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Daily Horoscope Monday 26 November

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

The Sun conjoins with Jupiter (builds with potential all day Sunday, in effect all day Monday)

It’s one of the luckiest days of the year as the Sun meets Jupiter and these two fiery planets unify their forces together.

This brings a lucky streak and fortunate opportunities to a certain area of your life.

The feel good factor is strong so be sure to look out for where you can expand into a new project.

What to look out for:

  • The permission to go right ahead
  • Acclamation and praise
  • The promise of a big dream or a plan
  • A teacher or philosopher with the answer
  • The opportunity to shine

The best things to do:

  • Show interest in others
  • Be cheerful and buoyant
  • Encourage with dynamism and confidence
  • Be inclusive and expand
  • Be honest with the truth

The things to avoid:

  • Oversimplifying
  • Being superficial or impatient
  • Superstition
  • Overdoing to the point of burnout
  • Trying to get something for nothing

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Find a place where you can step up and be heard; it’ll add great strides to your cheerfulness and confidence, giving you fresh buoyancy and a zest to carry on.

Taurus: It can be all too easy to make assumptions and indulge in sweeping generalisations; yes changes need to be made but for some it’s not a joking matter.

Gemini: Your relationship is dynamic and forthright that’s for sure but you also need space and freedom to do your own thing; getting your point across without oversimplifying things could be tricky.

Cancer: You realize how to synthesize all those techniques together to one cohesive understanding and knowledge; now it’s time to believe in abundance and see where that takes you!

Leo: Keep expecting the best and you’ll get it. A positive and optimistic attitude is needed to keep your creative vision afloat; you’ll learn much from yours or others children.

Virgo: Your search for the truth continues and blossoms on the home front. Insights into the patterns and connections help you to make new plans.

Libra: There could be so much to say that you overlook the important things. Keep spontaneous and in the affirmative to shine and be noticed.

Scorpio: You can see how and where to get the success you need; luckily for you though events and your buoyant attitude could be so well aligned that you get something for nothing.

Sagittarius: It’s all down to your attitude because there’s an opportunity to find fulfilment and happiness. Maybe firstly you need to understand how to unify passion and intellect.

Capricorn: Overindulgence could see you dreaming up unchecked pie-in–the-sky grandiose plans. Much as it feels wonderful to be abundant, try to know where to stop.

Aquarius: If you’ve been waiting for some accolades and praise from your friends, today’s one of the best days to get it. Alternately you might like to brighten an associate’s life up with a good opportunity.

Pisces: If there’s talk of promotion and advancement in the air, take it all in your stride as the opportunities are there to be taken, but maybe not quite yet.

Daily Horoscope Tuesday 27 November

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Mercury conjoins with Jupiter (builds all day, peaks at 22:30)

Mercury makes a conjunction to Jupiter today.

This gives you a valuable opportunity to learn something new or to express what’s on your mind.

You’ll understand a wider viewpoint, and how things can really be.

It’s a lucky day to send or receive an email or a telephone call.

What to look out for:

  • Something that was far away appears to get much closer
  • The enthusiastic pursuit of ideas
  • The person who is honest, blunt or thoughtless
  • The gathering and distribution of information
  • The bridge builder who is versatile and makes connections

The best things to do:

  • Analyse information for the truth
  • Defend the freedom of thought
  • Pursue diverse ideas and interests
  • Leave options open for further discovery and curiosity
  • See life as an eternal learning process, expand your mind and your beliefs

The things to avoid:

  • Talk too fast or interrupt
  • Be impatient or jump to conclusions
  • Distort or exaggerate
  • Over extend or overgeneralize
  • Disillusionment or gullibility

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Do you ever book flights at the last minute and go off on an adventure? Well you might like to today, especially when you hear the news.

Taurus: If there’s a financial or assets based document to sign or make legal today, this mercury Jupiter conjunction could be one of the best times to do it.

Gemini: It’s time to get verbally creative with your partner and make a momentously good decision, what can you say or do to make things continue to evolve?

Cancer: Talk to your teacher about your health plan and belief in your ability to reach new levels of fitness and focus will make you feel like you could be a teacher yourself.

