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Daily Horoscope Monday 22 October


The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

The Moon enters assertive and direct Aries from 07:00am; a strong need to push forward with plans and action for the next two days.

07:40 – 08:40 Moon in tension with Mars: a feeling of excitement could easily become irritable.

12:45-13:45 Moon in tension with Mercury: use communication to harness dynamic energy without causing minor dispute.

14:00 – 15:00 Moon in tension with Saturn: a slight inhibition can lead to a feeling of estrangement, but the urge to move forwards is consistent and drives you onward.

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

Sun in Libra experiences tension with Neptune in Pisces(peaks at 11:15am)

The Sun planet of awareness makes an at-odds alignment with Neptune the planet of dreams and delusion.

You are aware of trying to keep up with harmony and balance by sticking to the ‘take the initiative’ plan, yet things can still be rather befuddled.

What to look out for:

  • agitation around co-dependency
  • a situation that is susceptible to change
  • a relationship blown out of proportion
  • indecision about particular tastes & style
  • an escape attempt that leaves things emotionally in flux

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:

  • keep calm if dissatisfied
  • be patient around indecisive types
  • be objective with a relationship
  • find the energy to manifest your concepts
  • Be purposeful as well as persuasive

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:

  • falling apart at the last minute
  • being scattered or disorganised
  • trying too hard to control the situation
  • anxiety trying to prove yourself
  • childish attention-seeking that alienates others

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: A particular partner is showing you how to keep things well balanced in relationship, but you still feel willful and may react irrationally by being confused or vague when they want you to be levelheaded.

Taurus: You’ve been settling into a routine work pattern yet a group of friends or associates have an ability to make you act in an immoderate way and confuse the situation.

Gemini: You’re having a good time expressing your creative talents yet when it comes to your public image you tend to have inconsistencies of expression which clouds up the fact that you’re one of the best at what you do.

Cancer: You’re feeling a glow coming from your roots and foundations and home life is quite appealing yet you’re seeking out a spiritual journey that doesn’t necessarily provide all the home comforts you’re used to.

Leo: You’re focused on balanced thought and organizing yourself in harmony yet a feeling of being submerged or losing yourself can make you act immoderately or irrationally.

Virgo: When it comes to values and sense of self-worth you’re aware of what you’d like to have for a harmonious life; it’s just that a yearning or longing for perfection can leave you easily ruffled or emotionally in flux.

Libra: You’re focusing on your individual image, maybe adjusting your appearance to fit into a refreshed approach; however several tasks or routines that you have to sacrifice your time for agitate you.

Scorpio: There’s a need to balance things out behind the scenes which agitates you to be remote or elusive when expressing yourself from the heart; sometimes you just need to be yourself away from it all.

Sagittarius: You’re aware of plans for the future and it does you good to know there are possibilities; in the meantime you feel agitated and out of sorts with a chaotic and unstable home life.

Capricorn: Being aware of your career and professional position means you have to act consistently so communicating in a detached or elusive manner tends to make things emotionally in flux and agitate people around you.

Aquarius: A relationship helps you to be conscious of a bigger picture and wider viewpoint and partnership advice is useful, however avoid being agitated or acting inconsistently over money issues, just let it be for now.

Pisces: You’re aware of some of the changes you have to go through to make a partnership fairer and more balanced; if you act elusively or mysteriously then you can only expect the other person to be irrational too.

Daily Horoscope Tuesday 23 October


The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

08:15 – 09:15 Moon works well with Neptune: seems like there is no time for delicate introspection when there are activities to get on with and things to be done.

12:30 – 14:00 Moon works well with Mars: by acting on impulse and actively going for a goal, you’ll get a small success.

17:00 – 18:20 Moon goes against Pluto: complex emotions block progress, look out for quick outburst as intensity builds.

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

Sun in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus(builds all day & peaks after midnight)

The Sun planet of the ego and of the hero is now aligning up to eccentric Uranus to create a two-sided opposition.

