August 4th to 10th 2021

The New Moon in Leo could turn into a gold coin of luck this week… “The warmth of the summer encourages you to be generous in your gestures and self-expression….

Wednesday 4 August 

Mercury in square to Uranus

Unexpected and radical thoughts and ideas are flowing through your mind at quite a rate, so if there is a way of preserving them for later review, then make sure to write them down or record them for later reference. Surfing the top of the wave of what progresses and moves the world forward can be discussed today, and it might make sense to stick to the old reliable pattern and the tried and tested method, but will that keep working? What if you were to allow that creatively futuristic speaker through instead? They’re self-confident with large scale conceptual ideas, and their optimism is highly stimulating, if you are prepared to make changes.

Friday 6 August 

Sun in square to Uranus

Can you be expected to hold down and stay the same when you’ve seen the future and can sense what’s coming?  Simply said you must let the restless spirit within you express itself. There might be some previously unrecognised parts of yourself that you hadn’t given a free rein to, and now that is wanting to burst out and be noticed. Holding stuff back won’t necessarily benefit you and could in a way backfire: when the general flow is to move forwards and progress, why be the stick-in-the-mud who is resistant and stubborn? You might find it acutely difficult to put up with a certain person or people, so try to work out what it is about them that bothers you, and if you can fix that, then you are golden.

Sunday 8 August

The New Moon (Sun & Moon in Leo)

If you were a beautiful flower that was ripening to blossom in its most magnificent development, how would you describe it to yourself, and to the world? This upcoming lunar cycle holds much sensitivity and intuitive change, as well as a ‘pushing through’. The warmth of the summer encourages you to be generous in your gestures and self-expression. Keep organised in the application of your creative intelligence and you’ll break through old boundaries to serve the world in a new light. Some might be critical but are prepared to let things go your way because you are at heart, persistent and persevering.

Monday 9 August

Venus in opposition to Neptune

“Wake up out of the daydream”, says a quiet and demure voice with a delicate sensitivity; its urging might not even be fully picked up by the collective’s radar, but some will sense it. Unrealistic ideals are leading towards big disappointments, and its time to start to try to understand and accept the reality of what is happening/what has happened.  In a one-to-one relationship there is element of self-sacrifice that becomes apparent, the ‘look how I have given you everything’ is very apparent and it might feel like you’ve been deceived or are being the deceiver. Each of us has real needs that must be met, and if they aren’t then the relationship must end or change. On the other hand, this can indicate the beginning of something romantic and dreamily beautiful, but there’s an illusory quality to it that means it probably wont last forever, so try your best to keep it real and apply careful discretion.

Tuesday 10 August

Mercury in opposition to Jupiter

You’ve got big ideas and expansive concepts to present to someone, all of which could be seen as intelligent and innovative and original. However as excitable you might be, you must pay attention that you deliver it all without being overbearing, presumptuous or incomprehensible. The other person must be able to see the whole more clearly than the parts, so that planning sessions and discussions are manageable. Things will be successful if you are careful and thorough. The trick is to remain open to other points of view and stay flexible to allow for adjustments. Absolutely avoid any self-righteousness and any traces of arrogance, even if you are sure you are right.  

* The orb of influence between two planets is active for 2 days before & 1 day after*