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The Lunar overview of the week ahead

The beginning of this week is marked by the New Moon in Virgo, and so keep a look out for that first bright crescent moon as it grows in light over the week.

On Monday get a feeling for organizing your productivity and attuning yourself to how you can make self-improvements.

Try not to worry too much or be self-critical on Monday morning, but get those tasks done to feel complete and ready to go.

On Monday afternoon (15:20) the Moon changes sign into Libra, and so your responses shift towards how you get on with others.

In particular with regard work partners when the Moon makes a tense alignment to Saturn on Monday evening.

On Tuesday you could look towards another to bounce ideas and concepts around, but keep in mind how you don’t need to get overly involved with others.

Tuesday is also about negotiations, finding balance and of course, being social and enjoying cultural pursuits.

On Wednesday early evening (18:15) the Moon changes sign into Scorpio, and so begins a deep dive into the core of the matter at hand.

This is when you feel the strength of your emotional fortitude, remembering something is currently growing in light.

Getting to the bottom of what it is that ails you and reveal your truth (personally).

Thursday, being Jupiter’s day (Jeudi) could be quite the day for some powerful manifestation, and success or achievement, as Jupiter is currently in a good aspect to Pluto.

Friday daytime, being the day of Venus (Vendredi) sees potential for improved relationships that have a serious, committed quality to them, as Venus earlier in the week got jolted and surprised by Uranus, and now settles into a good aspect to Saturn, which calms it down and gives solid value to the new potential just discovered.

Late Friday night/early Saturday (00:45) the Moon changes sign into Sagittarius.

This makes Saturday morning a light and refreshing spirited reaction towards life.

Look for fun social things to do, and be adventurous, active and restless.

The weekend holds much promise and you will feel confident to speak your mind in order to make changes.

The week ends with the First Quarter Moon phase beginning on Sunday night (23:15).

(All times in UT Universal time. The word ‘perfects’ means ‘to bring to full development’)

Daily Horoscope Monday 10 September

Sun in Virgo sextile Jupiter in Scorpio (builds all day & perfects on Tuesday 12noon)

The Sun (planet of self and ego) is approaching a useful alignment to Jupiter (planet of opportunity and expansion) indicating a prime time to express your intentions and what you want from life.

What to look out for:
– An authority being constructively critical in the context of loyalty and deep feelings.
– A personality’s details cause concern as penetrating insight is revealed.
– People of prominence and wealth being recognized for meticulous systems.
– diligence and efficiency applied as one climbs up the social scale.
– A persons methodical climb and advancement in life done in an unassuming way.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– A healthy outlook; Planning a diet and exercise routine.
– Consultations with an expert.
– Awareness of the manifestation of success in the material or spiritual sphere.
– demonstrating dependable creative power.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– Arrogance.
– Pretension.
– going into conflict with the laws of the land.
– Negligence.
– Heedlessness.

Your Sun sign today:

Aries: You’re more aware of work, tasks and duties and ready to get down to doing stuff; it’s all advantageous if you dwell on the financial growth opportunities that are there at the moment.

Taurus: You’re moving nicely into a fun and playful stage of the year; there’s a partner who’ve you been learning a lot from this last year and it’s about time they took a bigger role in your life. Good loving!

Gemini: Let the family become a focus point of awareness rather than anything else; this way you’ll make the most of routines and work opportunities as they come along. See what’s there as you search.

Cancer: You’re conscious of the communications and messages you’ve been putting out to others; it’s all good because you’re in a fun and productive mode and everything you do has a tint of fun to it.

Leo: You’re aware of values and what certain things mean to you; so it’s a good time to recognize how good your roots and foundations are and make the most of home expansion or moving.

Virgo: You’re conscious of your individuality; make the most of an enhanced communications network to get a message across to friends or people close to you and show you’ve learnt something useful.

Libra: It’s no secret that you’ll make more for what you do this year; be attuned to making the most of opportunities as they come along, so be aware of your inner workings to make things really good.