A rebel factor breaks free and demands recognition for being stubborn yet rebellious (politics on the world stage).

A change in tradition is required to make way for the new concepts.

Originality and uniqueness needs to be incorporated.

How else will the world evolve and move forwards?

As the Sun is in Scorpio, there is a theme of delving into the heart of reality to realize the power of emotion and feeling.

What to look out for:

  • Two separate sides bringing more awareness to a situation
  • A “face-to-face” awareness that requires skillful co-ordination
  • Acknowledging the fine line between recognition and excellence
  • Turning something ordinary into something unique and special
  • An investigator or researcher projects their findings onto another individual

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:

  • Pulling things together will benefit the greater whole
  • Keeping a healthy, open attitude towards the nature of both sides
  • Enjoying debate, discussion and communication of new concepts
  • Be future oriented with ideas, creativity, originality and inventiveness
  • Keep up the team spirit – one for all and all for one

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:

  • Being different for the sake of being different
  • Being too defensive
  • Tearing something down on purpose
  • Neglecting or undervaluing a situation, resulting in mutual discord or separative action
  • A stressful situation that amplifies a lack of stability, poor coordination and bad timing

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Awareness of money especially bank loans, mortgages and shared investments is suddenly changed as you get an unpredictable insight that sees you potentially break away from others to do your own thing.

Taurus: Face up to the situation and stand alone and free of anyone else who is cramping your style. It’ll be easier now to make some breathing space and then get back to them later on, when it’s cooled down.

Gemini: Work is stifling until you get a flash out of nowhere that you can do it a different way. Try not to upset other employees or co-workers but your methods are going to work just fine for you.

Cancer: What you need is fun and good times, and you need them right now. The thing is the fun and good times are already happening, it just depends what perspective you take: your friends are rebellious, not you.

Leo: Were you expecting a whole life directional change? Well not really, but look what’s happening now you’ve seen it differently. An emotionally secure place is still required, but many other things can change, quickly.

Virgo: You’re hanging around locally, aware of communication when it suddenly changes. Now you’ve must come across differently and talk about you whilst learning quickly as you go along. Well, you wanted excitement.

Libra: The money situation changes swiftly and can be a surprise. Psychologically your values are already changed and you just want the world to see you differently, which they do. So don’t worry and keep going.

Scorpio: Self-awareness is heightened by a highly tuned in and progressive partner. Boy, are they changing your world around. You’re mission is to keep cool, calm and collected and stay charming. Good luck.

Sagittarius: Unconscious patterns that you least expected to pop up can upset your working life and the people you work with. It’s best to keep things as hidden as possible and in your inner world to save major disruption.

Capricorn: The way you express yourself is changing all the time and now a situation to do with future career plans and objectives sees you in some sort of dilemma; everything you were doing has become unpredictable.

Aquarius: A career or professional move is suddenly disrupted by a home spun event and domestic scene that you didn’t expect. Put yourself in the boss’s seat and keep harmony, fairness and peace. Please everyone.

Pisces: Learning about peace and harmony and giving a diplomacy a wider field of play is suddenly changed by your independent spirit and unique thought process- your ideas can often do this, try to keep the balance.

Daily Horoscope Wednesday 24 October


The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

11:45 – 12:45 Moon not-so-good with Neptune: the passion to get something done and dusted could be mildly illusive. It might not happen all at once.

14:33 Moon enters practical and grounded Taurus. For the next two days, consolidate whatever it is you are working on whilst moving forwards slowly but surely.

14:35 – 15:30 Moon goes with Uranus: A feeling of excess encourages extravagance.

16:45 FULL MOON when the Moon faces off against the Sun. This lasts for two days and is likely to be a real howler this month.

20:00 – 22:00 Moon challenged by Venus: too easy to be moody and disputatious. Try to be objective so you’re not dragged into it.

21:30 – 22:30 Moon in harmony with Saturn: A sense of duty and solid negotiations are the best way.