Leo: It’s a wonderful time to get out and enjoy yourself by doing your favourite thing. Getting involved in a co-creative project with friends gives you a lucky break.

Virgo: The amount of growth and understanding you have gained from family life recently has been so much you could write a book….now there’s an idea.

Libra: Thoughts running through your mind take on bigger and larger proportions than ever before, you’ve attained specific knowledge about a particular subject of late that is leading towards new wisdom.

Scorpio: Your money making ideas are excelling at the moment with bigger and better concepts overtaking the last; now you need better organisation to make them a reality.

Sagittarius: Opportunities keep on arising to change your personal self-image; today you might want to say something important that supports your way of being.

Capricorn: Try not to be too sensitive and misinterpret the mixed messages you’ve been receiving. Rely on your hidden strength and stay comfortable with who you are.

Aquarius: Listen to that friend with the big idea! What they say today could have a remarkably beneficial influence in the future.

Pisces: Your moral position comes into focus today; it’s time to understand that your professional status needs more personal integrity to reach the highest level of success.

Daily Horoscope Wednesday 28 November

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Mars makes a helpful alignment to Saturn (builds all day Tuesday, still in effect Wednesday)

Mars planet of courage makes a helpful alignment to Saturn the planet of authority.

When these two are linked there is a need to focus on action through executive leadership and conservative commandeering.

You might be seeking approval and reassurance in a particular area.

What to look out for:

  • Someone who shows executive leadership and organizing ability
  • The person who deliberately perseveres
  • The ability to show extreme control and self-discipline
  • Playing by the rules
  • The person who sees life as a challenge

The best things to do:

  • Attend only to the major difficulties
  • Be focused in your activity and sustain your efforts
  • If you know something, you must do something about it
  • Be responsible and do it alone if need be
  • Follow tradition and be respectful

The things to avoid:

  • Being mistrustful
  • Pitting yourself against the world
  • Being angry at law, government, rules, father-figures
  • An overly-cautious attitude, repressed, inhibited or shy
  • Humorlessness, sullen, bitter or contemptuous.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Today others are looking to you for advice or help in a difficult situation. Use your skills to empathize with their point of view and help them solve problems in a more responsible way.

Taurus: Assert your opinion when confronted with a lively debate on a hot issue. Keep your cool and present a well-reasoned argument and you’ll have the upper hand.

Gemini: You have the ability to lead and organize things today. You see the hidden truth and can perceive what other people may have missed.

Cancer: A desire to roam free and see the world doesn’t have to be done on your own. Seek a partner who’ll share your love of adventure whilst keeping you organized.

Leo: You’re feeling fired up to make changes and cut out anything that doesn’t work in your life. Focus on building routine that works for you without all the extra baggage.

Virgo: You’re seeking a more secure and grounded relationship and want to build on your future it’s just that you or your partner so often sees red and needs to be calmed down.

Libra: You realize you really need to get on with work and improve employment prospects and create a regular routine. Enlist the support of the family to build that foundation from the ground up.

Scorpio: Something serious is weighing your mind down and causing you to worry. Get outside, have some fun and clear you head out it‘ll help you see things in a different way.

Sagittarius: You want to make some positive changes in your household. Time for a fresh clean out and figure out what you need and what you don’t and allow more room in the house for things to develop.

Capricorn: Don’t be too hard on yourself or other people. Examine where standards are set and whether or not they’re too high. Set more realistic expectations and celebrate when you’ve accomplished them.

Aquarius: You’re motivated by a need to sacrifice your desires for what other people value. Figure out what you really value and take time to mull it over and allow time for the fog to clear on making a decision.

Pisces: Today is a challenging day as it feels like it’s you against the world. Try not to judge others so harshly instead stick to what you know you need to do and carry on regardless.

Daily Horoscope Thursday 29 November

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Venus makes an opposition to Uranus (builds all day Thursday and Friday, peaks on Friday night)

Venus planet of love and charm is soon to leave Libra the sign of justice and harmony.

Before it does that Venus will oppose Uranus the planet of surprises, so expect something unexpected in a relationship?

In the news look out for a valuation which ‘suddenly’ changes in an unexpected way.