Scorpio: As you present a more improved and wiser you, friends and your social group will enjoy being around you and making more of your company, so go for it and expand into that scene.

Sagittarius: You’re becoming more aware of the public role you’re stepping into and its a good one, especially as you are developing parts of yourself behind the scenes, ready for a debut of some kind.

Capricorn: You’re illuminated by a learning experience that helps to expand your viewpoint; a friend is involved to and they also get a lot from the experience. It’s a good place to be together.

Aquarius: You’re aware of a changing undercurrent and how you can make it work positively for your profession and career; money is good if you know where to look for it.

Pisces: A significant other or a partner who you could relate to on a deep level is making you aware of what you could learn and travel that’ll be good for your self-development.

Daily Horoscope Tuesday 11 September

Sun in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (builds all day & perfects at 15:30)

The Sun (planet of self-recognition) makes a flowing helpful aspect to Pluto (planet of power). Be practical and dedicated in work issues and you’ll notice the ability to bring potent change. Look out for notable people in the public eye whose image is irrevocably transforming.

What to look out for:
– A person in authority being exacting as they strive for power.
– A helpful celebrity who uses physical strength (or mental energy).
– A concerned person who shows qualities of leadership.
– A conscious aim or objective to be discriminating or selective.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– assist in the power of attainment.
– Be thorough in the principles of rulership, knowing self-discipline is the key.
– be selective in picking out the ambitious and enterprising.
– realize the power of new concepts.
– a studious transformation that demonstrates drive and achievement.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– Craving
– Fanatical aspirations or tendencies.
– Over estimation of self.
– Martyrdom.
– Letting physical suffering or danger to life occur.

Your Sun sign today:

Aries: Become more aware of how regular work time and hours can contribute well to your overall career empowerment program. It’s one of the ways that you’ll change yourself to get better and better.

Taurus: Expressing yourself from the heart feels so good and meaningful; everything falls into place when you apply carefully considered method ad practice; it helps to change your world view.

Gemini: Awareness of what you have to do for the family and home life makes you conscious of your most personal thoughts and feelings and the deeper psychological transformation you’re going through.

Cancer: It’s good for you to be able to access a clear form of communication and get across to a blunt nosed or compulsive partner; keep things practical for the most success in making changes.

Leo: You’ve got to consider your own values and make suitable and lasting changes to how you work; ultimately the power you can generate rests with your work: don’t forget diet, health and fitness.

Virgo: A sense of self makes you stronger and more confident in your self-expression. The sensation is one you should hold onto to empower yourself from this point forwards. Feel love for yourself.

Libra: Moving into a quieter retreating phase is good as it becomes easier to contemplate your deepest feelings about the family past, roots and foundations which are transforming you, gradually.

Scorpio: You’re aware of future plans and now is a good time to set in place how you must make controlling changes to the way you organize and communicate to people close to you. Practical power flow.

Sagittarius: You conscious of your career and professional direction and of the money you make. You could empower yourself but there’s maybe a feeling of ‘just being useful and of service’ that dominates?

Capricorn: You’re aware of how you could change your world view and transform your whole approach; it’s a great concept that requires practical application, but if you’ve seen it work abroad, why not here?

Aquarius: Psychologically you’re going ‘through the mill’; a partner seems to be triggering so much stuff all of which needed shifting like a backlog. The question is exactly how much can you change now?

Pisces: Are relationships meant to trigger many shifts? Influential and powerful friends link with someone you know; it’s actually good for you to be made aware through them: make the most of it.

Daily Horoscope Wednesday 12 September

Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus(builds all day Tuesday & perfects at 09:00am)

Venus (planet of love and attraction) goes into a challenging face-off with Uranus (the planet of rebellious freedom). This indicates you’ll feel to act freely and independently but there’s likely to be a difference in values between two sides requiring a peaceful resolution.

