Forecast for Monday 19th August to Sunday 25th August 2019

“Planetary dynamics to make the most of everyday”

All times shown as GMT

By Julian Venables

Monday 19th Aug 2019

Mercury In Quintile With Neptune (builds All Day, Exact Just After 21:00pm)

As Mercury the thinker and decision maker is still in confident and proud Leo, then it entertains some grandiose and creative ideas; today these notions and concepts are given an extra idealistic boost from Neptune, so look out for the person who says “It would be so perfect if I can…” wouldn’t it just.

As much as this is an aspect that demonstrates talent and sparkling ability, there is a bit of delusion in there, because of Neptune’s wont to be self-sacrificing, and a tendency to give itself away. So pay attention to the exchange of information, and in business and trade, as a great idea or statement could end up being deployed in such a way that makes it vulnerable.

Jupiter Semi-sextile Saturn (very Slow Transit Since Year 2000)

Jupiter is the planet of growth and opportunity whereas Saturn is the planet of limits and delays; the semi-sextile aspect is a mildly frustrating alignment in which the two planets don’t have affinity (they can’t see each other well). This is particularly noticeable at present as Jupiter is in its own sign of Sagittarius, strongly promoting the truth and honesty, and Saturn is also in its own sign of Capricorn, strongly promoting rigidity, seriousness and practical power.

Therefore look out today how ‘the obvious’ is being presented in a broad-minded and far-sighted way (Jupiter in Sagittarius), and yet it can’t get accepted due to some kind of awkwardness from the other side, who are being cautious, guarded, stuffy or dry (Saturn in Capricorn).

If you know your own chart, you might like to look back almost 20 years to May 2000, when these two planets met in Taurus, the sign of values, money and self-worth for more personal insights as to today’s effects.

At a worldly level, expect to see possible reports of economies faltering, shifts in the financial and property markets, as the reality and the truth is presented jarringly to the world (though no-one still wants to accept it or believe it).

This alignment is the last alignment these two planets make before their next conjunction in Aquarius in December 2020.

Tuesday 20th Aug 2019

Sun In Quintile With Pluto (builds All Day Monday, Exact At 09:00)

With the Sun still very much at home in its own sign of proud Leo, then your talent and abilities are likely to get a creative and easy development today. This is from a quintile alignment to Pluto, the planet of power and regeneration, which is in ambitious and status seeking Capricorn.

So look out for a situation or event that can help your sense of selfhood and ego. Of course if it doesn’t happen to you, be ready instead to see someone quite possibly strutting around like a peacock, preening their feathers and cooing at the recognition of their own ingenuity and influence.

Venus In Sesquisquare With Saturn (builds All Day, Exact Just After Midnight)

Venus is the planet of attraction and values and as it is still in Leo, then this planet of money matters is probably acting with plenty of dignified and charismatic self-esteem (“look at me!”) whilst also being quite the fanciful playboy/playgirl.

However Venus is making a stressful and testing alignment to Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn which is sober, disciplined and reserved.

This is likely to manifest as Venus, looking for loyalty and praise, brashly uses money and resources, showing itself off in a dramatic fashion.

The Sesquisquare is bad planning and manifests often as a dynamic that is misunderstood, so a showy Venusian action lands into the pragmatic, pessimistic and controlling Saturn.
It’s like having a floating pink party balloon stray across a boundary to turn into heavy, dull weight. A sense of can-do and fun becomes the lead balloon taken down by gravitas. The demonstrative showman then has to think twice about its theatricals.

Wednesday 21st Aug 2019

Mercury Inconjunct Saturn (building Up On Tuesday, Exact Just Before 08:30am)

As Mercury is in Leo it is speaking with courage, warmth and confidence, ideas are presented almost regally and with noble authority. However there’s an inconjunct to Saturn, which tends to be holding back the possibility of moving forward with a big plan, due to some disorganisation.

So the answer is to turn things around by careful observation of the situation, and applying discipline and more control to the flow of thinking, so that what is created is given more professionalism.

Venus Changes Sign Into Virgo (just After 09:00am, Lasts Until September 14th)

Venus is the lover and the charmer, but she enters Virgo, there is an unmistakable change toward being more modest, analytical and critical in the manner of relating to one another. Venus is in her fall in Virgo, so naturally the planet of social relating and attraction becomes more considerate, helpful and fussy.

Of course there are advantages to being a bit more shy and reserved; a bit of carefully applied discrimination can assist in making a better choice sometimes. Quality counts.