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

Venus in Scorpio makes good alignment to Saturn in Capricorn (peaks just before 13:00)

Venus planet of love aligns favorably with Saturn planet of responsibility indicating well-structured relationship plans feel good.

A passionate partnership can begin to consolidate and develop over the next few weeks (planning ahead to 15/16 December)

What to look out for:

  • Reaching out with competence
  • Working with a passion helps self-respect
  • A specialist branch of work that helps reform a situation
  • Personal and passionate exertion to prove worthiness
  • The reminder that time is valuable and time is money
  • The age differential in a relationship

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:

  • Accumulation of resources and money, careful and constructive evaluation
  • Be aware of public expectations
  • Hanging on for what seems like forever
  • Emphasis fairness in justice and law
  • Be industrious, purposeful, task-oriented and dedicated

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:

  • Feel punished for being competent
  • The fear of a choice between success and love
  • Feeling deprived or neglected if affection is withheld
  • Exercising obsolete or unimaginative values
  • Being thrifty, stingy or withholding

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You feel good about implementing the changes you’ve been building up to; showing your authoritative side has its benefits. Certain cash flow ideas still need to be secretive or under cover.

Taurus: A glowing response from a partner helps you to reset your boundaries about what you believe and helps your faith grow. Try to avoid any unrealistic propositions, and keep things confusingly light.

Gemini: A co-worker or employee is helping make your life easier and happier and you feel less constrained by your budget restrictions; intuitive insights are still best kept to yourself (for now).

Cancer: Your love for a significant other is well expressed when you come from your heart centre, they’ll appreciate what you do for them but there’s no need to talk too much, just be there for them.

Leo: The love you feel for home and family is shown through the work that you do; communications are vague at their best right now so there’s no need to ask or answer too many questions, just be.

Virgo: You bring peace to the people close to you, the creative style you’ve been developing shows itself in a good light; a subtle mist of invisibility helps you move from place to place.

Libra: You’re prepared to spend money on a long term family responsibility to help patch things up; someone’s aware you’ve placed a veil of confusion about the actual figures involved.

Scorpio: Your presence and charm makes you glow in a good light and you’re able to speak about quite serious matters; some people see you’re not saying it exactly how it is and maybe self-deluded?

Sagittarius: Secret love is still a big feature, but keeping those feelings personal helps you to re-evaluate your own directions. Talking in vague roundabout terms keeps the actual truth from being revealed.

Capricorn: A friend is drawn towards your serious approach and helps you to make more of your efforts to be authoritative; talking about long term plans are still in the ‘unsure how to proceed’ category.

Aquarius: You’re getting on well with the boss and they see your serious plans waiting in the wings; they’re aware that you’re probably going to be vague and misdirected in any explanations given.

Pisces: You’re enjoying relating with a wider viewpoint as your long term plans start to get more real; family members and people close to you are aware the actual truth is some form of changes will happen.

Daily Horoscope Thursday 25 October


The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

14:00 – 15:30 Moon aligns well with Neptune: the intellect is stimulated abundantly; you can make something of whats being produced.

21:00 – 22:30 Moon blocked by Mars: a need for concrete manifestation results in rashness and over-excitement.

22:30 – 00:20 Moon in harmony with Pluto: an intense need is put to good use; a sensual and feeling based assertion is a powerful thing.

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

Moon in Taurus in FULL MOON phase(builds all day)

Even though it became full moon yesterday, the ‘full’ lunar phase is still in full effect.

This is the time of the month when something comes to light and is revealed in its full glory.

As this full moon is in ‘fixed’ zodiac signs, then there might be some differences to resolve around stubbornness or rigidity.

