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Daily Horoscope Monday 29 October


The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

Moon in Cancer

08:00 – 09:30am Moon works well with Sun (good)

08:00 – 10:30pm Moon goes against Mercury & Jupiter(challenging)

10:00pm – 11:00pm Moon aligns well with Neptune (nice)

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

Mercury in Scorpio conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio(peaks at 11:05am)

Mercury planet of thinking and speaking makes its annual conjunction (joins with) to Jupiter the planet of luck, indicating big ideas that need practical application.

Mercury is in deep and penetrating thought mode in Scorpio, quite possibly generating fixated thoughts in a particular area of your life.

As Scorpio tends to do things in emotional extremes, then there might be some very powerful ideas and thoughts swirling around your consciousness.

Last week Mercury made an acute square to Mars in Aquarius which may have set up a situation that further enflamed those thoughts.

So now, as Mercury makes its conjunction with Jupiter today there is a good opportunity to find a cure, or some healing insight as Jupiter is wisdom and understanding.

This way through is like a teacher who shows the path, but again as these planets are in the fixed sign of Scorpio, there is a concept that is pushing its way through, demanding its path be taken above any other choice.

It might not be an easy way out, but in terms of what you learn about yourself it seems to be the most sensible choice.

Take note of what happens in your life at the moment of the conjunction, because this same situation will return after the mercury retrograde around the 17 December.

What to look out for:

  • Action guided by common sense
  • The execution of plans
  • The beginning of a determined idea
  • A strong willed speaker or orator
  • Someone who speaks and acts in coordination

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:

  • Use constructive intellect
  • Be resourceful with a wealth of ideas
  • Apply “sound common sense”
  • Be optimistic for change
  • Be kind hearted

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:

  • Show self-conceit or arrogance
  • Frivolity or wantonness
  • Negligence or clumsiness
  • Dishonesty or fraudulence
  • Tactlessness

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Discussions that could change and improve opportunities to do with shared finances such as loans and mortgages should be made now. A decision helps things to grow, albeit slowly and steadily.

Taurus: Conversations with a significant other about a relationship take on all important meaning and help you understand what you’ve been developing for a while. A decision has a lucky quality about it.

Gemini: A bigger and better idea of how you’d like to do your work and regular routines comes to you; sticking with what you’re already developing is best, talk with co-workers in order to learn more.

Cancer: Creative ideas might come slowly but they’re well worth pursuing and developing; its fun to think and talk the way you currently are, it shows that you’re one of the best at having fun.

Leo: Your thoughts are dwelling on your deepest emotional needs and you’ve learnt a lot about yourself; deciding to take the opportunity offered will later prove to be a smart move.

Virgo: Organizing your life and way of thinking may have taken a while but now you’re ready to make a long lasting decision that shows what you’ve learnt. A short journey brings many benefits.

Libra: Clever talk brings opportunities to make the money flow; it’s through methodical and steady application that you’ll make the most reliable source of income.

Scorpio: Through saying what’s on your mind and stating your beliefs you’ll stand out as an independent; this is a good opportunity to explain your self-development.

Sagittarius: You hit upon a big scheme that seemingly took a long time to formulate; the thing is it needs to stay behind the scenes for just a little while longer; soon you can spring it onto the world.

Capricorn: Interesting talk among friends or with a group teaches you a lot and helps you take opportunity to stabilize the plans you’ve already got and can slowly develop and take further.

Aquarius: Your thinking about public image and career, there are opportunities that can take you different directions; at times this is challenging but stick with the ideas you have and let them grow.

Pisces: Messages from abroad see you thinking in wider and broader ways. The idea for a holiday is started today; you’ll learn and understand some interesting facts and figures.

Daily Horoscope Tuesday 30 October


The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

Moon in Cancer (sensitive and touchy, protective responses)

06:00 – 08:00am Moon goes opposite to Pluto (intensely challenging)

21:00 – 23:30 Moon aligns well with Jupiter (very good)

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus(builds all day Tuesday peaks at 08:45am Wednesday morning)

Venus planet of values and money makes a challenging alignment to Uranus planet of the unusual.
A sudden relationship might occur, or an urge to spend (or make) money in an unconventional fashion.

Venus planet of love and attraction, and values and money is currently in a retrograde, a reverse/review cycle.

So, what you like about other people and what other people like about you is undergoing a scorpion- style, deep, insightful and a somewhat intense relating experience.

Scorpio tends to bring up and expose secrets and hidden matters long buried, so there is maybe an issue that you are struggling with that could’ve come up at a most inappropriate moment.