What to look out for:
– The arousing of love in an intense and passionate manner.
– strange and eccentric rhythms.
– peculiar inclinations of self-indulgence.
– a probing excitability.
– a tendency to be swayed by repressed emotional desires.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– be particular and fastidious in the choice of a partner or lover.
– express the urge for independence in love.]
– cope with someone who shows self-will and and obstinate disposition.
– mingle with an extravagant person or an artist who shows how strange life can be.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
-Adultery and secret affairs.
-A spontaneous love adventure.
-Nervous troubles.

Your Sun sign today:

Aries: A loved one has the ability to draw money and resources your way, which is nice. Try to be aware it’s very easy to react in an independent and slightly eccentric fashion; instead be all-inclusive.

Taurus: You love independent surges towards doing your own thing and seeking freedom but you mustn’t forget your ever loving and patient partner (or significant other) who wants the best for you as well.

Gemini: Someone at work who loves and has feelings for you wants to help even though you act in a sometimes unconscious independent manner, creating more space rather than togetherness.

Cancer: Creating harmony whilst having a good time makes you popular with a particular group although you can’t help but to act in an erratic way with them; at times no one can tie you down!

Leo: You love home and family life but in your quest to be seen in the world differently, you can react in the most surprising of ways and completely detach yourself.

Virgo: A beautiful and harmonious method of talking and communicating will allow you to put across your alternative belief system and make some surprising changes, breaking you away from the normal.

Libra: You can attract more money and resources to yourself but at the same time a significant other is pulling away from what you’re trying to make good. This paradox results in a surprise.

Scorpio: Your sensitive and balanced approach is charming but a significant other acts in a surprising manner and avoids proper interactions. Don’t be concerned; just enjoy everything else going on.

Sagittarius: Your feelings for another are constantly changing and even you are surprised at what you’re feeling now. You can’t but help to keep your distance as it helps to avoid the situation.

Capricorn: You love making future plans and relating these to your friends but now you realize that this time you’re breaking all previous molds and jumping into a whole new creative sphere of wow & zing.

Aquarius: In a perfect world authoritarian figures (like the boss) are drawn to your skills and ambition; this time around there’s a surprise in the smooth flow of events as you express your intentions. Oops.

Pisces: Someone you like from far away shows you their feelings but you’re in somewhat of an independent mood and could end up saying something unique but… quirkily independent.

Daily Horoscope Thursday 13 September

Mercury in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces(in effect all day, perfects Thursday night 01:30am)

Mercury (the planet of talk and gossip) makes a challenging aspect to Neptune (planet of illusions) indicating a day of mental confusion and befuddlement as too much information can be presented to you at once. Instead if you can re-tune yourself to spiritual awareness, you’ll find the day far more beneficial for you.

What to look out for:
– A saint who appeared perfect with no faults until they are revealed to be the reverse.
– The person who wears a mask not in accord with their personality.
– Someone who says the opposite of what they actually think.
– A lack of clarity.
– Self-deception.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– use the power of imagination.
-see the abundance of a realm of fantasy.
– enhanced spiritual awareness.
– show compassionate understanding.
– intuitive thinking, futuristic visions and perceptions.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– untruthfulness or telling lies.
– faulty judgement & wrong thinking.
– nervous sensitivity.
– disturbances which originate in the unconscious.
– self-deception.

Your Sun sign today:

Aries: Coworkers might be requiring logical and rational justification and you just want to tell them to have ultimate faith and keep inspirations flowing.

Taurus: How much fun can you have being a spacey daydreamer? A whole load right? Just don’t confuse your friends.

Gemini: From the ground up you want to understand things with perfect rationale, which can be difficult when you’re working with an intuitive gut feeling.

Cancer: What can you learn from hidden imagery and dreamlike states? Your natural inquisitive nature could easily misinterpret facts and data.

Leo: You might be optimistic about a cash flow situation but at the same time unable to find the reality of a situation. it might be easier just to be free floating for the day.

Virgo: Fitting in with your partner’s dreams can be testing when you’ve got ideas of your own; it’s going to be easiest to say and think what’s expected of you.

Libra: It’s alright to distrust some of the healthy concepts you come across; after all you can’t be expected to process everything, can you?

