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Daily Horoscope Monday 12 November

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Sun in a mildly challenging alignment to Saturn (builds all day Monday, peaks at 11:40 Tuesday)

The Sun planet of self-awareness is making a mildly tense alignment to Saturn planet of commitment; making a solid and lasting decision is also linked to responsibility.

Use self-control in order to meet work demands, until the pressure eases off.

What to look out for:

  • An ambitious achiever
  • Someone intimidated by authority
  • A bossy person who just has to give advice
  • Someone being territorial or possessive
  • A difficulty in delegating responsibility

The best things to do:

  • Be firm and controlling
  • Seek to prove the self
  • If you want it done right, do it yourself
  • Take care of others
  • Get into your duties and obligations

The things to avoid:

  • Depression
  • Feeling lonely
  • The fear of abandonment
  • Hearing nothing but challenges, criticisms or demands
  • Fraudulent

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: The responsible career position you’ve been working hard towards looks even better as you see a potential reward that’s coming your way.

Taurus: Just when you’ve thought you had a whole life plan worked out, a recently new partner helps you to see even more and add a new perspective to your growth.

Gemini: Long term efforts to establish a responsible financial structure are improved by the insight of a fellow co-worker.

Cancer: Building your life around a creative project or your children is assisted by some helpful comments and recognition of your efforts from someone close.

Leo: Your more serious efforts to apply yourself to a regular work schedule are improved by the current domestic situation.

Virgo: Did you think about taking on a more fun approach to the serious side of business partnership? Aligning your individual needs with a more serious collaboration might still be possible.

Libra: Efforts to organize what have been limiting restrictions at home are improved by a re-evaluation of your personal resources.

Scorpio: Long term efforts to prove yourself to people close to you are improved by their appraisal of your general approach and how you’ve adapted to a new beginning.

Sagittarius: You realize your efforts to build a better earning capacity can be reached by connecting to the masses and the collective more.

Capricorn: Your relentless endeavors to be seen as responsible and serious is praised and recognised by your friends, helping you to reach out for what you want.

Aquarius: You recognize that your worldly status and profession is going through important and useful changes that will put you ahead in the future.

Pisces: Your efforts to integrate yourself socially are improved by a journey; learning from a teacher helps you realize previous limitations.

Daily Horoscope Tuesday 13 November

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Mars in helpful alignment to Uranus (builds all day Tuesday & Wednesday, peaks on Thursday morning)

Mars planet of competition makes a favorable alignment to Uranus planet of surprises indicating dynamic energies that make you want to be different.

What to look out for:

  • Further your projects and ambitions
  • Keep your self-discipline together
  • Direct your energy into an impersonal object or area
  • A progressive change in direction
  • Seek out new experiences and activities

The best things to do:

  • Make changes to daily routine
  • Find something different and exciting
  • A chance to break out of a rut
  • See new viewpoints and act positively on originality
  • Seek out new friends and associates

The things to avoid:

  • Having a rash or willful attempt to rule or ruin
  • Don’t be cruel, mean or unjust to others
  • Avoid being erratic or short-tempered
  • Being foolhardy, impatient or reckless
  • Anti-social or contradictory

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You feel motivated and activated by what your friends are doing. It makes you consider the personal changes you can make to your identity and your current approach to life.

Taurus: You’re putting a lot of energy in your professional position and life direction; doing this helps you to connect to those ‘inner world’ inspirations and surprising intuitions you’ve been getting.

Gemini: You’re driven to take on a new philosophy about life and now start to adjust future plans and objectives to fit with it. This week sees you make a whole new appraisal and growth development.

Cancer: You’re motivated to make psychological changes to a partnership to allow yourself more room for maneuver within your professional position.

Leo: You’re driven to relate to a larger group of people with more freedom and individuality so that you can have a different philosophy of life; a future oriented viewpoint to talk and teach about.

Virgo: You want to get more actively involved with diet, health and exercise: you know a cleansed body and mind will also give you a solid basis to change your psychology towards life.

Libra: Your drive for fun and good times sees you more easily able to create some freedom in your relationships. Being a bit independent suits you fine.

Scorpio: You’re motivated to do things at home; maybe move things around or do some decorating. Whatever it is you are doing you’re making sure your liberated style of working is part of it.

Sagittarius: You feel energy to get things moving along. Vigorous communication especially with a sibling or people close to you shows how you can express yourself from your heart differently.

Capricorn: You feel a drive to buy things to change your home and domestic situation. Alternately you have things you have held on to far too long and by selling them you allow new space into the home.

Aquarius: You feel a strong surge of your unique individualism coming through and backing it up is your independent way of thinking and talking that is becoming more radical and progressive.

Pisces: You’re motivated to making action plans behind the scenes, which are not ready to be launched but you can calculate the possibilities of making money in new ways from them eventually.