Mercury Trines Jupiter (builds All Day Tuesday, Exact Just After 10:00am)

This is a jolly and happy link as the opportunity for someone supportive comes along; they see prosperity in enthusiasm, and will be very encouraging.

This in turn allows you to express yourself and your ideas further and provides those in earshot with a good reason why more meaning, luck and creative explanation needs to be included.

Look out for a fortunate phone call, or an email or a letter, which really helps you make a good link for the future.

A teacher makes a good plan, a writer has a good day, a traveller has a lucky journey; a pilgrim is shown a better path to follow.

Thursday 22nd Aug 2019

Sun Sesquisquare To Saturn (builds All Day, Exact Just After 20:30pm)

The Sun reaches the end of its majestic and grand time in Leo today, and its last aspect before it changes sign is to Saturn, the planet of ambition and hard work.

The sesquisquare alignment is one that is noted for its agitation, where a situation can lead to one acting irrationally or immoderately.

So be on the lookout for someone who needs to apply more emotional self-control and poise. Overall what is indicated is the importance of being more calm, patient and objective, particularly if one’s ego or sense of individuality is being blocked or held back?

Mercury Inconjunct Neptune (builds All Day, Exact After Midnight)

Mercury always has an active stream of thought and communications going on between it and others. When it links with a mildly challenging alignment to Neptune then there might well be a moment where the idea doesn’t seem to have much reality or grounding to it, and conclusions can be left hanging in space as it were. So this can have to make routine emails or calls which are more draining and haphazard than constructive.

How about waiting a bit and having another think about your approach?

Friday 23rd Aug 2019

Sun Changes Sign Into Virgo (at 10:02am, Until September 22nd)

With the Sun changing zodiac sign, so we now enter the last month of the summer. Cooler breezes, less heat, yet still a generally pleasing temperamental weather usually mark the month of Virgo.

This is the time of the harvest, when what is gathered from the orchards and fields is sorted through. It’s a time of a lot of work and practical direction, so its perfect time for you to set about on the plans you’ve been having this summer.

Virgo is a mutable sign of change, and it signifies that autumn will be upon us soon. So variation and adaption to method is very important. Across the world there are different and better ways to do things, and people will be more conscientious and want to see improvements and change.

As all the quicker moving planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars) gather and line up in Virgo in the month of September, then they will be making tense alignments to both Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces.

This is likely to trigger an analytical time of what is right and wrong; Jupiter wants the truth and honesty, Neptune wants to let go (and splash around in chaos), Virgo wants to get it right. All the planets are pointing into the last mutable sign of Gemini, which funnily enough is the sun sign of the leaders Boris Johnson and Donald Trump. Gemini is known for being duplicitous and superficial when under pressure, and these two leaders are most certainly pressurised. So as they try to lie and obfuscate, as usual pointing us in the wrong direction, the rest of the world will see the real truth of their actions coming through, so expect to see radical exposure, and possibly them being taken down several pegs, as the reality of what they are doing is presented as impossible. They could continue to be brazen and brash, but this is so obvious and world needs better guidance and mentorship that what it is currently getting.

Saturday 24th Aug 2019

Mercury Quintile Saturn (builds All Day Friday, Exact Just Before 11:00am)

A welcoming and positive synthesis between the planet of clever intellect and the planet of responsibility and maturity. This is when a clever idea can really get somewhere, when an authoritative figure bends their ear to accept the quirky and clever idea of the communicator planet.

Mercury Inconjunct Pluto (builds All Day, Exact After 18:00pm)

Later into the day, the idea changes and transforms, a subtle shift of the power occurs so that a bit of creative evolution is allowed to move things forward. What is really important here is a need to try to keep organised and not to drain ones thinking ability but to respect the situation, and make the most of what’s happening. Basically, don’t say something in a proud way that could cause an upset.

Sunday 25th Aug 2019

Venus In Parallel With Mars (starts With Venus And Mars Conjunction In Virgo On Saturday Just After 17:00pm)

Venus planet of love is conjoining with Mars planet of action and desire all weekend, starting with a conjunction on Saturday and continuing with a parallel alignment on Sunday. This shows as heightened passions and a daring quality to a relationship is expressed. However as both planets are in demure Virgo, there is necessity to be precise, managed and clean, so no-one can be fussy or be critical of what is presented to be enjoyed.

In a way this points towards the beginning of a new healthy lifestyle, as Venus would like to be shapely and trim in Virgo, and mars would like to use exercise machines or at least a more perfected use of its energy. Running with a stopwatch for example. A clever diet might also be considered. Looking after a loved one and managing all their circumstances is also possible, as Virgo likes to be of service and helpful, and these two planets focus on relating.