Last week we were waxing lyrical about gazing gently down stream & applying the ‘as above so below’ analogy to the macrocosm. This week, I look back on the last & think, what a bumpy ride of rapids we have entered during this eclipse season! With the ultimate planet of communication in retrograde, along with both Pluto & Saturn – we are looking at ourselves from behind the mirror. What a hall of mirrors this now becomes with both Jupiter & Neptune also going retrograde shortly. That is FIVE planets in retrograde during eclipse season! Yes there will be a lot of sifting through the past, but this time the regrets, (I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention) there may well be some tears goodbye – but can you see that we are SO WILLING to do so? We are on the precipice of braving a whole new world and about to LET GO.