I say inappropriate, because Venus is not at all happy (in her detriment) in Scorpio, therefore you and everyone else have to relate in challenging circumstances.

Furthermore Venus is now opposing Uranus which adds a large influx of excitability into meeting people and associations, in such a way that there is inconstancy and an overall tendency to be swayed by ones feelings.

Uranus is a planet of change, and it is currently in Taurus, a sign of the traditional that doesn’t respond well to change.

Taurus usually is immovability and sustainable solidity, yet Uranus is rattling that and urging the Taurean bull to change its situation, literally move from one field to the next.

This is a heady challenge to the Bull and so it is working out how to accommodate a shift in perspective, by looking across to its neighbour and opposite Scorpio, who is currently hosting the Bull’s favourite planet Venus.

The interpretation of the Taurus and Scorpio axis present us with an axis of desire and attraction, sex and desire, strength and sensuality.

Also these two signs are the focus on and particularly with respect to personal values and resources, so what we are experiencing is a sense of a change of collective values.

This can be seen in the changing direction that Brexit is taking in the UK.

What to look out for:

  • The seeking of unusual entertainment or recreation
  • A sudden and unexpected love occurrence
  • Looking out for exciting and stimulating experiences
  • A tendency to be swayed entirely by ones feelings
  • A hardly controllable tension in ones emotional life

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:

  • Seek freedom from restrictions and tensions
  • A sudden off-beat relationship to provide an escape, but not permanent
  • Have some fun to break away from the norm
  • Look for something exciting,meet new people, have an adventure
  • Seek out a new rhythm, or eccentricity

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:

  • Holding onto a self-willed and obstinate disposition
  • Sticking to the rigid structures already existing
  • Moodiness and sensitivity
  • Nervousness caused by repressed emotional desires
  • Resisting new experiences

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: A deeper understanding of a relationship comes to the surface, and a sudden change in how shared resources or investments see you take on a different stance: an ‘I have this, and you have that’ approach.

Taurus: Were you expecting a beautiful partner to walk right on in to your life? Probably not. Whether or not you’re in the right space to handle them is a different matter, listen carefully to your options before deciding.

Gemini: Out of the blue and unexpectedly a co-worker or employee changes the way they relate to you which can be difficult. You have to keep an eye on your own health and not let anyone upset you too much.

Cancer: Social affairs are stimulating particularly as a friend comes up with genius and rather eccentric action –oriented flashes of inspiration. They might be unreliable though, or suddenly lose interest.

Leo: If you extend yourself, especially at home with a social event, then you can gain attention and interest for your independent professional career moves. People at home like your innovative moves.

Virgo: A loved one is likely to do some of the most peculiar things that you didn’t expect but it shows there’s freedom breaking out all over. Be gracious and agreeable in a locally social situation.

Libra: You value the friendship and love of someone in particular but you weren’t expecting such a powerfully changing and sudden shift of perspective. Emotional instability is likely, you can be helpful.

Scorpio: When a partner gets over-excited or indiscreet it’s no surprise that you’re going to feel unnerved or a bit shaky. The trick is to keep harmony and balance in your social affairs and not be unstable.

Sagittarius: Secret longings and wishful attractions should be kept behind the scenes but it’s likely that something exciting and unexpected pops up that brings up the past quite quickly. Manage it without going crazy?

Capricorn: Relationships among a group or friends can change suddenly, mainly because you felt you had to express yourself in such a way as to allow for a unique and progressive outlook. The future is exciting.

Aquarius: You’ve been improving relationships with authority and parent-like figures but your rebellious spirit rises up from the deep and suddenly the whole situation is potentially tipped over. Keep it stabilized, if you can.

Pisces: A romantic connection makes a sudden and unexpected move, which you feel to keep your distance. The truth of a partnership is exciting; it’s good to listen to their beliefs whilst keeping your opinions separate.

Daily Horoscope Wednesday 31 October


The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

Moon in Leo (proud and confident expression and reactions)

16:40 Moon challenges Sun (last quarter moon phase, lasts two days) (motivating)

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

Mercury enters Sagittarius(At 04:30am, lasts until November 30th)

Mercury the thinker changes sign into Sagittarius where it will stay until November 30th (whilst it retrogrades back into Scorpio, and then returns again to Sagittarius on December 13th).

Thoughts, communications and general talk will now be more enthusiastic, optimistic and unfettered.

This is like a breath of fresh air as Mercury changes sign from the depth charge thinking of the deep waters of emotional Scorpio, and into the inspired and enthusiastic spaciousness of Sagittarius.

Still, Mercury isn’t at its happiest in Sagittarius either, as it can take an idea and make it bigger, filling out a whole horizon with an expanded concept. But sometimes bigger isn’t necessarily better.