What to look out for:

  • The comparison between intimacy and freedom
  • The difference between going steady and playing the field
  • A build or break situation
  • The person who can make humanitarian ideas an individual reality
  • The difficulty of accepting love, or being fearful of being a burden

The best things to do:

  • Seek out equality though recognizing the need for change
  • Make welcome reforms and embrace the new
  • Let go of stereotypes
  • Broaden your social life and get on with all types of people
  • Attempt to find a creative solution to a relationship problem

The things to avoid:

  • Tense, urgent or exaggerated quality to attractions
  • Going for broke and risking it all
  • Terminating a relationship and then blaming the partner for it
  • Over excitement, challenge or crisis of emotional experimentation
  • Stubbornness or doing the opposite of whats expected

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You have a self-sufficient approach and now a loving and caring partner is getting close; its difficulty to accept love without giving yourself away. You have to come up with something original.

Taurus: Co-workers or employees are being charming, affable and friendly which encourages you to act in a non-conformist way; you too can be experimental and unconventional whilst you work.

Gemini: Is it lovers or friends, or friends or lovers? There’s a magnetic appeal and an exaggerated quality to your attractions; it’s difficult to choose just one and you’d like to be uncommitted if possible.

Cancer: You’re primed to break from the past and the way you seem to do things sees you ready to be rebellious toward loved ones. Authority can be difficult because you’re being unconventional.

Leo: You need to find peaceful and harmonious communication and ways of organizing your mind. Try to avoid unpredictable responses to lovers or friends, even though you need excitement.

Virgo: You need some emotional excitement or experimentation; you are finding yourself unpredictable or contrary regarding love, values and money. Your resourcefulness is exciting and different.

Libra: It’s easy to set up an impossible relationship; of course you’ll have fun and be beautiful, charming and lovable, but all too quickly you’ll want to be free, or the other person will.

Scorpio: Secret loves with unavailable partners will always be an exasperating situation, especially if it’s someone you’re connected to with work. Keep friendly whilst being unique and unpredictable?

Sagittarius: You’re seeking freedom, excitement and something different: thankfully provided by some original and lovingly supportive friends. Their cool rationality helps you project your future plans.

Capricorn: In your career people want to get closer and get a good feeling going, however you want to keep your distance and stay integral rather than court recklessness, so you can get on with many types.

Aquarius: You see how much better it is to love people at a distance. You’ve got great ideas and concepts that’ll bring a new perspective to relationships. Why not keep things unusual and different?

Pisces: Someone whose getting close now charms you so you’re ready to go for broke and take a risk you wouldn’t normally do. As much magnetism and sexual tension there is, keep cool and impersonal.

Daily Horoscope Friday 30 November

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Mercury makes an at-odds alignment to Uranus (builds all day Friday and Saturday)

Mercury the thinker is currently in retrograde, which means there is much mulling over certain wide-ranging plans and decisions, as well as the direction of travel or path of learning.

It is gradually lining up to make an adjustment to innovative and revolutionary Uranus.

The trouble with the aspect they are making is that can’t necessarily ‘see’ each other clearly, and so an at-odds situation occurs.

Mercury’s got some big ideas, whilst Uranus wants to push a innovative agenda across.

As both planets happen to be in fire element signs, there is a considerable amount of outwardly expressive and ardent energy.

Could it be used in a creative and inspiring way? Or will it mean adjustments and modifications whilst something is under review?

When the answer to the big picture means doing it for yourself, what have you got to lose?

What to look out for:

  • A traffic jam or mass movement of epic proportions
  • The information is given, but diverted away
  • The person who is singled out and challenged by criticism
  • The ramifications of the truth bought to a clearer focus
  • Compartmentalizing two areas that need to be seen as whole

The best things to do:

  • Accept the challenge to, at first, observe the usage of energies
  • Understand that the information will need adjustments
  • Figure things out that are difficult to blend
  • Accept the challenge of huge differences that can’t be united
  • Compartmentalize the different functions, make adjustments, then apply the energies more usefully

The things to avoid:

  • Explaining endlessly the differences without an answer
  • Difficulty listening to others
  • Being isolated by superiority
  • Quick and erratic decisions that divert or split things up
  • Making adjustments that still won’t work cohesively

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: A message from a long-distance contact holds more than originally thought. By focusing solely on your own direction and approach, you can adjust the opinions of others so that things eventually fall better into place.

