daily horoscope tuesday

Daily Horoscope Tuesday 19th March 2019

Intellectual mercury is currently reviewing and reflecting ideas and decisions of an emotional nature, whilst it is in sensitive Pisces.

Over the next couple of days it is lining up to make a helpful and useful link to hard working Saturn who is quite concerned with status and power.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You have intuitive and clever ideas behind the scenes that you can use to be authoritative in your career and professional direction.

Taurus: The efforts you’re putting into defining your faith and beliefs are helped by conversing or questioning a chatty and knowledgeable friend.

Gemini: You like the idea of talking about your career as you can mention the difficulties associated with change that you’re going through.

Cancer: You’re happy to talk about all sorts of wide-ranging subject matter to a slower partner who laying on responsibilities to you.

Leo: Powerful and transformative ideas align well with a few dedicated workers. You tell them like it is, being realistic to reach out.

Virgo: A partner talks about creativity and presents the option of a work partnership- take your time to properly decide what you want to say back.

Libra: You think about your routines and daily tasks, and the deeper responsibilities of family and home life.

Scorpio: You enjoy talking creatively and from the heart although there are some serious matters that you’re trying to get across.

Sagittarius: You talk and make suggestions to a family member about money, personal resources or possessions.

Capricorn: You listen to and chat with friends and people close to you, but find yourself putting across a serious and responsible approach.

Aquarius: You talk about money and resources, knowing in the background a large reforming structure will eventually loom, but not for a while.

Pisces: You talk about yourself and describe what you’d like to be doing as serious friends or a group can assist your efforts.