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Daily Horoscope Monday 10 December

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Mercury in Scorpio aligns to Uranus in Aries

Mercury the thinker and talker is in deep feeling Scorpio, which seeks the truth to then talk about it and heal any hurts.

It’s lining up to make a mildly tense aspect to Uranus, the revolutionary planet of change.

This indicates a push for awakening, based around some good ideas.

What to look out for:

  • A change to the information given that has new ramifications
  • Some reported exceptions that redirect the whole decision making process
  • The person who is endlessly explaining, but if forced to explain self, any words will do
  • People who are isolated in superiority, by their eccentricity or differences
  • Someone who is being singled out to explain the principles

The best things to do:

  • Understand compartmentalizing is due to natural differences
  • Observe all the usage of energies more objectively
  • Let in odd or unusual thought processes
  • Be curious as it helps to figure things out
  • Accept the inevitable tearing down to then reform and reassemble

The things to avoid:

  • Anxiety
  • High-strung tension
  • Being contradictory
  • Jumping to conclusions
  • Nervousness or instability

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Are you ready to sign on the dotted line? Some sort of investment or financial agreement or contract is lined up to essentially change you and a partner’s life in some way. Give yourself more time if you need it.

Taurus: A significant other is changing the way they communicate towards you; you’re talking to them differently as well. It’s all based on what the truth really is, and they definitely want to know.

Gemini: Making decisions about your work and using communications to empower the general situation is called for. Co-workers or employees have things to say which contain deeper meanings. Listen to all the input.

Cancer: Using your ability to communicate the truth becomes more of a creative project; revealing things as you see them can change your career or professional status, and the way you relate to others.

Leo: You’ve been doing a lot of thinking about your deepest emotional needs and can now start to see the greater changes at play in your life by settling into a decision that works for you and the rest of your family.

Virgo: You’ve gone over the same subject matter again and again with the closest of friends in order to really work out and organize a plan. Now you’ve changed your mind you can see how the greater changes will play out.

Libra: Talking about money, possessions and cash flow has gotten quite intense recently but you can now see how your decisions are working in different areas of your life, like with a partner and with the family.

Scorpio: Decisions about yourself and your individuality have given you much to think about recently; now you see how changes at work and in the way you generally organize things with a view to taking control.

Sagittarius: You’ve become more aware of some of your unconscious thinking patterns recently and now you get insider information that shows you can be strategic and secret planning- around money and work life.

Capricorn: Secretive and strategic discussions with a friend or a group recently have helped you revise future plans and objectives. Now external transforming forces put those ideas to the test.

Aquarius: You’ve revised and rethought several ideas for your professional direction and public image and now its time for you to talk about the changes you’d like to see happen.

Pisces: You’ve been looking at ideas to expand and broaden communications with added emotion behind it; now a partner talks about an idea that could encapsulate some of the bigger changes you’ve wanted to see.

Daily Horoscope Tuesday 11 December

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

The Sun in Sagittarius aligns to Pluto in Capricorn (builds all day Tuesday)

The Sun planet of the self makes a mildly testing alignment to Pluto planet of strategic power.

The two planets link together two areas of the zodiac which tend to not see each other very well, which is pretty much what could be happening.

What to look out for:

  • The person who finds fear and challenge exciting
  • Those who have to listen to their heart then their head
  • An attempt to buy approval or loyalty
  • Those who are tested for their capacity to productively work
  • People who are trying to supply something of value

The best things to do:

  • Be intrigued by your own and others motivations
  • Let go
  • Develop an instinctual awareness of values
  • Evaluate and inwardly reflect upon situations you attract but are not directly involved in
  • Recognize your untapped or latent abilities

The things to avoid:

  • Be vulnerable to flattery
  • Be fearful of being left out
  • Expect gratitude and acknowledgement
  • Show contempt
  • A power struggle

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: When you’re enthusiastic about a project that teaches or learns or travels, it can be quite unsatisfying when a powerful career person doesn’t seem to get what you’re on about.

Taurus: You are aware that changes have to be made, and there is a crisis brewing but it can be awkward if your authoritarian understanding and viewpoint isn’t understood by a partner.

Gemini: A significant other has come to your attention and is making themselves very obvious. The thing is they can’t seem to see the powerful urges you’ve got to makes changes and take control.