Daily Horoscope Wednesday 14 November

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Venus makes helpful alignment to Jupiter (builds all morning, peaks just after 12 noon)

As Venus planet of attraction slows down to move forwards again, she makes a charming yet mild alignment to Jupiter the planet of abundance.

If you know what you want at this moment of time, you can push forward with a request and you might well get lucky.

What to look out for:

  • Ability to evaluate quickly
  • The artist, dancer, or speaker who is charming
  • An appreciation of all types of art
  • A benevolent benefactor with a blessing
  • Reconciliation

The best things to do:

  • Be friendly, generous & loving
  • Attract money, success & resources
  • Be fair, tolerant and accepting
  • Take advantage of an opportunity (be lucky)
  • Value education, honesty and faith

The things to avoid:

  • Be excessive
  • Having too much of a good thing
  • Negligence
  • Wastefulness
  • Having a binge

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: A significant other has all the luck at the moment. Listening to their concept and belief can help you to formulate and manifest a good notion as well; it’s all about better relating.

Taurus: A co-worker or an employee shows their latent talent; you’ve seen it before but this time around you realize how it can be turned into a shared resource. Manifest and make people happy.

Gemini: You’ve got the creative talent, you are able to use and charm others with your skill and now you realize how much you can make this talent grow through the help of a partner, whose new and full of opportunity.

Cancer: You have a lot of love for a place but you need to synthesize who the right people are for the job you have to do. A considerable amount of fixing up is required and different workers will persuade you differently.

Leo: Big creative ideas are going to take a lot of explaining, and so it’s useful to have a well-organized and affectionate friend or networker on hand who is ingenious and can help you synthesize the big truth.

Virgo: A distinct improvement of your self-esteem and self-worth will show the family (who want to big you up) that you are ingenious, creative and influential in your own way. After all, you are worth everything.

Libra: You find yourself ‘clicking with’ a local friend or networker or someone close; this newly discovered affinity will help you present and approach the world with more charm and affability.

Scorpio: Feelings from behind the scenes make you have a quirky restlessness; is there a bigger reason or concept that you can gain value from? Who’s that person who (secretly) can help you make money?

Sagittarius: Long term plans and objectives are showing their worth and value and making you feel so much better about yourself. At last things are beginning to click. Thank goodness for friends who can actually help.

Capricorn: You’ve found yourself in a much more popular position that you’d previously felt; there’s a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes to make you persuasive and attractive; you love the attention, so keep enjoying.

Aquarius: Someone you like is helping you to synthesize and make the most of the group goal and long term objective. You are reminded how your personal ingenuity teaches others how to relate successfully.

Pisces: A money and cash flow resource starts to look good again, as your personal ingenuity and creative restlessness links a career opportunity that could make things considerably bigger for you.

Daily Horoscope Thursday 15 November

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Mars enters Pisces (at 22:21, lasts until January 1st, 2019)

Mars the planet of action changes zodiac sign into Pisces where it will stay until January 1st, 2019.

Mars isn’t at his best when he’s submerged in the one-ness of Pisces, it tends to make Mars’s usual single pointed drive multi-directional.

Whilst Mars is in Pisces, the push (mars) works best going towards a spiritual and empathic goal.

What to look out for(during the next 6 weeks):

  • The inspired person with a mission
  • The resolute optimist
  • Spiritual and philosophical action
  • The compassionate person who seeks to be settled
  • Taking a leap of faith

The best things to do(during the next 6 weeks):

  • Be permissive and all-inclusive
  • See life as a mythic, heroic journey, or even a soap opera
  • Hold onto resolute optimism
  • Be concerned with travel, learning and teaching
  • Take part in healing, transcendence; immerse in music

The things to avoid(during the next 6 weeks):

  • Futility, retreating and escape
  • Feeling insignificant or helpless
  • Being vague, uncertain or unreliable
  • Wanting it now
  • Denying (or projecting) anger

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: It’s time to point yourself and go searching around into your unconscious and inner worlds. As much as chaos could ensue, you’ll eventually retrieve a useful goal. Experience ‘it all’ and avoid being misled.

Taurus: Friends might sure drive you a bit frustrated but of course you love them too, so instead let them motivate you with their future plans. Get artistically and creatively inspired by their actions.

Gemini: You’re motivated to point your desires towards an authoritative or professional position; being a leader and a rabble rouser is what you need to be seen to do. Not too crazy though.

Cancer: You start to notice the importance of your faith and beliefs in life, and the ambition is such that you want to push forward your understandings to the rest of the world. It’s essential, and good for you too.

Leo: The drive and motivation is now to push for those changes you’ve wanted to make. There’s an emotional undercurrent reflecting financial and shared resources. See subtle power plays between people.

Virgo: It’s time to embark on a new mission, to seek out the partner that’s right for you. With the right amount of drive towards that goal, you’ll attract someone.

