Wednesday 29 September

Sun in trine to Saturn

The Sun is in harmonious-seeking Libra, so there’s a charmed and graceful quality to taking on responsibility: you can honour your commitments and duties to others (especially in relationships). Staying at a practical level helps you to advance your career, and you’ll realise that channelling your energies towards a specific objective will result in attaining what you want.

Its all about working within the rules and cooperating with authority., so that you can be disciplined and self-controlled in your work. Getting things done will be very satisfying at this time. Your efforts will create lasting results so be meticulous, efficient and methodical. A tower of strength is possible.

Thursday 30 September
Venus in square to Jupiter

Venus is in intense Scorpio, so there might be an emotional indulgence and overload with a distinct lack of self-discipline. However, enjoy yourself you must but look out for emotional excesses where you aren’t counting the cost.

Its quite possible that you might feel impulsive, and a restless, flamboyant overspend looks very likely, so keep a close eye on your purse strings and don’t have an extravagant self-satisfaction that you might regret later.

Relationships are good at this time: everyone should have good feelings (although Venus in Scorpio might be making these a tad extreme), and you’ll most likely enjoy being with friends and loved ones.

Rather than stir up unnecessary excitement, be discreet and apply moderation and calm. Being too large, misplacing confidence or applying poor judgement might irritate and annoy others – so instead show serenity, modesty, and gratitude.

Friday 1 October

Mercury in square to Pluto

As Mercury is currently retrograde, this is a return to a situation that originally arose around September 22nd. Are you being obsessive about your thoughts? Stuck in a one-track mind? There’s going to be a problem if you are determined to force your ideas onto others, either by coercion or by compulsion.

If you are trying to force your way through to a shared viewpoint, especially in a relationship, then its very likely you’ll feel frustrated. Instead, see how everything is generated in your own mind, and take the penetrating thoughts to redirect them into scanning your own consciousness. Yes, you are a powerful person, and now you can get greater control of yourself, rather than projecting anything onto others.

Ultimately this transit says don’t be happy with the surface pleasantries when you know full well there’s something cooking that’s powerful and strategic underneath. Using your penetrating insights, you understand others and can dive deep into making regenerative transformations.

Venus in Sextile to Pluto

The planet of love and attraction aligns harmoniously with the planet of invisible power. Someone could be very seductive at this time, drawing you in with fascination. You’ll note how much deeper your emotions are than usual. You could choose to enrich, enhance, and deepen a relationship; by being gracious and compliant, you’ll find things go smoothly. People might be making all sorts of advances and hints at sexual union or intimacy but if anything is too intense or impactful then you might like to suggest a compromise instead.

Overall, you could use this transit to dig deep and penetrate to the truth to work out a secret or a hidden matter. Whatever you do, be aware that there is a considerable amount of force and vigour in all sorts of relationships, avoid manipulation but enjoy diving into emotions.  

Sunday 3 October

Mercury in trine to Jupiter

Mercury the planet of ideas and decisions is currently retrograde, which is about thinking things over twice before making final decisions. Mercury makes a harmonious alignment to Jupiter the opportunist, so there might some big concepts, large ideas, or travel plans lined up. These should be happy, buoyant and optimistic possibilities that you can explore, and there might even be a good friend you can enjoy talking to about your future plans.

This is a great transit to broaden your view of the world; it is a lot bigger than you previously thought and can enhance your creative mental activity. Look out for growth and opportunity.

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