Mercury will soon be making a retrograde, which suggests that a spirited communication is decided upon, which will need revising and reviewing as it goes along.

What will be important in the following weeks is that the facts and standardized agreements can stay in an agreed place; expansion will be a big opportunity, but the truth is already known and has been analysed, however there are those who (naturally) have a tendency to extend it to a larger encompassing.

What to look out for:

  • The philospher
  • Deep thinking coupled with social or religious tendencies
  • The person who begins in the middle
  • The ability to see the manifold ways to get to the answer
  • An optimistic outlook coupled with cheerfulness

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:

  • Strive for justice and truth
  • Look for solutions to bigger issues
  • Be comprehensive and inclusive
  • Cherish those with a positive attitude
  • Believe and have faith that there can be improvement

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:

  • Evade difficult tasks
  • Take the line of least resistance
  • Scatter one’s energies
  • Jump to conclusions, assume or exaggerate
  • Make sweeping generalizations or oversimplify

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Ideas start to flow that involve traveling in which the more you think about it, the more possible it seems; it’s just deciding how far you wish to go, and who to make contact with on the way.

Taurus: Your thoughts start to dwell on things you’d like to change, maybe a shared money plan or looking into how you’ve set up your resources like bank loans and mortgages. Work out a better deal.

Gemini: Clarifying a stream of thoughts with a significant other is necessary; there might be frustrations that need letting out because the bigger picture is tied up with too many details.

Cancer: Getting a bit more freedom to decide how you like to work is something you’ve been waiting to hear especially since you’ve been putting a lot of energy that direction recently.

Leo: Talk (or is it just gossip) about love and romance helps to lift your mood and gets you creatively inspired, but you still need to be wary how deluding and illusory things have been.

Virgo: Deeper personal thoughts about home and family can be challenging when you’ve been trying so hard with a relationship that’s all about discovering your freedom in the first place.

Libra: You need to speak freely to people close to you in order to keep everything organized: making sure everyone gets the message could take up a fair amount of travel time.

Scorpio: You’re beginning a phase where you can think about and describe your values and sense of self-worth; placing a price on what you do or offer is important so people know where you stand.

Sagittarius: If you had to represent yourself what would you say? It’s a good time to think about how you’d describe yourself as people might be asking you for information, and you’d like to inspire them.

Capricorn: Moving into one of those phases where thinking behind the scenes and keeping quiet as you simply observe what’s going on might be a better and smarter move than still chatting.

Aquarius: If friends have got gossips and questions to ask, you’ll probably be at the forefront of speaking your mind freely about certain subject matter.

Pisces: Thinking about your professional direction and where you (and it) are heading can be somewhat of a challenge when you mostly just like to go with the flow and feeling.

Daily Horoscope Thursday 1 November


The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

Moon in Leo

14:00 – 15:30pm Moon goes opposite to Mars (heated reactions, difficult mood to handle)

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

Venus retrogrades into Libra (lasts until December 2nd)

Venus the planet of love and attraction is currently doing a backwards dance (retrograde) which is challenging all of your relationships.

Today it changes into its ruling sign of Libra, which is all about balance and harmony.

This is an important time in the cycle where improvement of all different kinds of relationships becomes important, especially as the last few weeks have been acutely intense with a challenging passionate nature.

Even though Venus returns to a much happier place today, it is still retrograde, and relationships of all sorts are on a decidedly sensitive footing.

However Venus is re-entering her own palace after a long and heavy campaign, and can enjoying being there and back in her own territory for some rest and recuperation.

This next couple of weeks Venus will tend to her wounds she got when she felt exposed and harried in Scorpio.

Things will start to get better when Venus goes direct on November 16th.

Making friends again and repairing relationships will be a factor, as well as the strengthening of a situation for when she has to make another journey through Scorpio again in a few weeks.

What to look out for:

  • Situations that are not in balance
  • Everything in a constant flux
  • A great potential for having misunderstandings within unions
  • Involvement in legal matters that are difficult to settle
  • Motivation by emotional idealism rather than practical necessity

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:

  • Look back and complete artistic and creative work previously unfinished
  • Reconsider all existing relationships in terms of their true value
  • Review financial matters of the past
  • Establish better ways to balance monetary affairs for the future
  • Cope with delays and setbacks

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:

  • Faulty assumptions of the feelings of others
  • Open confrontation that is awkward
  • Indirect expression with others tends to complicate matters
  • Situations that are unprofitable
  • Extravagance or impulsive spending

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: A partner draws closer to you and although you might naturally want to keep some space between you, you’re very attracted to certain aspects of them that you find rather interesting.

