Daily Horoscopes for Monday 05th August to Sunday 11th August 2019

“Planetary dynamics to make the most of everyday”

All times shown as GMT

By Julian Venables


Monday 05th Aug 2019

Venus Is Creatively Connected To Neptune (builds All Day, Exact On Tuesday)

Venus the planet of attraction is currently in radiant Leo, encouraging you toward creative play with a partner. A sense of loyalty and respect for one another is felt as you recognise what it is that you do for each other, or what it is that you are searching for in partnership. A sense of unity or the merging towards oneness occurs which brings about a transcendent empathy.

Tuesday 06th Aug 2019

The Sun In Harmony With Jupiter (builds All Day, Exact Wednesday 07:30am)

Without doubt this is one of the best alignments of the year, as the Sun planet of the self makes a supportive link to the wise and beneficial Jupiter. This is a good time to learn and understand you, as well as to be inspired through lucky circumstance and good prosperity. The seeking of a new path or opportunity can be taken, connecting to a providential person lights the way forward and generally good vitality can be sought and found.

Wednesday 07th Aug 2019

The Sun Is Nagged By Saturn (builds All Day Exact Wednesday Night)

As the Sun is in Leo there may be somewhat of an expectation to have everything delivered on a plate, the warmth of the summer tends to focus most efforts around recreation and enjoyment, as the fun-loving (and possibly lazy) side of self is expressed. Today this is a bit flawed by the ever nagging presence of Saturn, who can be austere and cold in its demands for respect, authority and the responsible hard work that needs to be done. The effort required seems to just get in the way and end up as an annoyance that is non-productive. Why can’t you just sit on your throne, wear your crown and have everything just as you demand? Well, says Saturn, life’s not like that, is it?

With the Moon in Scorpio adding tremendous moody pressure then most of the day could be testing; by the evening things cool down somewhat, don’t forget to enjoy plenty of cold drinks to stay chilled.

Thursday 08th Aug 2019

Venus In Harmony With Jupiter (builds All Day, Exact At 20:30)

A relationship or a partner can mean a lot today, especially as you can see in each other the life force and the urge to shine. So, some mutual encouragement goes a long way. Talking of a long way, travel and love or the value or worth of travel comes very much into the foreground today. There may be an inclination to discover the meaning of something that inspires you; it’s also a good day to pamper yourself, as Venus in Leo is all about valuing your self and encouraging you to shine your light. However with the moon currently in Scorpio, any emotional frustrations might have to be repressed and held in place; try to let go of any past hurts.

Friday 09th Aug 2019

Venus Connects To Saturn (builds All Day Thursday, Exact Just Before 08:30am)

Whilst making efforts to be your own personal superstar (that is making sure you are looking after yourself and being nice to yourself) you realise that you have to learn to be more organised in your career and work. This could well be an unresolved problem area, especially as when Venus in Leo the lion there’s maybe some sitting back on your haunches rather than the required precision focus needed to get things done in an orderly and structured fashion. Well, it is the middle of the summer…

Saturday 10th Aug 2019

The Sun Connects To Neptune (builds All Day, Exact Saturday Night)

With the Sun currently in Leo then there is a plenty of generous spirit and creative essence flowing around most situations, so it’s a make hay whilst the sun shines type of feeling. However over the next 24 hours, the Sun is lining up to make a mild link to the planet of the ethereal Neptune, which will quite possibly make for an interesting bit of drama or theatrical performance. Someone might be wearing a mask, or playing a role which you hadn’t expected, and it can be a little bit irritating, especially if they won’t let it go. Simply observe the situation and what appears to be the cause, and understand that its most probably meant in the spirit of fun, so to laugh with rather than at, is probably thew best way through.

Sunday 11th Aug 2019

Jupiter Stations Direct (starts Just After 13:30pm)

At last Jupiter the planet of providence and beneficial circumstance is starting to move forward again, after several months of slow review and reflection as to the greater meaning of it all. This year Jupiter features extra-large in its own sign of Sagittarius, adding much inspiration and confidence through expansion. So if you’ve been exploring different options to learn, or to travel, or simply to just understand what is going on in a specific area of your life, this next few days reveals so much more, that with any luck will boost your faith and teach you what you’ve been waiting for.

As an added boost, the planets that are currently in Leo will support you in helping to find your bliss over the next few days.