What to look out for:

  • An adult who acts like a child
  • Being recognized as needing to grow-up
  • Issues to do with control and food supply
  • Someone who wants pity or to be understood
  • Attempts to be compliant and placating
  • The exposure of something private made public

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:

  • A need to have feelings over thinking – thinking from the heart
  • Being open to listen to the urge to belong
  • Understand the urge for security for everyone
  • Be nurturing, protective and caring.
  • Be witty and creative to rescue a situation

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:

  • Being oblivious to things outside of the self
  • Having a fear of being invisible or ordinary
  • Attempting self-justification
  • Feel inadequate or fradulent
  • Be resentful, moody or ruthless

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: A partner’s put their money on the table but you might be having difficulty accessing it for the things that you think it should be used for. Stay flexible but also show determination.

Taurus: You express feelings at your partners ability to be strong and firm when needed, especially if you’ve been having a bit too much fun and good times. Reliability and dependability keep you both stable and secure.

Gemini: There are jobs and lots of different things to keep you busy doing routines you can constantly adjust to, but you must look out for not overdoing it and undoing the good, when home and family are calling out.

Cancer: You have to express what’s in your heart to feel truly satisfied as there are several friends and the future to consider, but you know your current creative project will help you shine in a good way.

Leo: You focus on home and family and it’s of prime importance to make sure you have a secure and stable place. At the same time your career needs to be reached for again, a feeling to climb up towards the light.

Virgo: You become much more aware of your local surroundings including people close to you and reflect on the bigger picture you envision. A short journey is linked to a lot of feelings and emotions.

Libra: You’re focusing on your buying and purchasing power but must be careful you don’t overspend. Others are bringing up a lot of feelings which you react to.

Scorpio: You express what you want with great determination, so that your partner responds with their own feelings fully expressed, with added sensuality.

Sagittarius: You feel your personal power growing behind the scenes. Take care of your routines and don’t let any past patterns upset the general flow of things.

Capricorn: You focus on your friends and realize that changes are coming, although it feels to keep things just the same. A group seems to have more pull than it has before.

Aquarius: How your seen in the public eye is challenged because you want something professional to stay the same, even though change is pushed for and inevitable.

Pisces: You want to focus on long distance communication and maybe some travel as a partner is starting to make you aware of a shift in the relationship, and how things could improve.

Daily Horoscope Friday 26 October


The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

07:00 – 08:50 Moon in conflict with Mercury: having to listen to someone go on and on is enough to give you a headache.

13:00 – 15:00 Moon in conflict with Jupiter: differences with others leads to inner conflict, hold your own and avoid needless expenditure.

19:45 Moon changes sign into clever and articulate Gemini. These next two adaptable days are excellent for lively communications.

18:30 – 20:30 Moon aligns well with Uranus: a little bit of emotional excitability shows you are self-willed; be open to a surprise, however minor.

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

Venus in Scorpio goes with the Sun in Scorpio (builds all day & peaks at 14:15; carries on through the weekend)

The Sun planet of self meets Venus planet of love indicating a day of heart centered expression.

Who do you love or who would you like to love?

What to look out for:

  • The beginning of something new to be valued
  • A change of appearance and thus attractiveness (positive or negative)
  • A deep concern with quality, aesthetics and values
  • The compare and contrast of what will be an obvious change
  • the difference between selfishness and obligation

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:

  • Show the need for relationship and affection
  • Seek beauty, art, quality and comfort
  • Understand how one can project(like a mirror)
  • Be tactful, diplomatic and show finesse
  • Identify with the other people

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:

  • Something tacky, ostentatious or flamboyant
  • Feeling like you’ve been left out
  • Trying too hard or being insincere
  • Giving up
  • Be susceptible to flattery

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Yes, get creative with financial activities, but the temptation to overdo something or be too extravagant needs to be watched! Excessive indulgence now will have to be paid off in the future.

Taurus: A partner’s talents and creative capabilities lights up your life and how you feel about them; try to avoid encouraging them to spend too much because of the time it will take to pay it back.

Gemini: Improved relationships in your working environment makes you feel good and people are drawn to you for your friendliness; you might like to party but if you do make sure it’s not too self-indulgent.