Taurus: Calculating the money invested and what is also owed is rather complicated at the moment. Someone close is telling you its one thing whilst you suspect its another. There is a feeling that so much could yet surprise you, no wonder you’re being slow about it.

Gemini: Your partner is having some great ideas, but it takes your perception to work out whether they’re going to work or not. A radical and awakened group of friends want to divert your attention.

Cancer: Making decisions about how to go about the work or the job is challenging, when you want the world to see that you’ve doing something unique and different. Further adjustments have to be made until it all fits together.

Leo: You’ve got some very expansive and creative notions, and its fun to do them, yet at the same time you need to get people to believe in what you can do and put their faith in you. And that is the current test, keep modifying it for another few weeks.

Virgo: You might be trying to take back what you said to a family member, upon realizing that the adjustment could cause more of an upset than originally intended. A bit of evaluation is needed before pushing ahead with careless thoughts and statements.

Libra: Among friends and in your local area, there are decisions made which have been too idealistic, and now the situation has to be reconsidered, especially as one particular partner, unique unto themselves, really doesn’t get what you’ve been going on about.

Scorpio: Money talks and you may well have found yourself taking on too big a spend or a commitment; if there is a cooling off period then you’re having it now, can you adjust your work or job schedule to make sure that you can do everything expected of you? Adjust and modify.

Sagittarius: In talking about yourself you might have said a bit too much, given away too much of what you really feel, as an individual, or in your approach? You’ve got a blast at freedom again, and so the drama created could unleash ‘freedom’, as long as you adjust and modify.

Capricorn: Behind the scenes and in secret you’ve got some big ideas about revolutionizing home and family life. Trouble is you have to modify and adjust what you are going to say, else you end up alienating yourself.

Aquarius: You’ve told a friend about your ideas for the future, but maybe the plan still needs modification or adjustment, especially since people close to you see the rebellious part of your activating, just when they though you’d be logical.

Pisces: A career or vocation choice is giving you plenty to think about; large and unwieldy concepts and ideas need to be adjusted and modified, particularly when there is a specific value attached to it for its innovative quality. You know what it is worth to you.

Daily Horoscope Saturday 1 December

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Mercury enters into Scorpio (just after 11:00)

Mercury the planet of talk and communication retrogrades back into Scorpio where it will stay until December 12th.

It’s a bit of a slow haul at this time so expect to work through deep feelings and secrets that will be spoken about.

Some subject matter will have a sting in the tail.

You might enter a phase of deep introspection which leads to powerful decision in a particular area of life.

What to look out for:

  • A deeply passionate communicator who uses sharp language and doesn’t mince their words
  • Someone whose message is relayed without speaking
  • An urge for expression that comes from the depths of being and is is not superficial
  • The deeply intense researcher who finds what they’re looking for
  • The perceptive person who critically examines with accuracy

The best things to do:

  • Understand the emotional nature of the mind
  • Have a determined mind and use it resourcefully
  • Penetrate and probe until the answer is found
  • Let the intuitive mind reveal profound insights
  • A critical examination of human motivations

The things to avoid:

  • Keeping secrecy and silence when the truth can transform
  • Willfulness
  • Overly-intense
  • Scheming, plotting and ulterior motives
  • A preoccupation of sex on the mind

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You are entering a phase where communications will go deep in the area of shared resources and financial investments. You must think twice before signing a mortgage contract or bank loan. The same for your partner.

Taurus: You are entering a phase where communications will go deep in the area of marriage and relationships. Your significant other will be intensely curious trying to get some truth out of you; be careful what you say.

Gemini: You are entering a phase where communications will go deep in the area of work, tasks and health. Co-workers get all secretive; think twice about digging to the bottom of the issues; is it in fact down to you

Cancer: You are entering a phase where communications go deep in the area of love and romance, talking about your feelings and creative ideas. It’s going to be good to get it all out and transform any previous secrets.

Leo: You are entering a phase where communications will go deep in the area of home and family life. Be careful what you say to family members as feelings run into intensely secretive realms. Think twice all the time.

