: You know that time spent alone is precious and when you feel responsibility is a challenge, then go and find the quite space, either in your unconscious, your inner world, or an empty room.

Aquarius: A group of like minded individuals have inspired you to dig deeper into your past and work through old blockages in order to know yourself better. It’s a healing process that needed doing.

Pisces: You’ve been challenged to make remarkable headway recently and people are noticing you which is encouraging. Now envelope all your plans and streamline the goal with controlled action.

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