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Daily Horoscope Monday 24 December

Mercury planet of decisions is in enthusiastic Sagittarius and is making a stressful alignment to Neptune the planet of imagination in unifying Pisces (builds all day, peaks after midnight).

As Mercury is the planet of thought and Neptune the planet of illusion (but also fantasy and glamour) it’ll be easy to speak dreamily.

In the world news look out for a cover up but in your own life seek out those true dreams and psychic inspirations.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: As you look into learning something new or adjust your viewpoints or beliefs, be careful you don’t get confused about what or where the truth is. A teacher could be quite misdirected.

Taurus: When it comes to talking about money and shared resources, particularly with a partner don’t let your confused future plans get in the way.

Gemini: A significant other is asking and seeking the truth from you about your career plans and professional direction: trouble is you’re not too sure which direction to go in at the moment.

Cancer: If you have a gung-ho attitude toward your regular routines, work plans and daily tasks then you’re likely to find things getting more confusing and foggy. Seek out a spiritual belief to assist you.

Leo: You’re thinking about searching out a more fun or creative expression, especially since speaking from the heart seems to have got rather confusing or vague.

Virgo: You’re pondering about your deepest and most personal thoughts; you’d like to air them to the family as there’s so much confusion over an idealized partner or mystery person.

Libra: Usually you enjoy listening to chat and gossip amongst people close to you but now there seems to be a particularly incorrect version that’s unclear and misleading; be careful what you believe.

Scorpio: You like to calculate and evaluate and talk about money, possessions, buying and selling or resources but now things are vague and misleading, leading to incorrect figures. Pay attention.

Sagittarius: The style of your self-presentation and how you describe yourself is getting mired down in confusion; everything you say seems to unclear and misdirected.

Capricorn: There are somewhat hushed or secret plans that you’ve heard about but it could be too difficult not to let them leak in general conversation amongst friends or people close to you.

Aquarius: Talking to friends, a group or associates about your objectives appears unclear or confusing if you find it a challenge to talk about your values. Giving things away seems to be an easy answer.

Pisces: You’re open to talking about and listening to ideas about career and public image, yet a part of you is feeling sensitive so it’s not a good time to make any decisions.

Daily Horoscope Tuesday 25 December

Mercury in Sagittarius quintile to Pluto in Capricorn (in effect all day)

As you gather around for chatting at Christmas, Mercury the planet of discussions and ideas makes a mildly empowering link to Pluto the planet of compulsion.

Yes it’s a great decision though possibly a bit too big and all-encompassing, so how are you to implement it?

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: It’s an exciting and expansive idea that can make you restless, and if it’s used properly it bridges a gap that makes your career even more empowered.

Taurus: Calculating and evaluating shared resources is something you do well; using a conservative system with which to manage things brings the creative solution to the mismatched problem of control.

Gemini: You’re full of ideas to discuss with your partner because you feel so restless. It’s your partner who has to be ingenious and persuade you to keep a control and maybe not be so quirky at times like this.

Cancer: Decisions have to be made; sometimes too many things to think about in an orderly fashion, so a conservative partner to relate to helps you make more logical resolutions and manifest what’s needed.

Leo: Creative genius and fun thinking is great, but there’s something about appreciating what you do well, and integrating it into a regular routine that empowers you.

Virgo: Discussions with the family help you understand and synthesize the ultimatums you have given yourself in the creative sphere over the last few years. It’s good to talk about those deep emotions.

Libra: Some big ideas are discussed among close family members that help to synthesize all those volcanic emotional developments you had in recent years. A persuasive and logical resolution is on the table.

Scorpio: There are enthusiastic ideas to the bigger questions you have about money and personal worth; deep research into a particular system is what you do best, and that will prove itself to be the talent.

Sagittarius: Presenting yourself as one with plenty of chat and ideas is a good thing, as it provides a creative and ingenious solution to the deeply held issues around self-worth, costs and value of something in particular.