Cancer: You’ve got a spotlight shining on a worker or employee who is rather casual, yet far-seeing. They can be rather irritating, especially when you’ve set an ultimatum to make them relate to how you see things.

Leo: You love what you do and enjoy the creativity and ability to express yourself, although there is a tough routine and schedule that causes frustration, which you have to do to be in control.

Virgo: Awareness of the family and their natural openness gets you a little frustrated at the all-or-nothing situation you’ve created for a while now.

Libra: There is a bit of local organizing to do, or a recognized conversation with neighbors or people of faith; stand up to be counted even though you have a determination to make changes among family attitudes.

Scorpio: You’re enthusiastic about your sense of self-worth and self-value but someone else close by isn’t as encouraging. They don’t seem to get you at all, which is frustrating.

Sagittarius: Just by being yourself you’re creating waves, although are you properly valuing yourself for what you do? If you’re not getting satisfied then you need to approach it differently.

Capricorn: Being aware of how things behind the scenes can work, you still can’t see how the situation will align in a way you’d like; the frustration and any awkwardness has to be handled well.

Aquarius: A friend is very keen to be honest and even humorous about the future planned situation; still you get a bit frustrated because it’s not how you planned to do things whilst keeping your version of control.

Pisces: You are aware of a bigger opportunity and concept, yet there’s not much satisfaction to be had from the long term objective of gaining power. What is available is more freedom and idealism, rather than control.

Daily Horoscope Wednesday 12 December

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Mercury in Sagittarius (at 23:43 pm; lasts until January 4, 2019)

Mercury planet of thinking changes zodiac sign into Sagittarius to gradually start to apply a stressful alignment to Neptune the planet of imagination and dreams in Pisces.

This indicates the possibility of fudging and obfuscating the issues that need to be talked about, whilst also trying to communicate ones dreams and visions to others.

What to look out for(from today until January 4th 2019):

  • People who want to communicate openly and truthfully
  • A person with a restless aspiration that propels an ideal forwards
  • A group that is guided by a long term goal rather than mundane details
  • People who over-generalize which blurs coherent thinking
  • The person with prophetic insight

The best things to do:

  • Think optimistically
  • Speak enthusiastically
  • Be tolerant
  • Learn something new
  • Be direct and speak the truth

The things to avoid:

  • The lowering of standards
  • Hypocrisy
  • Being preoccupied with a distant or lofty goal
  • Being oblivious to whats under your nose
  • A tendency to woolgathering

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You know it’s time to start talking about what you believe in and how you think you can teach people but sometimes the spiritual aspects of what you profess cannot be easily put into words.

Taurus: Shared finances and money talk gets misleading as it doesn’t seem to fit up to idealized long term plans and objectives. Friends add to the confusion so it’s best to keep silent where possible.

Gemini: A partner wants to talk to you about your profession and career and you’re all for something to broaden the situation except that there may be some misinterpretation of the facts, logic or data.

Cancer: There are people to talk with at work about all sorts of wide-ranging subjects; be aware of being seen as too gullible, suggestible or impressionable. Accept you know there have to be changes.

Leo: Your creative thinking seeks to overview all the changes you feel coming. You think you can see the underlying patterns but don’t be easily swayed and end up saying what you think is expected.

Virgo: Your most personal and deep thoughts are around an artistic partner. Your mind sees things in inspiring and idealistic ways. You might lose yourself in a world of ideas about this person.

Libra: You have something to say to someone close to you and it goes back over a few weeks; be careful you’re not misunderstood or overwhelmed by the information and ideas you have.

Scorpio: You’ve been working out the facts and figures, thinking, planning and figuring things out and when it comes to money and resources there’s what’s practical and what’s idealistic. Don’t get confused.

Sagittarius: It’s time to present you as ready for anything which doesn’t fit with the inner confusion and vagueness you’ve been going through but you’ll be a good mimic or chameleon.

Capricorn: You slip into secretive and silent mode as certain thoughts and discussions can only be conducted behind the scenes. It’s easy to lose yourself in a world of ideas.

Aquarius: Discussions with friends see you hanging on to future plans and objectives even though there are periodic flashes of new and different insights. It’s difficult to be practical and make up your mind.

