Get an Astrology Reading from Julian

I offer several astrology reading services including birth chart, natal chart, and synastry readings which can be conducted in person, on the telephone or via Skype.

I spend an hour preparing your birth chart before your reading is due to start. This preparation work is included in the price.

Please be sure to have a pen & paper at hand to make notes, or a recording device to make your own recording.

If you have booked a telephone or Skype reading, I recommend preparing a quiet place beforehand to focus on what I have to say.

I will send you an email after your reading with the relevant horoscope attached for your own records.

Discover the Magic of an Astrology Reading!

Let Julian introduce you to the mystical and arcane world of astrology, helping you to track the stars and steer a perfect course through life!

Just a few short sessions with Julian Venables can help you produce life-changing results with a positive guide through life.*

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“I arrived at my reading with Julian feeling somewhat lost and stuck
whilst going through rather a hefty Pluto transit.
However, during my reading something rather alchemical and magical happened
and I left feeling like I had a spring in my step again, full of purpose and plans to work with
– all thanks to Julian’s wisdom, insight and guidance. Ten stars!”

Serena Laidlaw, East Sussex, UK

* According to EU regulations, Astrology is for entertainment purposes only, and does not replace professional advice from trained medical, financial or other industry experts.

Natal Chart Reading

The Birth Chart

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90 minutes – £120

Isn’t life easier to follow when you’ve got a personal map? The astrology natal chart is the soul’s blueprint and carries all the knowledge of a lifetime.

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Transits & Progressions

A Year Ahead Forecast

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90 minutes – £120

Your transits, progressions and directions for the next 12-18 months. This reading is most effective after having had your natal chart reading done first.

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Synastry Reading


synastry reading 600x600

90 minutes – £240

Astrology for combinations of two people, for example: you & your partner; a marriage couple; parent & child; boss & employee.

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Where In The World

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90 minutes – £120

An astrology reading that takes you all over the planet and shows you where your influences are strongest for love, work, home life and just being yourself.

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Horary Question

Answers A Single Question

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This astrology reading answers a single question asked at a precise moment, which is when I answer your phone call or open the email you’ll send me.

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Business Consultation

Electional Astrology

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90 minutes – £120

Using the technique of Electional astrology (choosing the right moment in which to act) this reading informs business people on the right time to start a project (or finish something).

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Child’s Star Chart

Children’s Horoscope

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Gain a greater understanding of your child’s personality and characteristics through a study of their astrology birth chart.

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Monthly Reading

The Month Ahead

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£30 – 30 minutes

A monthly astrological consultation to synchronise with the new moon each month. Suitable if you’re looking very deeply into your horoscope.

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Seasonal Reading

Quarterly Consultation

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60 minutes – £60

A reading every 3 months to align with the solstices and equinoxes, a quick way of ascertaining how your year is unfolding, helping you to plan ahead

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