Taurus: You start to get more pleasure form your work as you value what you do. Your relationship with co-workers and employees gets better and you’re also attracted to a diet or health issue.

Gemini: There’s more leisure, pleasure, dramatic acting and dressing up coming your way. Playing a fun role is very good for you and if children are involved, all the better as the love grows. Be romantic and enjoy love.

Cancer: You start to feel drawn towards a social event at home, where you value your dwelling and home life and would like to be social and show loved ones and friends what happens when you’re at home.

Leo: Sweet and charming words shared with the people closest to you mean an awful lot. Harmonious and balanced organizing and thinking improves relationships all round. Try to charm everyone you meet.

Virgo: You start to attract more beautiful things to you; the temptation to spend and buy is almost irresistible but calmly making sure you’ve invested enough into yourself is the most important factor.

Libra: It’s the time to look at you in the mirror and affirm your self-love. Now enjoy pampering and beautifying your appearance. New clothes, hairstyle, look and approach are all good things to do, so go enjoy.

Scorpio: A secret love or passion is best kept under wraps as much as possible, as it could cause more difficulty and upset than its worth. Money talk behind the scenes needs to be conducted carefully.

Sagittarius: You feel attracted to and drawn towards friends or a group as you might share some of the same values. Relationship and love prove to be more beneficial than usual and a future plan looks particularly attractive.

Capricorn: It’s a good time to get on better with the boss; they’re going to like what you do and in turn you need to play that to your advantage. However challenges are also there, so balance out each move, don’t overdo it.

Aquarius: You’re moving into a phase where you’re attracted to and loving another culture, or someone from there. There are always lessons in love to learn, but a good time is an absolute must and good for you too.

Pisces: You’re moving into a phase where relationships and partnerships bring up psychological insights into yourself. This can be useful because you’re generally flexible and changeable, be ready for adjustments.

Daily Horoscope Friday 2 November


The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

Moon in Virgo (a need to improve, be useful and work on a particular thing)

09:00 – 10:30: Moon blocks Mercury (difficult to talk about it, comes out wrong, challenged thinking, irrational responses)

12:00 – 12:45: Moon goes against Pluto (intense confrontation, secrets and exposure, a need for privacy)

13:00 – 14:30: Moon aligns well with Saturn (responsible work, authoritative reactions, committed responses)

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

Venus sesquisquare Neptune(builds all day, peaks just after midnight)

This is when a relationship will be looked at for its self-sacrifice and martyr like qualities.

How much is being given away and will it be valued in a way that improves relationships?

The answer is yes it will, but the weights and measures of life need to be applied to it, so that its value can be truly defined.

What to look out for:

  • A one-up and a one-down
  • Trying to fix a situation
  • An adjustment of behaviour to be more compassionate and sympathetic
  • A difficulty in knowing what is actually wanted
  • The use of a what-if, or an if-only, or a why-not

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:

  • Be an excellent counsellor
  • Improve the world with artistic or musical influences
  • Let the imagination blend with the spiritual
  • See all the sides and overlook whether its good or bad
  • Be helpful, healing and an enabler
  • Seek the ultimate in sharing and symbiosis

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:

  • Become a saviour/victim/martyr
  • Feel victimized, exploited or taken advantage of
  • Overlook individuality
  • Feel inadquate
  • Lose things

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Your partner continues to keep the balance after several recent changes; you have to let them know your feelings and what your dreams and visions are, so that you can both continue to care for and enjoy each others company.

Taurus: One of the people you work with, or who are employed by you, have most definitely crossed the line into entering ‘relationship’ territory recently; they are intrigued by the dreams and visions you have of your long term objectives and plans: are you going to let them in on it?

Gemini: Your passion for fun and games is ever present and recently you’ve been better able to turn it into work and have good times with co-workers or employees. You dream of that idealistic career, but with too much fun and good times, then naturally it tends to stay in the ‘dreamed of’ realm.

Cancer: The love you feel for your family and home base has seen you recently look for more creative types who can add some pa-zazz to your dream of what a house of love can be like. However some of the people you connect to don’t necessarily feel the same as you do.

Leo: Deep sensitivities about home and family life and how much you are rooted or stuck have caused you some anguish recently and now its about learning to re-communicating and re-balancing each message so that you don’t cause anymore estrangement.

Virgo: You’ve been in deep and meaningful conversations recently with those close to you and its given you some feelings about what your true values might be; if a relationship/partnership isn’t clear enough then what are you learning from others that can help you in other ways?