Libra: You feel an urge to get on with routines and your job. People might offer to help or be of service, but they could also ‘run away’ with any tasks given them. Adjustments have to be made to keep control.

Scorpio: You start getting feelings to be more competitive. Why not get involved in fun and games with a goal in mind? Any children in your life give you motivation and emotionally self-expression is good for you.

Sagittarius: Home and domestic life starts to become more energetic as you try to create a few goals and targets; it’s just that there’s no exact bull’s-eye for you to aim at, which could make you quite frustrated.

Capricorn: There’s a lot to organize in the space around you and people close by are getting more heated up in their exchanges. In conversation you might (unintentionally?) jab or barb people with what you say.

Aquarius: Are you sure you want to fight over possessions or ownership? You could well be fired up over generating your personal resources but don’t be rash, let the action flow smoothly when possible.

Pisces: You start to feel a strong desire to present yourself as a force to be reckoned with; subtly use leadership skills to get what you want. The pace of life quickens a bit, work out and ‘show strength’ (but not too much).

Daily Horoscope Friday 16 November

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Venus stations direct in Libra (at 10:51am, lasts two days)

Venus the planet of love is beginning to go direct after several weeks in reverse.

This indicates your feelings about a certain area of life have been under review, soon any hitches or delays in relationships will come clear.

What to look out for:

  • People who appreciate style, fashion and beauty
  • Seekers of beauty, harmony and balance
  • Someone who beautifies, improves (decorates?)

The best things to do:

  • Cooperating and collaborating
  • Showing affection, attraction and romance
  • Negotiation, mediation, whilst showing tact and diplomacy
  • The uniting of opposites(a balancing act)
  • Bonding, making connections; validation and authentication

The things to avoid:

  • Flattery
  • Evasiveness
  • Having difficulty with decisions
  • Apathy or passivity
  • Seeking the easy way out

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: A partner gave you a lot to think about, challenging you to review your feelings. Now you can move forward again: what they wanted was light and breezy and you’re going to give it to them.

Taurus: You’ve been reviewing your lifestyle: diet, health and exercise have all been reanalyzed and now you know how you’d like to improve and enhance the way you interact with others on a daily basis.

Gemini: You’ve been enjoying love and all feelings and good times you get with attraction and romance; you’ve wanted to keep it light, sweet and friendly and so do they, so how about the next stage?

Cancer: You’ve been reviewing how to do the most beautiful things to your home. It’s time to decide what looks the best but not before having a gathering or party for your most beautiful friends.

Leo: You’ve been getting good with speaking with charm and tenderness, yet keeping witty and bright amongst your close friends. Now it’s time to start using the lucky connections you’ve made.

Virgo: Money and cash flow might have got a little out of control recently and you’ve possibly overspent on your budget; now’s the time to reconfigure the situation and make good any errors.

Libra: Your approach has been sparkling and full of appeal recently, but you feel that maybe you could do better and really enchant as you present yourself in a new and revised light.

Scorpio: You’ve got a secret love that you’ve kept under wraps for a long time and recently you’ve been able to review the situation; if you can’t change it the way you’d like it, just be loving and helpful.

Sagittarius: You may have felt you made some relating upsets amongst friends recently; not to worry because you’re popularity is such that you can keep good hearts and the love on your side.

Capricorn: You’ve been getting good feelings about the boss or an authority figure and how they can help you in your professional climb; now you’ve reviewed the situation, you can use your allure and charm.

Aquarius: A beautiful person maybe from abroad came into your life and helped you believe and expand your life with joy. Now you’ve seen what they do, you could complement and love them back.

Pisces: You’ve wanted to make changes to the way you relate and have looked into old patterns that don’t serve you well anymore. Now you can move forward and transform your feelings.

Daily Horoscope Saturday 17 November

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Mercury stations retrograde in Sagittarius (starts at 01:32am, until the 7th December)

Mercury the planet of communications goes retrograde in Sagittarius the sign of long distance travel, faith and belief.

This indicates much potential for crossed wires and delays in getting the true message across.

The retrograde phase lasts for the next 3 weeks.

What to look out for:

  • Interference with the normal flow of activites
  • Frustrating conditions, delays or setbacks
  • Last-minute changes of plan
  • Transport delays and minor disruptions
  • Repairs, malfunctions, postponement, breakdowns and cancellations in little yet incidental areas of life

The best things to do:

  • Be sensitive and alert to lack of clarity or logic in your thinking
  • Be keenly attentive to details
  • Double-check everything
  • Seeing how past errors can be corrected and fixed
  • Finding previously lost or hidden objects

The things to avoid:

  • Setting a schedule you can’t keep to
  • Repeating mistakes and not learning form them
  • Being vulnerable to upsets
  • Letting chaos rule
  • Overlooking the obvious when in a rush

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Long distance communications you’ve been having the last couple of weeks will now need to be revised and rethought, not everything goes to plan all the time.