Virgo: You’re entering a phase where communications go deep with siblings, neighbors and people close. Intense thinking becomes you, but do you have to talk about it? Not necessarily, only if you trust them implicitly.

Libra: You are entering a phase where communications go deep in the area of cash flow, personal resources and money. It’s clear you need to spend to cover all costs, but be careful, what you really value stays a secret

Scorpio: You are entering a phase where communications go deep in the first impressions you give. Ideas to change your appearance have to be re-considered. Be careful what you say about yourself, don’t reveal too much.

Sagittarius: You are entering a phase where secretive thinking and your inner world is deeply considered. You perceive a partner up to something but you don’t know what it is, yet. Let destiny take its course then decide later.

Capricorn: You are entering a phase where communications go deep in the area of social circles and friends; secrets are revealed to you that you must keep quiet about; think twice around planning your life to go with them.

Aquarius: Communications go deep in your career and life direction. You have intense ideas to transform public image but need to consider it twice. Listen to a parent’s influence before changing your mind again.

Pisces: Communications go deep with beliefs and faith. Listening to a preacher teacher makes you think twice about what you’re reaching for with your career. Are you sure you’ll hear ‘the answer’ through them?

Daily Horoscope Sunday 2 December

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Venus enters Scorpio (Just after 17:00)

Venus the planet of love as well as values changes sign into the emotional depths of Scorpio where it will stay until January 7th 2019.

Relationships might take on a different quality strongly revolving around shared resources, and the difference between ‘what’s mine and what’s yours’ in contrast with ‘what’s mine and what’s mine.’

As Venus is the planet of money and values then financial situations can present a form of challenge because its possible to love something too passionately and intensely.

And sometimes doing something too much, can come across as rather excessive for some people.

What to look out for:

  • The person who takes romance too personally and too seriously
  • Strong emotions and sexual desires that lack a light touch and a sense of humor.
  • A person who feels their trust has been betrayed
  • The artist who creates strong dramatic contrasts
  • An issue around power and money or how someone is valued

The best things to do:

  • Be passionate and romantic
  • Find an object worthy of affection
  • Enjoying spending power
  • Attraction to the inner mysteries and a psychic sensitivity toward others
  • Be in a situation where you can earn a lot of money

The things to avoid:

  • An inability to see other peoples point of view
  • A preoccupation with sex
  • A lack of reason or delicacy
  • The potential for abuse or mistreatment
  • The all-or-nothing approach where one can feel jilted or disillusioned

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You are moving into a phase where you will penetrate more deeply into a relationship and experience emotional power through letting the partnership go deep into psychological areas.

Taurus: You are moving into a phase where in order to feel close to a partner you will challenge what you have between you and conjure up emotional power and thus penetrate the relationship more deeply.

Gemini: You are moving into a phase where dedication to work becomes something you deeply value and you will want to go deep into a working relationship, in order to improve it. A change in how you view your body too

Cancer: You are moving into a phase where your creative expression and desire to have fun with romance is enhanced; getting into those deep and passionate feelings from the heart center help you.

Leo: You are moving into a phase where you will realize that give-and-take with others (especially family members) generates a healing, transformative energy.

Virgo: You are moving into a phase where you will communicate your feelings with passion and obsession to people close to you, including siblings. Learning how to explain affections becomes a useful technique.

Libra: You are moving into a phase where you’re attracted to beautiful objects and possessions; something to buy or something to sell brings money into your life, and a potentially new set of values.

Scorpio: You are moving into a phase where you will feel it’s time to change your appearance, beautify yourself and feel personal pleasure as you attract others with your enhanced charismatic ability

Sagittarius: You are moving into a phase where you will access your inner world and unconscious patterns, particularly those which are colored by compulsive desires, depth and passionate emotions.

Capricorn: You are moving into a phase where you will feel good about setting out some plans and sticking to them. There may be an inclination to secrecy and reluctance to trust others given what’s happening in the group.

Aquarius: You are moving into a phase where you will express consuming feelings and affections to senior or authority figures and make efforts to improve relationships with people in your career.

Pisces: You are moving into a phase where you will express affections intensely and passionately for a faith or belief; the pleasure you get from foreign cultures is enhanced; a lover from abroad, or an extreme teacher.

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