Pisces: For several weeks you’ve been talking about professional position: once again you’re inspired to make a decision but find it’s still a challenge to get to the point and it’s easier to talk in circles.

Daily Horoscope Thursday 13 December

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Venus in Scorpio makes a mild alignment to Jupiter in Sagittarius (builds all day, peaks on Friday)

Both Venus and Jupiter are considered the luckiest and most beneficial planets.

Therefore when they align, whatever the aspect they make, then something of value can be created.

Look around your life to see what you are attracting; there is something that requires further development.

In a relationship, can you see the best and biggest opportunity in someone?

What to look out for:

  • A lovely voice that evaluates things quickly
  • The person who believes in money and success
  • People who are permissive and abundant
  • An appreciation of the arts and artists
  • The friendly philanthropist

The best things to do:

  • Be interested in differences and other cultures
  • Be easygoing and let things happen
  • Allow for reconciliation to occur
  • Seek out the lucky opportunity
  • Give the benefit of the doubt

The things to avoid:

  • Smugness
  • Bluntness
  • Letting costs overrun
  • Having too much of a good thing
  • Overestimating the self

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You sense someone being drawn into your circle of influence; they connect to a big truth that changes things and once it is accepted then you’ll do very well from it.

Taurus: A significant other is more passionate (and more attractive) than before and you are charmed enough by them to help with a link to the bigger opportunities that will create a far-seeing change.

Gemini: Someone that you work with or work for is particularly affable, and there is a definite up charge of interaction; they help you to see the huge growth and opportunity in someone who is idealistic, yes, but friendly and honest; a nice person who’ll teach you a lot this next year.

Cancer: The pleasure of interacting with such a charmer is the fun you get when you attune to the same kind of feelings as they do; essentially you need someone knowledgeable for the job you have, who happens to be casually humorous as well as skilled for the part.

Leo: You express your passion deeply as you are coming from a foundation that you value intensely; creatively you are now on a roll with so many good concepts, each of which will expand your horizons further, whilst being fun to do.

Virgo: A good conversation will set the feelings of a passionate person close by alight. Its good to make friends, whoever they are. Deep down you sense an opportunity for a positive change, something that you’ll enjoy to analyse and eventually in your own way help with.

Libra: You tend to have a fixed set of values and self-worth; now there is someone whose very nature tempts you to make a change and it sees you moving into the realm of bigger concepts and ideas. In order to keep it all balanced, you grasp the bigness of it and how it will work.

Scorpio: Your approach shows how special you are. Its easy to demonstrate your ability to attract many; you can also create a situation that will improve and grow your own personal resources. A beauty treatment is called for that transforms you. Stunning.

Sagittarius: The new ‘you’ have recently re-discovered is totally great; you may well feel restless, covered over by talkativeness. In the background someone you like very much is watching you too; its not quite the right time to make a move but to enjoy the link that you both know is there.

Capricorn: A passionate friend has the ability to draw a group of people that bodes well for long term objectives and future plans; they are connecting you to big truths and meanings that may well have been lost in the mists of time; you’ll learn a lot of good stuff looking into it.

Aquarius: Someone with a passion places themselves in an obvious position; this is a thing that you are good at doing, attracting the boss or senior management. Long term you see the growth potential and big opportunities; the trick is connect the two together and make a happy bond.

Pisces: A long distance cultural connection or friend has a concept or a notion that they’d like to put across to you; you know its time to expand your career and public position; you’ll get a good and beneficial circumstance from this ‘learning’ thing, and choose how big you’d like it to be.

Daily Horoscope Friday 14 December

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Venus in Scorpio makes a ‘creative’ alignment to Pluto in Capricorn (builds all day)

Venus is the relater and social magnet, and Pluto the planet of power and strategy.

When these two meet then there is a powerful link that can have very interesting results.

Look around and remember the theory of how it is said that everybody in the world is connected by six degrees of separation.

If you keep that notion in place today, who can you attract into your field?

What to look out for:

  • The person who is loyal and determined to show what they can do.
  • The resourceful person who is concerned with reconciling love and money.
  • People who can turn pleasure into a business or a business into pleasure.
  • People who collaborate to compensate.
  • Those who seek to make a dramatic transformation of a relationship.