Cancer: When you come from the right place, it feels good to express your feelings and everybody around you will see you in a good light. With that in mind getting creative will have useful benefits.

Leo: The enjoyment of home and family make up your most personal feelings and thoughts at the moment; take note that you could easily be over-extravagant or wasteful, so curb any excesses.

Virgo: You love an indulgent and pleasing conversation with people close to you, especially when you really feel you’re on a roll: get out, socialize and show everyone what you know and have learnt.

Libra: You’re aware that there’s a big potential to earn and make good, building your security in the process, or on the other hand there’s a lot to spend out on, that you could fritter a lot of cash on.

Scorpio: It feels good to show your love and to present yourself in a pleasing light. People are drawn to you and will appreciate you but don’t overdo it with the luxury or be too extravagant?

Sagittarius: You’ve got plenty of enhanced feelings and love for someone or something but you realize it might be easier to keep things modest and quite well hidden, behind the scenes, at least for now.

Capricorn: Where’s the party? If you haven’t been invited to one already, then you might like to network amongst your contacts and friends and pull one together yourself. Go find the good times.

Aquarius: You realize that through a creative friendship or relationship with an authority figure, you can make things work much better and make people pay more attention to you and your professionalism.

Pisces: Wonderful feelings help to expand your horizons and open the world up to you through contacts, loved ones and friends. You’re going places but avoid impulse spending on things you don’t need.

Daily Horoscope Saturday 27 October


The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

07:00 – 09:10 Moon is countered by Mars: irritability can lead to a quarrel. Tread carefully.

11:00 – 12:45 Moon is countered by Venus: a need for affection is answered. Some retail therapy elevates the mood toward socialization.

18:00 – 20:00 Moon is blocked by Neptune: Feelings are scattered and reactions show instability. Calm abiding is called for.

18:40 – 20:40 Moon is countered by Jupiter: Show kindness and respond in an obliging way, for a good outcome.

20:00 – 22:20 Moon is energized by Uranus:a mild dispute can arise from restlessness. A narrow-minded talker.

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

Mars in Aquarius lightly links to Pluto in Capricorn (builds all day & peaks just after midnight)

This is a good connection for fusion of desires and infusion of a passionate experiences.

If you know what you want and the goal you have, there’s a bit of an extra boost you can apply to your situation.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: An active and forthright friend or group member reaches out help you change your public image a bit. A professional long term objective gets closer to being reached.

Taurus: As you steam ahead to elevate your career profile, remember to show that you support the overall understanding, beliefs and faith in the whole process; it’ll make you more of a leader.

Gemini: With a drive to proactively get more involved and assertive with the bigger picture that the group has, you’re sowing the seeds of a way to empower your resources and make more money.

Cancer: Making efforts to get what you want is assisted by your constantly transforming partner. By doing something active together for the future (investments) you are motivated. Your strength of assertion is quite the turn on for your partner.

Leo: Your partner has got their future motivations all mapped out and wants to drive forwards; meanwhile you are more concerned with power behind the routine and keeping regularity with your tasks and duties (the ones that are changing your life).

Virgo: You want to take exercise, get active & move around. Meanwhile you have the deep urge to express your ability to be in self-control of your playful side. Ultimately you will win over everyone with your methods.

Libra: You love a good game, sport or creative enterprise, as it helps you in accepting those deeper transformation to do with home, family and the up-rooted past. Be on top of it all and use all those deep feelings to play at your best ever.

Scorpio: You’ve got so much positive self-focus right now that you can breeze with strength through the family house, asserting yourself about past issues, and saying the deeply buried stuff in such a way that is very effective and penetrating. Particularly if a parent is involved.

Sagittarius: Try not to get into an argument with friends or people close to you; true, you might be upset about your sense of value, self-worth or issues to do with money, but have your local people motivate you to change, rather than you have a go at them.

Capricorn: Your powerful presence is a force to be reckoned with. You have been driven to show you are tough, and your values prove your strength. You may have a desire to purchase something that seems to embody you, as it also emboldens you.