Capricorn: You find it easy to access intuitive ideas that normally are concealed, and see how you can be quite persuasive when called upon to give answers.

Aquarius: You like the ideas of talking about the future and all your long term objectives. There’s restlessness as to the stuff you’re constantly clearing out, but generally everybody understands where you’re at.

Pisces: The biggest and best idea might be too large to put into words, but you have a talent of controlling how you’d like the future to be, and you’re driven to show how you’ll do it.

Daily Horoscope Wednesday 26 December

Gradually building up this week (peaking on the 27th December) Jupiter planet of growth and luck makes a rare alignment with Saturn planet of rules and boundaries.

This indicates that there is a different way of manifesting what you’ve planned in the long term.

You have to integrate this fortunate turn of events and make it all a part of what you were planning in the long term.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: An opportunity to expand your learning capabilities puts you into a more authoritative position of respect in the long term development of your career.

Taurus: A boost to your shared finances and resources requires a bit of more serious and structured planning into the faith and belief you have for a significant other.

Gemini: A long term travel option is open for discussion with your partner even though the actual resources to spend need more committed work and carefully limited organization.

Cancer: There’s growth and opportunity to be had in a regular job for you or an employee, it’s just as well the older, more serious and committed person has appeared to be of assistance.

Leo: Realizing how much understanding you get from expressing your creative talents helps you to dedicate more time to a routine work development. Remember health, diet and fitness in all of this.

Virgo: The family is providing a place of growth and opportunistic development. When you act out as the older and mature type, you know in yourself that you’ve got more grounded within.

Libra: There are enlightening discussions to be had with older members of the family, who have tales to recount that will help you understand life and gain in personal growth. Family is real.

Scorpio: Overspending is inevitable as you’ve done better than usual this last month or so. However be sure to temper your buying with careful thinking, so that you get the right things for the people closest to you.

Sagittarius: A new you and a new approach to be more fun and open is countered by the realization that careful and limited use of resources still makes everyone happy. The long run pays off eventually.

Capricorn: You have been approaching life in a far more defined and realistic way this last year; have a good look into your unconscious mind and life behind the scenes to get a really good understanding of why this is.

Aquarius: A boost in group and collective socializing recently has helped you discover your long term objectives; behind the scenes you know you are readying to clear the decks for a new you to emerge, eventually.

Pisces: A bigger, enterprising concept for career development has been growing recently; the integration of this means you have to be authoritative and disciplined towards friends, groups and associations.

Daily Horoscope Thursday 27 December

Venus planet of love and values makes a useful ‘sextile’ alignment to Pluto planet of power.

This indicates a passion based feeling within a relationship that is changing towards being more persevering and tolerant.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You and a partner are considering your financial investments and situations and letting go to bring about an important change in your professional direction which will also empower you in the long run.

Taurus: A partner is helping you to see that a shift in your viewpoint and beliefs can bring about a better personal control and transformation of self.

Gemini: You like your work and the people that you work with; it’s now possible to bring about quite a powerful shift in the way you interact together to make for an overall change and transformation.

Cancer: You’re enjoying indulging in a leisure activity and having good times; a partner or significant other will like it too if you choose to get them involved. It could bring a shift in the power balance.

Leo: Your values are changing towards a deeper love of the family and roots; this is reflected in the work and tasks you set yourself and the compulsion you have to rejuvenate yourself.

Virgo: Talking about relationships with people close to you help you to shift your parameters in a good way to allow for a shift in values; you have a quiet determination to get what you want in love.

Libra: You’ve got deep feelings about money and resources and you can see that a home based transformation (that’s has already started) needs you to spend more on; the results are good.

Scorpio: A beautiful and charming self-presentation allows you to deliver a very deep and meaningful form of communication that can change the way you relate to people close to you.

Sagittarius: The hidden love you feel for certain possessions and ownership of things has to be shifted to allow for a greater change in your values; you can always buy things back again at another stage.