The best things to do:

  • Share resources
  • Look for the hidden bargains
  • Permit yourself to be changed by a relationship
  • Forge a strong and unbreakable bond
  • Be willing to pay the price

The things to avoid:

  • Feeling unappreciated
  • Being exploitative
  • Comparing and competing
  • Resent other people’s good fortune
  • Withholding

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You have a secret relationship with a powerful person who is changing your life and career around, and sometimes its a challenge. You sense you are being driven to show what you can do, which will help others to understand you, as well as helping you settle any restlessness.

Taurus: Your significant other or closest partner (who really understands you) is compelled to speak about their ambitions, which they want you to believe in as well. You can bring a creative solution to this problem, because you have ingenuity and have learnt about the power of transformation.

Gemini: You’ve found the person for the job, and now its the creative leap across to the shared resources, the cost, the value and how all that can change in an instant, when the ambitious nature is recognized. Of course you’d like to keep it simple, and find it a challenge if it gets too deep.

Cancer: Keep it fun, play the game, do the drama and enjoy yourself! The powerful influence you are feeling from a partner becomes more positively enhanced; as in you feel compelled to show them what you can do and the resulting manifestation is rather marvelous to behold.

Leo: Your deepest emotional needs are to be valued properly for your creative skills, knowing you have some ever expanding notions. You’ve transformed your working practice and routine, and now feel compelled to show that talent and ability to to be ingenious in your work.

Virgo: By drawing the right people around you in a social situation, you can also create a bit of magic and fulfill your deepest desires. A bit of friendly persuasiveness works a miracle, and before you know it there is a good manifestation to enjoy.

Libra: You’re attracting a revised set of values into your life and are able to use them in such a way that an ingenious creative solution to do with a home based issue can now be resolved. The rewarding manifestation makes you, and everyone else happy, as you use your home as a power base.

Scorpio: You’re driven to show something secretly special about yourself; its seductive, and tempting as you gather around those powerful types. Right now you can pretty much get away with anything- so go on, give it a try. You might also get more than you bargain for.

Sagittarius: Behind the scenes there is a strong passionate feeling that’s been lying dormant and undiscovered for a while. You can use it in hypnotic ways but its best to be careful and not unleash too much of it. It’ll be a lot easier to handle in a few weeks time.

Capricorn: You are very good at influencing your friends, and have been for a while. Its enjoyable to show them what you do well, and they understand you better, which is good. Keeping things ingenious also makes you persuasive, and you could really get something sorted out now.

Aquarius: Someone who you work with, and who you like or are attracted to (in a funny sort of way), has some deep insights into your life behind the scenes. This can be a good thing because they have a passion at being ingenious and a restlessness to get across something to you.

Pisces: Culturally you feel deeply and passionately for another person, and know changes are happening that you connect with. A powerful urge to change your long term objectives brings a creative solution to a problem. You can get away with something amazing, if you use your magnetism.

Daily Horoscope Saturday 15 December

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Venus in Scorpio aligns to Saturn in Capricorn (builds all day, peaks Sunday afternoon)

Venus the planet of love is currently in Scorpio, the sign of emotional control.

It is making a helpful and useful alignment to Saturn the planet of work and structure in ambitious Capricorn.

This alignment has gradually been building up earlier in the week so you can now make the most of a responsible relationship and set some commitments in place.

What to look out for:

  • The person who shows competence gets the success they deserve
  • A relationship with tradition becomes valued
  • A peer group that shows acceptance and respect
  • The person who shows self control and reserve improves their situation
  • The person with a strong business sense who negotiates

The best things to do:

  • Recognize what you are worth
  • Feel that you are lovable
  • Work in the arts with a respected advisor
  • Play by the rules
  • Be polite and considerate

The things to avoid:

  • Hide behind someone else
  • Give up
  • Defer
  • Undervalue the true worth
  • Be inhibited or shy

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: The focus is on improving relationships with the boss or authority figures; a financial deal is coming to fruition and needs you to keep a good diplomacy and balance, helping the system work as it should.

Taurus: The love of another culture works with the boundaries you want to put in place with your partner, as you’ve been having difficulties and need good clear guidelines you both could do with following.

Gemini: If there’s work to be done, a partner makes it more pleasant and easier to do by introducing some changes that improve the quality of the work environment and make everybody happier.