Taurus: Talk of money, shared resources and finance will have to be rethought and reconsidered for a while before a firm decision can be made. Don’t sign any contracts for the next month.

Gemini: A partners ideas and general chit-chat needs to be revised and rethought, what they say makes you very aware of their point of view. Don’t make decisions that upset the apple cart even more.

Cancer: Ideas and conversations about diet, health and lifestyle need to be revised and rethought over the next month; there were some good suggestions but whether they can be applied is another matter.

Leo: Creative projects which sound adventurous, exciting and good for you need to be reconsidered and revised before you come to a proper decision. Think twice about what you say in love.

Virgo: Family decisions and talk that goes to the core of your personal self needs to be rethought and revised; keep the talk general and loose without firming on a serious decision for the next month.

Libra: Talk and chat with people close to you needs to be thought carefully through before opening your mouth and saying whatever streams out. Think again about exactly what it is you want to learn.

Scorpio: Calculations, estimates and evaluations need revision and possibly be redone before you make a decision about what to spend, what to buy or what to sell. Avoid talking money for a month.

Sagittarius: How you represent yourself and what you say needs revising to show your finer talents and skills. You can present yourself as ultra quick and intelligent but think twice before being fully individual.

Capricorn: Your inner world is full of thoughts and ideas that are best kept to yourself for the next month. Instead of blurting out any ideas, think things through more carefully, be pensive.

Aquarius: Think twice before stating your ideas to friends or a group. Be careful about what you say around future plans and objectives at this time, as what’s decided will have to be revised and redone later.

Pisces: Ideas that you have for your career and profession need to be though through more carefully before making a final decision. Wait for a month and let all the different options have a go first.

Daily Horoscope Sunday 18 November

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Mercury planet of decisions makes an easy alignment to Pluto planet of power(peaks just after 12 noon)

This indicates a time when your way of thinking has creative potential behind it.

You must keep your ambitious plans going, whatever the situation.

Sometimes a bit more patience is required as you learn.

What to look out for:

  • Financial planners
  • A magician with sleight-of-hand
  • An outspoken opportunist
  • Someone who is persuasive and influential
  • Powerful words

The best things to do:

  • Keep your trust in a secret
  • quick grasp of a situation
  • Keeping a careful mind of thoughts
  • Investigating the taboo or forbidden
  • Deep concentration and focus

The things to avoid:

  • Being sullen or sulky
  • Being sly, cunning or manipulative
  • Sarcasm, teasing or mimicry
  • Expoliting weaknesses or vulnerability

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You have some of the best insights and ideas but you might have spread them a bit too wide and thinly to make a real impact on your personal ambitions. You have to now consider how to come up with more ideas; a careful review of how you do it.

Taurus: A little bit of a crisis in deciding how to use the money and resources, could see you having to creatively talk to a powerful partner whose been dominating the rap for a while. They help and even empower you, but there is a price to pay.

Gemini: A significant other is absolutely convinced the money has to b e used in a certain way, but whilst listening to them you’re also thinking about how you’d do it instead. Could take a few weeks to sort out.

Cancer: Quotes and estimates from a co-worker or employee see you thinking about the power others seem to have over you, and a part of you would like to step free of the routine challenge in order to do it your way.

Leo: You’ve got several creative skills and projects and you want to turn them into a job. Are you looking over too big a horizon, and would you be best reviewing the ideas to a better way of getting the message across?

Virgo: The conversations you’ve been having with family members is got to a point where you wish you could’ve taken some of what you said back. Maybe there was a bit too much intensity displayed or put on show? It was expressive alright, but what to say now? Revise and review.

Libra: A localized message or idea is doing the rounds and you know its all about making some deep and important changes at home and among family. This seemed like the most creative way to do it, but now the message has been said, it needs a revision.

Scorpio: The deciding factor around money, earnings and possessions has come through, and it means you have to think deep, very deep. There will be another window for you to employ but not for a couple more weeks.

Sagittarius: Your are thinking about your individuality and approaching things from a self-oriented point of view; your values are based around your personal wherewithal and what you want to survive – on your own?

Capricorn: Your secret thoughts have a large capacity, and roam around in a way that you just have to review and revise your current decision making process. The absolute self-determination to rejuvenate and transform yourself is whats at stake – talk or keep silent?

Aquarius: A friend has got a good idea which you are mulling over; take your time, review all the possibilities and know that what you eventually do will be a part of the total change that you’re slowly planning on doing.

Pisces: You’ve got a plan for how to creatively realign your career and public position but it needs some careful thinking, which might well take a while to review. Ultimately you are changing your long term objectives and plans, keeping it clever whilst seeing the big picture.

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