Libra: Issues around money, personal earnings and possessions have got to a peak recently and now its down to the careful approach to re-balance everything so that at least a harmonious outcome can continue. Keeping everyone happy is a big deal sometimes.

Scorpio: So many people have been placing their attention onto you, as admittedly you are rather charismatic and alluring. One particular person has really come under your spell though, but its all a bit secret or unspoken, at least whilst you sort out the best situation for it to unfurl.

Sagittarius: Sometimes a true clanger can really mess around the way things are meant to be; and at the moment all sorts of long buried unconscious issues have been bubbling up to be dealt with. A particular friend still expects you to be considerate even though there is chaos.

Capricorn: Many of your long term plans and objectives are being re-routed as a friends relationship is good but also holds its own challenges. You can see the advantages to promoting them and helping, as it will also put you into the spotlight of good favours too, eventually.

Aquarius: You’ve put much focus into your reputation and career recently, and there are challenges to make sure you hold that place securely. So to better improve on it, there are some things to learn from those with understanding and knowledge that they want to help you with.

Pisces: Some in-depth and very interesting developments are happening and you’d like to know more and make better friends. A certain affable and affectionate change must soon occur which will shift all sorts of investment and financial possibilities up a gear.

Daily Horoscope Saturday 3 November


The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

12:30 – 14:30: Moon works well with Pluto (powerful feelings to show or hide; a nurturing response that shows control; kiss and make up)

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

Mercury semi-square Pluto(builds during Friday & Saturday morning peaks at 14:00pm)

Mercury planet of quick wits can sometimes get overexcited in its ability to hold the details.

It’s just as well it’s aligned to Pluto, planet of secretive strategy today to keep it grounded.

However it could be advised to think carefully about what you say, as communications could be loaded with unconscious power.

This is powerful change of mind, in a positive way.

This is saying that there is a way of changing the structure to allow for something long buried to finally resurface.

Information is power, and applying the power adds to the truth, which is so very much needed at this time.

What to look out for:

  • Trusting the seeker of the truth
  • The use of knowledge and shared information to change things
  • The one who is a favourite and the one who is a scapegoat
  • A person who is thoroughly loyal and devoted to the idea
  • The persuasive and influential individual who talks people in or out of it

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:

  • Deep concentration and focus on the concept
  • Grasping the situation quickly
  • Use keen observation and a penetrating mind
  • Investigate or research to uncover the truth
  • Intense analytical scrutiny makes it thorough

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:

  • The fear of loss of control
  • Being quarrelsome or skeptical
  • Using unnecessary sarcasm, teasing or mimicry
  • Slyness, cunning and manipulation
  • Sullen, sulky or scheming and sneaky

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Open conversations to draft out big ideas help you to get over the challenges of the life direction you might feel you’re being forced to take; there’s a reason behind everything.

Taurus: Thinking about money and resources shows adjustments need to be made; you might look to some of the philosophies you’re incorporating to make a better strategy for coping.

Gemini: Talking with a partner can release some the deeper and more intense notions you’ve been considering; they know and you know that changes, although challenging, would be welcome.

Cancer: Talking about the duties, work and healthy routines you’d like to see you and your partner work together on can make some useful changes.

Leo: You could be seen as being the centre of attention and all fun and games in your style of talk even though there’s a serious message you’re trying to put across.

Virgo: You ready to talk with strategy about an important plan that involves your heart center and the changes you’re going through to make life the way you want it to be.

Libra: There are close friends who’ll be happy to listen to you and offer a plan of advice for the deep rumblings you feel from the past.

Scorpio: You’ve got a lighthearted way of looking at resources: in doing so you’ll happen to discover something much deeper and meaningful that needs intense research.

Sagittarius: You’re keeping a fun and upbeat approach and way of describing yourself even as you feel huge financial changes coming upon you; you’ll be happy to see through to the other side of this.

Capricorn: You’ve got a survivalist approach to the world that you’ve been developing; to make it most effective you’ve got to keep some secrets contained in your inner world.

Aquarius: As you talk to or about friends certain strategies and secrets might pop up; are you ready to reveal what’s been needing changing for a long time?

Pisces: You’ve got fresh ideas about which direction to follow and how to describe your career path; a strategic method for integrating them with your long term plan is called for.

Daily Horoscope Sunday 4 November


The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

09:00am Moon enters Libra

17:00 – 18:15: moon is blocked by Saturn (cold mood; distance apart, lonely, a bit down)

17:00 – 18:15: Moon works well with mercury (a chance to talk, speak about feelings)

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

Mercury semi-sextile Saturn(peaks at 16:00)

This is about a constructive decision making process, which begins today and happens again on December 21.

A work and commitment based decision is considered.

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