Cancer: You’re working at something creative but it takes responsibility to make it work well; a partner comes along who you align with- they show you how you can do it differently and improve relationships at the same time.

Leo: There’s work and tasks to do that are essentially quite fun and help you get on with family members who are pleased to see you settle into your routines.

Virgo: Having fun is of course a great necessity and you’re tuned into creative self-expression although there is a serious side to it as well. You want to keep certain boundaries and pay close attention to the details.

Libra: Beautiful home needs money spent on it, and it needs to be done with foresight and wisdom. You like how you can be helpful and generous to loved ones and give them what you’ve worked for. Good for you.

Scorpio: It’s a good time to sit down with a loved one and tell them what you’re working so hard at becoming. The reality of emotional relationships could be talked about and you can say beautiful things now.

Sagittarius: If you play your cards right you’re in a good phase to potentially show how much more you can be worth. There’s possible cash flow for the work that you do, and keep an ear to the ground for more responsibility.

Capricorn: Friends, associates and groups can be of great help to you at this time; they’re attracted by your charm and pleasant approach, so use it to your best advantage.

Aquarius: Love and attraction hidden away or unavailable helps you be seen in a more responsible light as you have to keep to boundaries and set a good example.

Pisces: A loved friend is on hand to offer advice and counsel you over the hard work you’ve been doing to develop your greater concept. Their advice is good for your business affairs and gives you a good grounding in direction.

Daily Horoscope Sunday 16 December

Planetary Reflections:

Insights into how the planets will influence today

Mars in Pisces aligns with Pluto in Capricorn (builds all day, peaks early Monday morning)

Mars planet of desire and competition is currently in spiritual Pisces.

Mars is gradually building up to make a helpful alignment to Pluto planet of compulsion in focused Capricorn.

This means the spiritual warrior gets empowerment and the goal is more easily attained.

Applied effort will bring success.

What to look out for:

  • The strategy gains momentum
  • Is the blame my fault, or your fault, or everyone’s fault?
  • The big difference between the past and what the future will be
  • People who are destructive actually want to be constructive
  • Rejuvenate and regenerate as the new takes over

The best things to do:

  • Let go of the ending and welcome in the new beginning
  • Be self-confident
  • Apply energy and focus to something specific
  • Be spontaneous
  • Enjoy intimacy; kiss and make-up

The things to avoid:

  • Passive-aggressiveness
  • Playing manipulative games
  • Be obsessed
  • Be unforgiving or vengeful
  • Be defensive or threatening

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Behind the scenes you are prepared to put in superhuman effort yet the point of the direction might be a bit lost and caught up with emotions and feelings.

Taurus: Your future plans and objectives have recently been fired up and reactivated again and it feels good- now you know that if you learn the method and technique nothing can stop you.

Gemini: Because you have the desire to overcome any difficulties and obstacles in your career path then you can make the necessary transformations in yourself to be successful.

Cancer: As much as you’re enjoying your freedom and now have the ability to relate in ways you choose appropriate, it still about the right use of one’s energy: use it properly for the best success.

Leo: You have to demonstrate that through excessive effort you can get the success and have strong and powerful ambitions. Why not get obsessive about the work?

Virgo: You feel the passion flow and it needs an outlet for expression so a romantic meeting where you can show your self-confidence and ambition is required. Just be creatively you, it works well.

Libra: You have the desire to realize your plans fanatically; but try to not let anyone else frazzle your nerves or get you vaguely frustrated if the initial get go lacks zest; the powers in you, that’s why.

Scorpio: You have deep desires and subtle powers of sexual persuasion, hmm, what you say has power and manipulative force behind it so keep intentions as pure as possible and put it to good use.

Sagittarius: You are a great example of an energetic or determined person as the wellspring bubbles up from within and needs an outlet; don’t let home life get you frustrated though! Keep moving upwards.

Capricorn: You have a strong presence of mind that goes well with your ability to demonstrate extraordinary force and vigor when required. You could be called superhuman thanks to your self-confidence.

Aquarius: You are feeling increasingly passionate about your work and the effort you put in and are prepared to make all the unconscious changes to your inner world to get things moving forwards.

Pisces: Once you’ve worked out how to make a protective bubble around you to avoid over-sensitivity you have an excellent ability to lead and advance into life with self-confidence and ambition.

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