Sun Trines Pluto 16th September 2021

Thursday 16 September

Sun in trine to Pluto

As the Sun is the best energy to embody your life purpose, it is easy to consciously recognise its influences. Use these couple of days to look within & determine what motivates you, & where you can reform your life. Pluto is the planet of power and regenerative transformation. You’ll notice how others are cooperative towards you, and people might well look to you for command or leadership.

A strong feeling of self-confidence will show when you are practical, methodical and being useful to whatever situation you find yourself in. The rejuvenating and regenerating power comes from being more enterprising and ambitious. Be dignified and authoritative and use this energy to get work done and evolve your life upwards and forwards.

Friday 17 September

Venus in square to Saturn

Venus is in deeply passionate Scorpio, a water sign of powerful emotion with surging currents. She is lining up for a difficult encounter with coolly reserved Saturn in Aquarius who tends to keep things distant, abstract, and individualised. The conflict is that Venus wants feelings expressed, some passion at attraction and maybe intimacy. This doesn’t fit particularly well with Saturn, who stands off appearing to be hard hearted or lonely, offering up criticism instead of a warm embrace. The result is likely to be that interactions contain elements of jealousy, coldness, or regret.  

In social situations such as parties or gatherings the general experience might be a bit squib, as things feel more like work than fun. People might be acting rather isolated and sober, as everyone is probably thinking about their relationships and whether they have what they really desire…