Scorpio: Don’t let your friends misinterpret your artistic or musical visions, it’ll be easier to be elusive rather than experience anxiety of any kind.

Sagittarius: Be aware that any career or status talks could come across overly vague or idealistic today.

Capricorn: A quote or phrase that holds a larger truth keeps you from clear focus and encourages you to lose yourself in a world of ideas.

Aquarius: Creative talk about how you can change could get remarkably cloudy today; be aware not to be too suggestible or impressionable.

Pisces: Your partners got these big ideas they’re impressing on you; are you really in the mood to be a savior/victim or martyr? Be rational rather than emotional.

Daily Horoscope Friday 14 September

Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn(building on Friday and Saturday, perfects 02:50am Saturday night)

Mercury(planet of thinking) currently in its own sign of Virgo, makes a harmonious flowing ‘trine’ alignment with Pluto (planet of power). This indicates that practical ideas prove to make powerfully good changes.

What to look out for:
– The art of persuasion.
– Good powers of observation.
– A convincing speaker who wins over the public.
– A critic who influences the masses.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– A helpful suggestion.
– Intellectual triumph over others.
– The wielding of influence through speaking or writing.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– hasty thinking & speaking.
– premature action or hastiness.
– the spirit of opposition.
– Irritability.
– Impatience.

Your Sun sign today:

Aries: Deep and analytical thinking about career and life direction comes up with potent insights you could use to change the way you do things. An obsession with diet, health and fitness also helps.

Taurus: Talking or thinking about deeper and more meaningful subjects is fun to do and also gives you an interesting boost; yes you are on the right path and now you know it even more than before.

Gemini: It’s a challenge to talk to a partner about what they value and the practical changes they are forcing you through; however there are always alternate methods that you can find to stay on top.

Cancer: If you’ve been looking for a clear way to speak your mind to an often overpowering or dominant significant other, now’s your chance. Say it correctly and you’ll make potent influence.

Leo: You learn to strip away all the unnecessary attachments to make for a purer and simpler work environment and this does you a world of good; now you can get down to the hard graft and make it good.

Virgo: You know its time to talk from the heart and represent yourself with your deeper truth; cutting through the extraneous mess and speaking practically has a strong effect on others minds.

Libra: Thinking about your unconscious patterns and what goes on behind the scenes helps you perceive your deepest feelings, which are undergoing a gradual transformation and rebirth.

Scorpio: Chatting to friends becomes a deeper and more powerful process as you cut through to the essence and speak in a way that’s empowering and transformative. It’s good for you.

Sagittarius: You might feel a bit challenged to organize your professional life and career; look to your totally transformed values and sense of self-worth in order to get clarity and a good flow of mind power.

Capricorn: Conversations about culture, worldly viewpoints and beliefs show others how much you’ve changed in your approach; essentially your empowered mind can’t be messed with right now.

Aquarius: You’re thinking about money and shared resources and know within its time for a change of attitude; transform your old way of thinking to something simpler and purer; it’ll do you good.

Pisces: It’s time to talk to a significant other about future plans; to make it work well you need to listen to them too. They know your influential and powerful networks make things more profound.

Daily Horoscope Saturday 15 September

Mercury in Virgo sextile Jupiter in Scorpio (builds all day Saturday & perfects on Sunday at 11:50am)

Mercury (the planet of communication) makes a useful and helpful alignment to Jupiter (the planet of luck). Think creatively for yourself, take the input on board and enjoy good ideas.

What to look out for:
– the principle of sound common sense.
– the use of the intellect.
– a wealth of ideas.
– oratory or the gift of speech.
– an interest in literature.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– make decisions based on changing and transforming.
– thinking about how to expand.
– analytical growth.
– detailed help that heals and regenerates.
– A probing investigation in an organised manner.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– Dishonesty.
– Negligence.
– Clumsiness.
– Fraud.

Your Sun sign today:

Aries: Discussions with work colleagues bring an opportunistic development into possibility; a few changes will have to be made here and there, but there’s a good concept ready to go.

