I will use a variety of techniques to give you an insightful and precise analysis of what’s going on for you right now, with a view to solving any questions, current issues or problems. During a hour reading, I will analyse all the major themes in your chart and together we will find the right direction & solution. If you would like more time for to explore your birth chart, which can bring more profound and intuitive insights, then book a 90 minute reading slot.

Longer readings allows us more time to focus on a particular area as well as discuss your current transits. I will show you how repeating patterns occur over time in your life which can elevate your self-awareness & reveal hidden personal talents. In a 2 hour in-depth analysis reading, we will have more time to explore possibilities for personal growth & develop projected goals & life path. The reading will deal with major transits over the months ahead.


“Julian’s reading was a revelation both in its practical application and my way forward as well as being a joyous, uplifting, illuminating (as in bringing light to bear) and ultimately liberating exploration. I was humbled by the beauty and divinity of it. Truly stunning. Thank you Julian.” Lesley Hughes, London, England