Hermes Breezes Through the Ring of Fire

Last week we were waxing lyrical about gazing gently down stream & applying the 'as above so below' analogy to the macrocosm. This week, I look back on the last & think, what a bumpy ride of rapids we have entered during this eclipse season!

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Water Under the Bridge

Standing above the water on a bridge, one could gaze down upon ones own reflection as a constant image - yet "one can never stand in the same river twice". If you were swimming in the river, your experience would not be about being the observer anymore, your experience would be much more tangible with

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Mercury Station Approaches “All Change!”

Full Moon Eclipse and Mercury stations Retrograde.Humanity is undergoing some radical changes, I think it's true to say. Our conscious awareness is becoming clearer by the day, now that we have entered the new age of Aquarius. We are very much heightened at this time as we make a firm footing towards the solar peak.

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All Cometh Quicksilver

As the moon approaches her first quarter and the sun enters Gemini this week, expect a quickening of activities as well as mercurial influences. I sometimes think that the government practices astrology too, as everything seems pretty much on cue with these aspects! Looking forward to floating on dreamy neptunian fancies, whilst the strength of

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