Taurus: You’ve got an inspired and creative idea; now’s the time to speak to a partner whose been offering and still offering all the opportunities to you this year. Go and have some good times with them!

Gemini: Your personal and most private thoughts are shifting to fit in with your working situation which although seemingly going slowly, is giving you very interesting expansive opportunities.

Cancer: You want to bring up a creative subject matter and network it out to others. You’ve been getting inspired and innovative over this last few months and now’s a good time to talk about it.

Leo: You’re thinking about money and resources and you know you’re ready to expand at home; take opportunities to move, or to change location, or to make more from your domestic arrangements.

Virgo: It’s a good time to present and talk about yourself as an individual; the one with inspired, poetic and visionary ideas. Take opportunity to network and learn from everything that you do.

Libra: Think from behind the scenes or as if in a dream and you’ll manifest some lucky resources. Your ideas are worth something, so take note of them now and play the opportunity card later on.

Scorpio: A friends speak out about you as an individual and tells you how much thy admire you. Their visionary compliments help you a lot and give you some nice ideas about the future.

Sagittarius: You’re thinking about your career direction when someone you associate with in that world reveals some good and useful information making you feel assured about what you’re planning on doing.

Capricorn: You’re learning about a visionary concept that’s good for you and encouraging you to expand your viewpoint; a friend has even more goodwill and help to give once you tell them what’s happening.

Aquarius: You want to talk about the changes you’re experiencing that will benefit your career, but it’s difficult to put into words. Just keep on with what you’re doing and what you’re putting out there.

Pisces: You’re taking opportunity to learn more about the world that’s helping you to take on a new belief about yourself; now chatting with someone close helps that along even more.

Daily Horoscope Sunday 16 September

Mercury in Virgo Semi-square Venus in Scorpio (builds all day perfects at 14:00)

What to look out for:
– A sense of form and design.
– Enjoying beauty and art.
– Thoughts of Love.
– An intellect infused with feeling.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– A love union.
– Enjoy artistic success.
– Indulge in a sense of beauty or grace.
– some lighthearted living.
– Merriment.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– Vanity or conceit.
– Hyper-sensitivity..
– Overindulgence in pleasure and luxury.
– a lack of driving power to reach an objective.

Your Sun sign today:

Aries: A revised technique around communications at work can be used to make further unexpected changes; this week look into new methods of learning that you can be clever with.

Taurus: By thinking in creative and self-expression ways, you’re making innovative headway in your interactions with your partner; you love to talk in this way, it’s good for you. They’re not so sure, but still listen to it.

Gemini: Decisive ideas push to get noticed in your family/household, and it’s only because you have to break up usual routines with such unexpected style that you’ve now got room to think. Everyone makes adjustments.

Cancer: You have to speak your mind in an unpredictable way that shows your uniqueness. This week some clever local reorganizing gives you more space to get your thoughts together.

Leo: Ideas and decisions made about money, possessions and personal resources are subject to change this week; a certain amount of unpredictability especially at home allows you to change your values.

Virgo: Clearly you have a way of describing yourself to make you stand out from others but this is subject to some decisive change this week. A radical method of communication is required to make more of an entrance.

Libra: This week you’re still deep in your inner world of contemplating secrets and other hidden matters. A flurry of activity around money and resources surprises you, but it’s wise to keep it to yourself?

Scorpio: You have a clever and perceptive idea from your interactions with a group or with friends, and this week you want to put it to the test by presenting yourself completely differently: radical? Unpredictable? That’ll be you.

Sagittarius: Now you know and the message connected to your career and profession has been transmitted how can you take the resulting answer and use it differently? There’s a method, and this week you’ll work it out.

Capricorn: Someone from afar, abroad or another culture is very clever and their knowledge has inspired you to take the message and over the course of this week, change your future plans with it.

Aquarius: Your ways of thinking are changing, as you’ve delved into the depths of the use of the mind and communication as a source of power; now this week you’re going to use it in a revolutionary way.

Pisces: A partner is giving you insights and knowledge that shows you a new and radical method for getting the message out. This week is a good time to gather and learn through others.

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