Julian Venables the London Astrologer hopes you are enjoying the Weekly Almanac as it is a new Horoscope format for the modern age. The Weekly Almanac presents you dynamic planetary energies that you will see in your own life, as well as in the world around you. This is the sort of astrology for London that everyone can find useful. Predictions are becoming more accurate and your personal astrology insights also become more available to you.

This week in London astrology there are some good planet alignments to use, particularly if you have a future work prospect that you want to make real.  Julian the London astrologer wants to encourage you to have an astrology reading; daily horoscopes take on a new meaning now, and you will find this almanac to be more accurate prediction than sun signs or star signs.

Friday 3 September

Mercury in trine to Saturn

This useful alignment is building up over the weekend and peaks on Saturday. Mercury is the planet of planning, decisions and communicating, whilst Saturn is the planet of the long-term commitment and responsibility. This is good for solving problems and concentrating on mental work. Finding out you can do things carefully and constructively is a plus. Both planets harmonise in the Air element, which indicates a sociable and relational context. A younger and older person enjoy each other’s intellects; the communication and curiosity between two people helps with plans and work. However, there are also serious and important concerns to address; practical matters dominate and there isn’t much in the way of playfulness when the mind is occupied with work.   

Saturday 4 September

Venus in square to Pluto

This is building up over the weekend and peaks on Sunday. An intense emotional experience within a relationship looks possible. A sense of harmony and sociable interaction is being sought for, but it can plunge into the subconscious depths and dig up issues like resentment, jealousy and possessiveness which may rise to the surface. The trick here is to lie low and absolutely don’t push for anything. Emotional impacts can reverberate, and others might be uncooperative, ungracious, or manipulative. As Venus is in Libra, then a social compromise will be sought for peace and good manners.

Sunday 5 September

Mars in trine to Pluto

This is a good time to reform your efforts and ambitions; a new sense of motivation to reach goals and targets finds a strong boost, especially when looking at the long term. Discover what needs to change and do it, because now you will realise how much more effective you can be by directing your powers. Use this time to make constructive changes and eliminate discordant or non-essential factors. You can reconstruct your action to make a more positive approach. Take courage and recognise that renovations and reforms and constructions can all work well at this time.

Monday 6 September

Venus in trine to Jupiter

This is potentially an enjoyable time of optimism and calm within relationships, and there are opportunities for abundant satisfactions. Pleasant and pleasing interactions with others makes for a nice day but be wary of over-indulgence and laziness! Look out for gifts, favours, and general approval, and if you aren’t receiving, then be sure to be the one who gives. Things look good for financial interests, but in things that are already established, rather than starting up something new. There is potential for flair and elegance, and social exchanges tend to be gracious. Overall, there is contentment, and tolerance that can help renew your faith in the goodness of life.  

Tuesday 7 September

New Moon – Moon in Virgo conjuncts Sun in Virgo

This lunar phase is in the practical and service-oriented sign of Virgo. So, the month ahead looks to be one based around being functional and constructive. Becoming versatile and focussing on multifaceted efficiency is one of the traits of Virgo, as well as staying organized and pragmatic. This new moon is precisely aligned to Uranus the planet of awakening in Taurus, which indicates that something new and exciting can be discovered to assist humanity.  The New moon is also widely opposite Neptune, which can indicate that relationships might be quite fluid; being helpful and of service is what is important.   

Sun in trine to Uranus

You will probably be feeling quite restless and energetic, particularly in the sphere of relationships, as a part of you might be wanting to break through because you are aware of an exciting quality that isn’t always there. A new situation and a sudden change in your affairs has the potential to be very stimulating. That brilliant part of yourself gains respect from others. If you wanted to be daring or innovative, now is the time to do it, because it will help to advance your position. There might even be someone else form your past who encourages you to evolve with them at the same time; almost as if you both together appreciate the changes that can be made.


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* The orb of influence between two planets is active for 2 days before & 1 day after*