Forecast for Monday 12th August to Sunday 18th August 2019

“Planetary dynamics to make the most of everyday”

All times shown as GMT

By Julian Venables

Monday 12th Aug 2019

Mercury Changes Sign Into Leo (starts At 19:45, Lasts Until August 28th)

Mercury, the planet of the intellect that also governs logic and reasoning, changes zodiac sign into creatively confident Leo. This is where it began its tricky reverse dance back on July 8th which took it for a review phase in the water and emotional feeling sign of Cancer the crab.

So as Mercury now finishes its complete retrograde on Wednesday 15th august, bringing it back to where it was on July 8th, the full ‘logical’ process completes itself: it could be said that in order to be fully confident and impassioned (Leo traits) one has to connect to ones roots and deepest feelings (Cancer traits). Therefore this whole cycle has been linked to generating thinking patterns that have more self-love in them, because one feels more nurtured, cared for and ‘belonging to’ something in the world.

This ‘belonging to’ feeling has been a personal situation that has got you to be part of a movement, a career, a job, a relationship etc. The result is how you are feeling to move forwards now after having experienced (that personal situation) in the month of July and first half of August.

So from now through August 28th, be sure to include the love and the joy (Leo) into your communications! Be proud of what you have to say, people will be listening and cheering you on! What you will recognise is how others will like to ‘hear it’ from you.

Uranus Goes Retrograde In Taurus (early Monday Morning, Until End Of Year)

Uranus, the slow moving planet that brings the new and unexpected has slowed right down and begins its ‘backward’ retrograde phase today. This will last for several months (until the end of the year) and is in the productive sign of Taurus. When a planet ‘stations’ there is a noticeable increase of its influence, and so with Uranus bringing surprises, and Taurus being the dominion of (amongst other things) values, money, possessions and self-worth, then you might well find that certain things are starting to happen which change that dynamic in your life.

As Taurus is a solid, earthy, receptive sign, this change is not so much seen on the outside, but experienced on the inside of the self. How are your values and your self-esteem? Is there something about you that could change in order to discover you are a builder (of form) or a provider? These next few months will prove to you and to others that you can harness and utilize your resources in the most remarkable ways. This original shift of perspective can happen in any particular area of life such as relationships, career, work, family. As you look around your own world, you’ll also see this happening in the rest of the world. A certain shift and change (Uranus) of appreciation (Taurus) is occurring, as well as the all-important revival of a connection to nature (Taurus).

Since May 2018, you have been gradually becoming more consciously aware of personal need for abundance, as well as security. By being innovative and unusual in your uniqueness, you are realising that it’s important to find your tranquillity and inner peace, so that you can be more loving, peaceful, calm and strong. This is essentially what Uranus is doing in Taurus.

The retrograde is making sure that all the good ideas and inspirations you’ve had over the last six months can now be implemented. It is without doubt the time of your life to be progressive, open and to: Be Here Now, On Purpose.

Tuesday 13th Aug 2019

Mars In Quintile With Pluto (builds All Day, Exact Just Before 19:30)

Mars is that dynamic energy that doesn’t have time to say sorry, or to really stop in its tracks. It is a relentless force of motion that makes sure it reaches its goal, before moving onto its next target. For the last few weeks it’s been in Leo, so it’s liked to achieve its plans in the least complicated and most lasting manner possible. Hopefully, this has been achieved by taking somewhat of a direct approach, with a few grand gestures and optimistic intonations.

Today Mars makes a contact with its overlord Pluto, the planet of real power, and thankfully it’s the quintile aspect, which is creativity, talent and qualities of luck and fortunate circumstance. Essentially Pluto holds the key to the treasure box, Mars’s rewards, and all being well, and with the correct application and vitality or optimism, then the lid is lifted and Mars gets some of the generous bounty that further powers its lust for life.
On the flip side of this planetary combination Mars is also lust, desire and sexual dramas; Pluto is also control, subterfuge and hidden tyranny. With Mars in Leo, any unsolved tensions would need to be reduced quickly and easily, Pluto can open up the hidden underworld in a ruthless manner. The quintile aspect is ‘the solution’ which is dealt with mightily, if needs be to save exposure.

The quintile aspect brings harmony through finding a solution: Mars in Leo is the raw talent, Pluto in Capricorn is orderly and structured hierarchy; this aspect creates a positive alignment that helps both planets to solve a conflict or a problem.

Thus: a practical and pragmatic, business oriented solution is found for a spirited and optimistic performer.

Sun In Biquintile With Saturn (builds All Day, Exact Just Before 22:30)and
venus In Biquintile With Saturn (builds All Day, Exact Just After Midnight)

As the Sun and Venus are making a conjunction this week then they are fused together in their aspects to other planets. The Sun/Venus combination in proud and confident Leo is helping to create a compelling and daring innovation, something new and fascinating for the world to enjoy and indulge in. There is something life-affirming with an in-built superior style that is just starting to manifest. If you can be impassioned and enlivened by this new creation, then the work, the responsibility and the order of structure and timing awaits you (Saturn), and you can contribute something very original whilst achieving a status or fulfilling ambitions.