Capricorn: Friends and associates that you have affections for are starting to see your personal power and ability to control a situation; you can show them depth of self-mastery that has a good effect.

Aquarius: You love your career path and have stuck to it for a long time but what can you do now that allows for a change? A bit of useful career recycling is required, use your inner world.

Pisces: You can see more cultural interactions and a wider social viewpoint helps you improve relating to the world around you; making subtle changes aligns well with your original plans.

Daily Horoscope Friday 28 December

Mercury in Sagittarius semi-sextiles Pluto in Capricorn (builds all day Friday, peaks on Saturday afternoon)

Excitable and farseeing ideas and discussions aren’t particularly pragmatic so the director of change, Pluto, can’t seem to see what the fuss is about.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Someone you listen to has got some idealistic and far-sighted ideas that seem to work well with you generally, although in the determined path to the top that you are in control of, you can’t seem to see how those concepts will fit in.

Taurus: Money talks and investments could be large and unwieldy, so it takes a pragmatic and controlling partner to demand that you do it the structured way, there are not any other choices, got it?

Gemini: You are putting forward so many ideas to your partner that they might be getting a bit tired of them, so expect a few powerful words that put you back into place, especially as its to do about money.

Cancer: There are several little jobs to do but a partner can’t seem to see the details which might in turn make you see how finding a natural affinity can sometimes be a challenge.

Leo: Its fun to talk and express your ideas, especially with children involved, although you might find you are saying things that don’t quite match with the spirit of the moment. Possible awkwardness could result, especially if your upstaged by someone seemingly cleverer than you!

Virgo: Family discussions range in far sighted visions and ideas, although your deep longings for a substantial change don’t satisfy the deepest emotional message you are contributing.

Libra: A local chat among neighbors and friends could lead to a mild frustration because there is a bit of a domination issue within the subject matter discussed. Remember that keeping the peace, diplomacy and tact are your forte.

Scorpio: The decisions on how to spend some money is enthusiastic, although people close to you have another more dominant idea, which doesn’t sit well with you. So, remember to be polite when mentioning how you don’t necessarily see their point of view.

Sagittarius: Presenting yourself as the free spirit full of good ideas is the Christmas spirit. However other longer term matters are still on your mind, revolving around value and self-worth. You have to grow through and beyond it, which you will do.

Capricorn: You have inside or secret information which you are tempted to blurt out to people, but that wouldn’t go down well with others if you think about it, and it might get you labelled in the wrong way, as being too controlling or dominating?

Aquarius: A discussion with a friend has wide ranging implications for the future, but you’ve got a deeply held secret that is gradually transforming you, so you need to have the conversation without saying too much yourself, save for an awkward situation.

Pisces: A career or vocational discussion takes up a fair amount of available space, but you can’t see how it will fit with those long term future plans or objectives that you’re determined to manifest. Keeping control without frustration.

Daily Horoscope Saturday 29 December

It’s the last quarter moon phase with the Sun in Capricorn tensely aspects the Moon in Libra (starts at 09:34, lasts two days)

This is good time to reflect on how the last three weeks of effort have manifested, and make efforts to tie up any loose ends.

You’ve made considerable changes and now, with careful activation, you have a new direction to gradually start to put into place.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’ve been aware of developing your career and public position, but your ability to fully harmonize with everyone is now clear. Keep working at it.

Taurus: You’ve been aware of expanding your world view and beliefs, learning things on the way and now you see how daily tasks and routines can get in the way of that; it’s a long journey.

Gemini: You’ve been getting more aware of how responsible-oriented the changes are going to be in your life but for now you still want to have fun, not surprisingly really.

Cancer: You’re aware of the importance of knowing yourself through a relationship mirror and now it’s clear that shifting moods around domestic situations create a lot of the tension.

