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Daily Horoscope Monday 17 December

Mercury the thinker, currently in idealistically expansive Sagittarius, makes a mild alignment to rebellious Uranus in assertive Aries.

It’s almost as if an all-encompassing subject can be expressed in a surprising new way.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’re thinking about opening to a wider spectrum of influence as a partner has been coming up with strategic and powerful ideas- it’s down to how you use the money and a surprising way is suggested.

Taurus: Enthusiastic thinking to get to the center of any problems that need changing in a partnership (particularly money oriented) can be expressed in a surprising direct fashion.

Gemini: Strategic conversations with a partner have been going back and forth trying to encapsulate the big picture; take note that a surprising unconscious sparkly input from ‘god knows where’ adds some zest to the subject matter.

Cancer: Talking about routine work and tasks has been making things more fun than usual. What’s needed is a friend or a group to add some kind of exciting input, like a jolt of energy that can shake up what is staid.

Leo: Thinking and talking about love and romance in an idealistic way can get to the heart of the matter to such an extent that a resulting flash of inspiration can lead to yet another shift in life direction and career.

Virgo: Your thoughts are whizzing to new horizons recently; sure you might be feeling challenged but a surprising lift comes out of the blue- what you wanted to hear.

Libra: The decision making process become a lot more fun than before; listening to people closest to you and organizing yourself has a sparkle to it. A sudden flash of inspiration: you can do the changes yourself.

Scorpio: Thoughts about money and values have gotten philosophical recently; several projects require plenty of lateral thinking; now a surprising and innovative partner shakes thinking about cash flow and earnings around.

Sagittarius: Talking and thinking about your appearance and self-presentation has been going on at a honest level; a change has to happen and it comes through a surprising turnabout at work that you weren’t expecting.

Capricorn: Quietly and secretly plotting behind the scenes means you have to keep your mouth shut; even if a surprising shift in creative possibilities makes you change your mind a bit.

Aquarius: Discussions with friends or with a group have got to a deep level of truth searching and it’s only down to your surprising rebellious shift in attitude that things can get jolted again.

Pisces: Discussions about your career and professional direction have got to an exploratory new level and some sort of shift is required- delivering the goods in a different way allows for a sudden change of mind.

Daily Horoscope Tuesday 18 December

Building up over the next couple of days (peaking on Thursday), the ever shining Sun of awareness makes a flowing link to Uranus the planet of eccentricity.

Both planets are in fire signs of self-expression, so use this time to make for original and creative transmissions between yourself and others.

There’s a different channel of change operating and you need to turn your dial until you hit the correct frequency.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: With you learning new strategies that’ll widen your horizons, then continuing to be a somewhat eccentric outsider in comparison to everyone else is very appealing and makes you feel good.

Taurus: By taking full stride of all the possible avenues of change, it’s a good idea to be intuitively calm for a while and get yourself emotional tuned in the right direction so you don’t waste any energy.

Gemini: Aligning yourself to new links and partnerships within your ever-changing and developing group of friends has its advantages and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Cancer: An emotionally solid dedication to getting the work done will still allow you plenty of chances to add in your unique notions and eccentric ideas that you’re known for.

Leo: You realize your creative peak is at its best by following your own path however far it may take you; creating a safe place to believe in helps your self-development immensely.

Virgo: A powerful recognition that there’s nothing like home and family even though it’s a challenge for you at times helps you make unique decisions towards potent changes.

Libra: It’s time to speak your mind about a unique or eccentric relationship to people close to you, including siblings and trusted friends. It might come out quite intensely, but it’s needed.

Scorpio: Being conscious of your own self-worth sees you make a move towards doing things differently, particularly when it comes to health, diet and exercise.

Sagittarius: You can integrate new ways of self-expression that’ll strengthen your role and identity, even though some might see you as eccentric. A bit of drama can be quite fun.

Capricorn: There’s a certain subconscious knowing that you’re making changes because you want to make the family see you as independent, free and able to break away from your roots.

Aquarius: If you want to change your future plans and objectives, then you have to organize things differently; getting around in a different way through the help of a friend is an option.

Pisces: It’s a challenge to reinstate your professional position, especially when you become aware of how much your values have changed: be outright different and see how you fare.

Daily Horoscope Wednesday 19 December

Building up over the next couple of days (peaking on Friday), Venus planet of love makes a harmonious and flowing alignment with Neptune planet of dreams.

This indicates there are ways and means to smooth over and keep a relationship in a certain area of life idealistic.

There are very deep feelings that are combination of passion and determination running through the situation.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: An improved relationship over a money issue has helped as people are now better aligned to your collective vision. Deep down your thoughts are getting more logical.