On the flipside of this alignment, there might be for example a relationship issue (Venus with the Sun) that now has rules and law (Saturn) linked to it. Saturn is the planet of Karma and whenever it makes contact to other planets, events and situations tend to have a certain reality or unavoidable circumstance about them.

Wednesday 14th Aug 2019

The Sun Conjuncts Venus (building Over The Last Week, Exact Just After 06:00am)

This exciting and well-anticipated conjunction happens every 9.5months, and this time its creative and confidently generous Leo’s turn. When the Sun and Venus meet they set off a new 8 year cycle around love, money, beauty and values. The power of the sun lights up and amplifies Venus’s attracting force (she is the goddess of Love) so see how things come to you, like a magnet.

This is the time to stoke up the inner flame of self-love and self-respect; love yourself so you can love others. Be the radiance and emanation of Leo, the imperial one, the royal prince or princess. Essentially it’s the right time to strut your stuff, show off, demonstrate, be noble, be on parade, be theatrical, be joyful and above all, be playful.

There is a particular area of life you can call ‘your own kingdom’ where you shine, you rule and you will have the sense of splendour that you deserve.

If you look back to what happened eight years ago (to 16th August 2011) you will see how you have grown and developed since then. If you keep going back in eight year steps you’ll start to see the pattern in your life emerge…

The Sun And Venus Inconjunct Pluto (building Up On Tuesday, Exact Just After 06:00am)

This is a testing moment, just as you are shining in your glory, there is a bump in the road. So it would appear that there is an unresolved problematic area that needs your attention. Is there something that needs stripping away and healing? Something that, once uncovered could do with some regeneration and transformation? Thankfully it is just a minor flaw, but still pay attention to the situation arising at this time and take note of the maturity and discipline required to make the necessary adjustment.

Thursday 15th Aug 2019

Full Moon Phase With Moon In Aquarius Opposite Sun In Leo (starts At 12:30pm, Lasts Two Days)

This is hot on the heels of the Sun Venus conjunction and so now you can be ‘bathed in the light’ as you clearly have a moment to shine. Leo is very self-orientated whilst Aquarius is very community and group orientated, so if you’ve been putting in the hard work into a creative purpose, then now is the time to link it ‘to everyone else’ and infuse it with meaning and purpose. What has been felt (for a long time) is now made visible, so your (Leo) ideals are realized and brought into the world for all (Aquarius).

Friday 16th Aug 2019

Mercury In Square To Uranus (builds Over Two Days, Exact Just After 17:00)

Mercury is now sailing through confident Leo, strengthening both the mind and the voice, and creating situations where you can be strongly expressive and graphic, as well as dramatic. Mercury in Leo loves to think and plan on a large scale, and happily takes on the role of the ‘official speaker’ as it were.

Today Mercury makes a tense alignment to Uranus in Taurus, which brings freedom of thought and allows anything and everything to be said. However, as this is a square aspect (challenging alignment) then there exists a strong possibility of erratic or eccentric jumping around from one idea to the other, with sudden abrupt or hardly understandable turns. This is excellent for making some kind of a progressive change, and allowing an ingenious idea or intrepid assertion to be expressed, but as is so often the case, things might need to be thought through properly. Because both Leo and Taurus are fixed and stubborn signs, then it’s a good time to see innovations breaking through to old traditional and previously unchangeable institutions. If the old things don’t catch up by allowing for (interesting and exciting) changes, then how does the world move forwards?

Saturday 17th Aug 2019

Mars Sesquisquare Saturn (builds All Day, Exact Just After 17:30)

Mars is very animated as it reaches the last degree of Leo before changing sign tomorrow, so there is most certainly going to be a need to apply more self-control and emotional poise to that ‘necessary push and drive’ that Mars has in its nature. Saturn is in Capricorn, imploring for wise efficiency and careful work, although that might well be coming across as worrying or cynicism as Mars asserts itself, possibly in a discordant manner, and with a lack of composure.

The cool way out of this is to most certainly apply more calmness, patience and objectivity, as an inappropriate or overblown reaction is too easy to do.

Sunday 18th Aug 2019

Mars Changes Sign In Virgo (starts Early On Sunday Morning, Lasts Until October 3rd)

Mars changes out of an expressive fire sign and enters a more controlled and practical earth sign. Now the shift of the quality of goal seeking changes towards energy-efficency, energy-saving, and methodical action, with a precise approach.

This next few weeks will be about personal critical examination, leading to development of a skillset whilst also being economical and controlled.

What will be recognised is the useless expenditure of energy and how to channel that into something useful instead. So it’s a good time to avoid all the things that are damaging and perfect your action.