Full Moon Eclipse and Mercury stations Retrograde.
Humanity is undergoing some radical changes, I think it’s true to say. Our conscious awareness is becoming clearer by the day, now that we have entered the new age of Aquarius. We are very much heightened at this time as we make a firm footing towards the solar peak. The sun is in Gemini, enhancing this air element – and what a clear view we now begin to see on those distant hilltops. The Full Moon Eclipse is a very special moment of hitherto unseen perspectives that we can acquire at this very point in history. And what’s more, Mercury retrogrades as well this week, further enhancing the angles of deeper perception & understanding. All in all, a profound week of awakening is upon us, hold onto your hats – choo choo!
Video to accompany this weeks Almanac https://youtu.be/kW679zErrWw