Taurus: Harmonising with people close to you, especially partners is important if you’re to let you true objectives and ideals be known. Getting a feeling for saying the right thing helps.

Gemini: It’s been pretty clear that getting on well with co-workers creates a pleasing ripple that filters up to the top; things like this work well and enhance your self-worth.

Cancer: Loving times abroad or long distance has set up a nice lasting effect which helps you find a good mood and more friendly approach.

Leo: Recent good times and social events at home have helped you to take a more relaxed attitude towards things in general, thanks to some quiet logical thinking.

Virgo: An idealistic relationship has seen you jump through hoops trying to keep things peaceful which has worked quite well; is it now time to talk about the future?

Libra: A valuable assessment of a spiritual, healthy or dietary practice helps you see things differently, as you think about how you’re seen by the world.

Scorpio: A recent pleasing and harmonizing approach has enabled you to dream in more innovative ways, now you can think about broadening your vision.

Sagittarius: Behind the scenes you’ve been developing an idealistic domestic life which has good advantages, including development of resources and finances.

Capricorn: Friends have been remarkably supportive and seem well tuned into your current life path; many thoughts about a partnership keep you talking for a long time.

Aquarius: A love issue that affects your repute helps you to change your values and also makes you start to think differently about your work.

Pisces: A slightly different way of learning has helped you become more intuitive and cooperate with others; that in turn will assist you to think more inventively.

Daily Horoscope Thursday 20 December

It’s a special day as Mercury and Jupiter meet in the creative fire sign of Sagittarius.

There is much potential blessings and good vibes, as well as an element of expansive good news.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Like the Ram who is used to leading their flock headfirst you’ve now got an excellent opportunity to expand further and encompass even more of what you already believe in.

Taurus: Is the money coming to you now, or do you have to wait? Someone else you’re intimately involved in has the luck and they want to share it with you. It’s a fortunate turn of events to bring changes.

Gemini: A confidante or intimate other is happy and joyous to explain to you their luck, hopefully you’re in the mood to understand where they’re at, and not too wrapped up in your stuff.

Cancer: Work has been providing potential good fortune and luck and now it peaks out with the best opportunity to date. You’d boost the luck by looking after yourself more carefully in diet and health.

Leo: If you have children you’re giving them lots of love as they excel in development and show themselves to be near- prodigies. You’re inspired to match their creative blossoming.

Virgo: An opportunity to express your deepest emotional needs shows what you really feel about your home and family life, there’s an element of challenge because you want to be practical though.

Libra: Almost as if the clouds parted and a ray of light descended on your consciousness to give you a blessing, so you now know how to think and communicate to people close to you more lovingly.

Scorpio: The recent negotiations and discussions of deals and ownership are peaking to a new level of luck and good fortune. Your self-worth and self-value is boosted through personal resources.

Sagittarius: So all this focus on you and your needs should now be paying off nicely. You know you needed to do your own thing, be noticed for your ideas and then something good would happen.

Capricorn: Your inner world is well satisfied; any fantasies have come to fruition, and you understand your unconscious patterns much better than before. Sit back and appreciate in quiet contemplation.

Aquarius: You’re in a good mood to go and party with friends and amongst your social network; things are looking good with a new opportunity to further expand your goals and plans for the future.

Pisces: You might well have been waiting for a lucky break in your professional direction and so it’s pleasing to be able to enjoy the benefits of putting yourself out into the larger society.

Daily Horoscope Friday 21 December

Today it’s the Winter Solstice- the shortest day- when the Sun moves into the zodiac sign of Capricorn where it will stay until the 20th January 2019.

Now is the Yuletide with the winter’s new ‘seasons greetings’ upon us.

There is also a motivational and initiative-taking quality at this time.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: A time to start to reflect on your professional position and career; is everything going to plan? There are some changes coming up in the next ten days that’ll shake things up a bit.

Taurus: A time to reflect and be more aware about your worldly viewpoints: you’re learning all the time and it’s good for you. In the long run ambition is what counts and in ten days’ time that’ll make even more sense.

Gemini: Your awareness is shifting towards making some practical changes to your life that’ll be approved by a partner. This transformation of self allows you to move forward together with real ambitions.

Cancer: Your focus shifts towards a partner who is gaining from strength to strength and empowering themselves with your emotional assistance. In ten days you will both see a shift in career and how you work together.

Leo: Your focus shifts towards diet and health; you are fully aware that you need to keep optimum maintenance and self-care is most important. A regular routine helps you get the work done too.

Virgo: Your focus shifts towards recreational pursuits and fun and games; you are gradually empowering yourself in this arena and it’s doing you a lot of good. Finding time to do things with children is good too.

Libra: Your focus shifts to your deepest emotional needs and although you are often thinking of others and keeping a balance, you need to take control as well. If this is threatened you’ll respond powerfully.