Leo: You’re aware of your style of working and the way you go about completing tasks; also diet and health have been adjusted; now it’s time to settle your mind and thinking patterns.

Virgo: You’ve become more aware of what you want in romance and creative love life; now the issue of resources and values becomes more obvious.

Libra: You’ve been more aware of your personal feelings around family and domestic situations; now its time to think about yourself as an individual and what outcome you’d like to see.

Scorpio: You’ve been aware of your interactions within the local environment and neighborhood; now it’s time to quietly reflect on those feelings being raised.

Sagittarius: You’ve aware of changes in values, resources and earning structure; now it’s time to attune yourself to your long term plans and objectives, to realize you’ll eventually come out on top.

Capricorn: You’re aware of being more in control of your individual approach and self-presentation; now it’s time to attune yourself to the feelings of the other people you work with, to keep harmony.

Aquarius: You’re aware of the development in your life that goes on behind the scenes which are accessible only by you; now it’s time to make adjustments to your viewpoint and know you’re learning more.

Pisces: You’re aware of your long term career plans and how friends can influence that; now it’s time to take into consideration the changes you’d like to make that’ll bring more harmony to those plans.

Daily Horoscope Sunday 30 December

Mars in Pisces semi-sextile Uranus in Aries (builds all day Saturday, still in effect on Sunday)

This is a mild alignment which creates a bold (yet diffuse) direction to follow, that of the spiritual warrior.

How can you effectively be the awakened individualist, when its a challenge to make that ideal goal a real thing?

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: There is a secret mode of action you want to employ but it could mean sending the troops in the wrong direction, so it might be best to just take the frustrated feeling and let it disperse in its own way, before moving forwards.

Taurus: A friend could well be goading and prodding you along ‘to do something different’. This sort of behaviour doesn’t usually sit well with you, so it might be best to let it pass without reacting awkwardly towards them.

Gemini: You feel quite strongly motivated in your career and have set a couple of different targets; now watch out for a rebellious friend who often can upset things. The thing is do they really get you, or do they act like a wedge that separates rather than brings together?

Cancer: Your spiritual teacher motivation and goal setting has worked well in recent weeks especially where travel is involved. Now there is a possible challenge from how you want to be seen in the world. A previous career move is coming back, something that has nothing in common with the beliefs you now have?

Leo: Your drive to build on your financial resources has created several interesting situations, which have required adjustments. Now a possible travel situation looks as if it could cause a bit of frustration and awkwardness. Maybe let it pass by before making the next move?

Virgo: A partner or significant other has clearly been ruffling your feathers and causing some kind of upsets. Especially over a money issue which has awakened you to the awkwardness around shared resources. If you can’t see each other well, then maybe wait a bit before trying again?

Libra: The situation with co-workers or employees has been getting more and more driven towards reaching the goal you’ve set. Look out for an awkward person who can cause a mild rumpus. No-one else understands them either, so let their frustration cool off a bit.

Scorpio: You want some fun, or sports and games, and to do it you have to break with the routine and do something outside of the box. As your awakened freedom has been one of your central themes for a long time now, it isn’t too difficult to do, its just that others(especially at work) might not understand you.

Sagittarius: You’re motivated by home and family life, and make plans of action which haven’t yet happened, but you can visualize them. Someone unique (like your children if you have them) are encouraging you onward in a way that doesn’t match with those deepest domestic needs.

Capricorn: If a local neighbor or a even a relative doesn’t see eye to eye with you, don’t see it as a bad thing. They’re making a noise at the way you have been changing things around, and as far as your concerned you aren’t going to be frustrated by them, are you?

Aquarius: An argument over money and how you want to spend it is the last thing you need right now. So instead of getting worked up, try to be coolly detached and objectively listen, then go and do what you want anyways.

Pisces: You are driven and motivated to be independent and individualist, although there is a bit of an awkward exchange around money. You might have to look around and beyond the situation before a satisfactory situation is made.

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