London Astrologer’s weekly almanac! London Astrologer, Julian Venables, explains the week ahead. Your birthday may hold very significant meaning! Ask the London Astrologer for more meaning! Venus in trine to Pluto > Mercury enters Virgo > Mars in quincunx to Saturn > First Quarter Moon > Venus enters Libra > Sun & Mercury quadrate to Pluto – it all happens this week!

Wednesday 11 August
Venus in trine to Pluto

Feelings around relationships are intensified and deepened, so look out for profound and useful psychological insights. The focus area is on work, career and in enterprising and professional matters. Being of service, and helpful along with some gracious co-operation and you’ll establish a practical and efficient base. The power of your own psyche (mind) will give you penetrating and x-ray insights into relationship patterns – very useful if you’re trying to suss someone out or understand yourself better.

The goddess Venus receives more power now.

If you, a friend, or a family member has their birthday on or around the 14 th to 17 th of January, September, or May then a relationship is giving you deep changes and life-
enhancing transformation. If your birthday is on or around 14 th to 17 th of March, November, or July, then listen to your loved ones carefully and with emotion to make the most of a relationship.

Thursday 12 August
Mercury enters Virgo (lasts until 29 August)

Mercury the planet of decisions, ideas and communications enters its own kingdom of precise and methodical Virgo for the next three weeks. This begins an excellent phase for
clear and concise practical thinking, so sober and business-like thinking will predominate, but be wary of nagging, overly critical or continuously dissatisfied thinking – not everything can be categorised. So, keep a flexible and open mind to allow for clever and skilful solutions, crystal clear decisions and suggesting astounding improvements.

The London Astrologer’s weekly almanac warns Mercury is potent and influential in its own sign for the rest of this month.

If you are a Virgo (22 August to 21 September) then you will enjoy a potentially good phase of communications.

Friday 13 August
Mars in quincunx to Saturn

With Mars in practical Virgo, and Saturn in original Aquarius conditions exist in work whereby clever reforms (Virgo) bring about radical (Aquarius) transformations. An urge to take useful action (Mars) is diverted or adjusted (the Quincunx) because of long-term structuring (Saturn). This is problematic because you’d like to blend your efforts, but someone can’t see how it fits together. Nevertheless you must forge ahead with a systemic manner and apply an analytical mind to tasks so they get done. Putting the two separate issues into separate compartments helps to make things workable. 

If your birthday, a friend, or a family member is around 29th to 31st of any month of the year, today’s planets have a particular focus and relevance.

Saturday 14 August
Venus in quincunx to Jupiter
With relationships based Venus in fussy and critical Virgo and bounteous and generous Jupiter in inventive and intuitive Aquarius, then there needs to be a diversion or adjustment, because the two planets are in mismatch and can’t see each other. There is something attractive about helping friends but the overall experience has an impersonal and intellectual approach, rather than warm or sensual feelings. So, in a relationship setting, dont expect things to blend well together, instead be efficient and unobtrusive and focus on the task to be accomplished.

If your birthday, a friend, or a family member is around 18thor 19th of any month of the year, today’s planets have a particular focus and relevance.

Sunday 15 August
First Quarter Moon (Sun in Leo & Moon in Scorpio, lasts two days)

The confidence to be yourself has been growing and developing this last week, and now it finds a proving point on its path to growing in light. Use deep and hidden emotional thoughts and imagery to empower something in your life, that will enhance your sunny and warm radiance. Look out for tension that goes off around stubbornness, resistance, and endurance. Who is it who doesn’t want to change? Can’t they just adapt a bit?

A perfect time to make things grow and develop.

This particularly applies to birthdays around 13 th – 15 th of August, November, February and May.

Monday 16 August
Venus enters Libra (lasts until 10 September)

The cooling and socially airy breeze of Venus entering her own sign of Libra brings harmony, style, and charm into your sphere of influence. A happy relationship can start to form, particularly if culture and elegance is also found to be matched equally with the partner. A romantic optimism makes encounters more loving and devotional, although take note that too carefree an attitude can lead quickly to recklessness and possible disenchantment.

Will your Venus (Aphrodite) be charmed and enchanted by Love (Eros)?

If you are a Libra (22 September to 21 October) this is a particularly good phase for relationships and love.

Tuesday 17 August
Sun & Mercury quadrate to Pluto

If your birthday is on the 14th or 15th of January (or 14th and 15th of April, or 16th or 17th July or October) then if there is irritability now, can you continue to suppress it? Is it a smouldering conflict that you’d rather ignore? Keep in mind there’s a lesson to learn from the challenge. Today is relatively mild in its demands, you might feel like you’re getting left out for example (whilst taking note of your accurate observations of the situation) but the core issue continues to ramp up in intensity, and it will eventually demand change.

  • Please note, the London Astrologer’s weekly almanac includes orb of influence between two planets which is active for 2 days before & 1 day after*