Scorpio: Your focus shifts towards keeping yourself organized and using your mental aptitude at its most effective. Locally you’d like to see things move around a bit; in about 10 days you’ll see how to do this strategically.

Sagittarius: Your focus shifts towards money, ownership and earnings. A powerful boost is coming your way which brings up stuff from the past which you need to work through. Show what you truly value.

Capricorn: Over the next 10 days a ruthless and tough approach is almost inevitable but you need to consider others else you’ll be seen as totally self-serving. The more you try to take control, the more chaos there’ll be.

Aquarius: Your focus shifts into your inner world where you are doing a lot of clearing out and cleansing of the past. Getting conscious awareness of where you need to make changes helps you think differently.

Pisces: Your focus shifts towards your future plans and objectives. You’ve made many changes in this area and it’s still going on, so be open to alternative ambitions arising, especially where it comes to making money.

Daily Horoscope Saturday 22 December

It’s the Full moon today (at 17:49 gmt) and this enters you into a 2 to 3 day phase which will tend to pit your willpower against your emotions.

This is one of the reasons full moons are known for causing tension.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Your career and life direction comes to the fore as you can’t help but express some pent up feelings about where you should be or where you want to be heading. Go easy on your own path.

Taurus: Deep feelings for finding an open space to roam see you looking for somewhere that you’ll feel comfortable. It’s good for you to develop training and practice in a certain area of life.

Gemini: You feel its time to make some emotional adjustments in your approach towards a significant other. Awareness of another’s feelings is paramount to making changes.

Cancer: The changing moods of a partner are highlighted by this full moon; what they might actually be looking for is more tenderness coming from you.

Leo: Nurturing new beginnings in a working environment comes to the fore. You’ve found good ways of applying your skills and you now need to be sensitive to how you can make that grow.

Virgo: It’s an emotional full moon that you really feel at one with as you can express your feelings and tenderness in a safe environment: get creative with your empathy and intimacy.

Libra: Home and family issues come to the fore as feelings about life direction come to head. Yes you can do what you want, just know that there are those who require protection or want to help you.

Scorpio: You’ve got a lot of feelings about what you want to learn or feel you should be learning already. You realize you could do some training and practicing to grow further into your local space.

Sagittarius: Being supportive comes into focus this full moon as you recognize what you need; being possessive is not the answer but an awareness of what others require as well will help.

Capricorn: Your own sense of independence is coming through this full moon as you work through any feelings of clinginess or the opposite of that which could be a fear of rejection. Keep calm.

Aquarius: Your inner world comes to the fore as deeper unconscious patterns surface for you to look at. It’s all about how you want to work and apply your skills in the world.

Pisces: You might find yourself easily caught up in friends’ emotional games that could require some careful extraction on your part, as you’d like to help and be useful, but it could be tricky.

Daily Horoscope Sunday 23 December

Sun planet of self and ego aligns with Neptune planet of dreams bringing an ability to get an intuitive and sensitive feeling to your creative aspirations.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Daydreaming at work will keep your thoughts occupied; you want to focus however it may be a bit difficult so block some time out for innovative brainstorming during the day.

Taurus: Your friends give you an inspired idea to further your learning or what you can teach. Your education and higher goals in life are enhanced; don’t be afraid to go for it.

Gemini: Your just a getting a handle on your money and resources and finding out where there have been leaks and losses. Its time to tighten up the purse strings.

Cancer: A partner understands your vision and overall outlook for the ‘new future’; combine resources and see where it takes you.

Leo: You’re conscious that it’s a good time to follow a healthy regimen or diet plan, but you should keep an eye on the overall cost for any of these fads, especially if someone else is paying for it.

Virgo: You’re aware that a partner’s vision can help your own creative aspirations along quite nicely; let their insights help you fill out the picture you’re trying to paint.

Libra: You’re illuminated about the past and now you recognize how your insights into life have helped you to create a spiritual lifestyle; diet and health feature in this raising of awareness.

Scorpio: You’re aware of how you think affects your intuitive creativity; what you say to people close to you goes to inspire you further as their replies set up interesting subject matter for discourse.

Sagittarius: Think of creative ways to make your house more of a reflection of your personality. It’s time to get innovative and splurge on a few special items that’ll tie it all together.

Capricorn: You have a dreamy other-worldly quality about the way you communicate today; try to keep things light and clear as you get your thoughts across.

Aquarius: Even though you are being asked to help someone in need, you don’t have to give everything away. There are other ways to help rather than over your hard earned money.

Pisces: You want to lose yourself and become part of a collective; find some interesting new groups or organizations to dive into and integrate into; your creative ideas will be welcome.

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