Aquarius: This force of self-will is really getting you places, isn’t it? Sometimes you have to thank the deep unconscious mind that bringing up all this stuff for you. Gradually you are self- empowering; ten years from now you’ll look back at 2018, and know it was an important start.

Pisces: Sometimes its inevitable that an upset occurs or some event to undo a situation. You’ve got plans but they’re still hidden before acting on them. Your motivation is for the future, however that’ll turn out, and a powerful associate or friend can join the dots.

Daily Horoscope Sunday 28 October


The emotional weather to link your mood with the moon

From 06:00 am and all day and evening The Moon is ‘void-of-course’ which means take it easy, don’t particularly push to start something, especially if there are tempting possibilities. just let the day carry you and stay as relaxed as possible.

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets might influence your life today

Sun in Scorpio is helpful and useful towards Saturn in Capricorn (builds all day Saturday & peaks early Sunday morning)

The Sun planet of self has been gradually aligning to Saturn the planet of consolidation.

The result is steady and strong feelings where you feel a certain amount of receptivity from your recent endeavors.

This encourages you to change and develop through work and responsibility.

Today is about recognizing and reflecting on the last few days.

What to look out for:

  • Being aware that you are right
  • Getting compliments from respected people
  • Being adept at setting a goal, whilst knowing your limits
  • Being accomplished
  • See the difference between superiority and inferiority

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:

  • Taking care of others
  • Being firm and decisive
  • Being generous, protective, parental.
  • If you want it done right, do it yourself
  • Be optimistic about your work

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:

  • Not being a part of the team
  • Feeling lonely or abandoned
  • hearing questions as challenges, demands or criticism
  • Have difficulty trusting others
  • Being paranoid

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You are acutely aware of the pressures of a financial situation, and throughout the reviewing process (that you’re doing with your partner) you know how important it is to hold your course, steer straight and continue to aim for a respected and established public image.

Taurus: Along with your partner (the one who is really running the show at the moment, with all of their focus invested into a particular issue) then you can both agree that the long term learning is surely the thing to develop. Wisdom is gained through steady application.

Gemini: An awareness of how to change your routines is prominent in your daily life; there are lessons about shared resources and the responsibility that is now expected of you. Keep on schedule whenever its expected.

Cancer: You are fully attuned to matters of the heart and love, however deep and connected that might take you. Your partner wants to keep it real, and shows you that through ambitious dedication and perseverance then anything creative is possible.

Leo: You are demonstrating that you have immense powers of self-containment and consolidation, in that your deepest emotional feelings have made you stick to a particular work project with much determination. It might seem like a slow climb, but you are making steady progress.

Virgo: You’ve been having a great opportunity to relate to the people close to you in life, like a sibling. Its important that you can show self-control and still be your creative self; sometimes its hard work to be you, but being tested is the good thing about it.

Libra: There is focus on the use of money and the value of certain things, all whilst the awareness of the family’s foundation is the thing that is the most important. Keep to the rules and guidelines you’ve already set yourself at the beginning of the year.

Scorpio: Its good to be you and enjoy a growing sense of individuality, as long as you learn to curb some of things you presume and say to others, including the people close to you, like friends.

Sagittarius: So much piling up behind the scenes that you just got to let it out: that is those issues around possessions, earnings, money and those scant very-much-worked-for necessities. You have to value everything, at the moment there isn’t any other way.

Capricorn: All your long term objectives have been tabled and everyone is aware of your plans; however there is some consolidation and this involves you being the one who has to prove it can be done. Individual rules.

Aquarius: You’ve got to an interesting place where you’re getting noticed and some sense of accomplishment is happening. However behind the scenes you actually want things to be all cleared away because there is a new you waiting to be born, when the world is ready.

Pisces: You love travel and cultural explorations, all of which do you so much good and general enrichment. Recently you’ve been contemplating your future long term objectives and plans and are now ready to implement something.

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