Jeremy Corbyn MP (abbreviated JC) has over the last couple of years experienced a meteoric rise out of political backbencher obscurity. He was originally voted into the House of Commons in 1983 as a Labour politician and has consistently held his seat of Islington North for 34 years.

Labour politician Jeremy Corbyn

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Jeremy Corbyn Date & Time of Birth

In the world of astrology we’re all interested to know Jeremy Corbyn’s accurate horoscope; he was born in Chippenham on 26th May 1949, which is when England’s Prime Minister of the time was Clement Attlee, historically considered Labour’s greatest Prime Minister; but we’ve yet to get a precise time of birth.

However, last week at the Brighton & Hove astrology circle I overheard another astrologer saying how someone close to Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour party had texted JC recently to ask him his birth time, and he replied via text with this quote:

“I was born late in the day, at an inconvenient time.”

This gives us a clue, a big clue. It’s not giving too much away, and remains cryptic, but it got me thinking about rectification.

Being a Gemini Sun he would have been born when the days are long. So I started by placing his Gemini Sun in and around the 7th and 8th houses, what would have been around sunset or ‘late in the day’, I chose 8pm for a ‘late in the day’ springtime evening.

Almost as if by magic, I noticed the 24° Scorpio ascendant and I thought about his appearance, and how he approaches things, and I just thought, yes, a late Scorpio ascendant ‘seemed’ to fit. This put his MC at 15° Virgo.

But as all astrologers know it’s too easy to project what one thinks, so I needed to back it up with other techniques.

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It’s in the Transits and Progressions:

So I looked into the transits and progressions with a 24° Scorpio Ascendant/ 15° Virgo MC, and I was not disappointed!

Take a look at the charts. For transits (Charts 1 & 2) I used the date Jeremy Corbyn MP became Labour leader (12th September 2015), and when he was re-elected leader again (24th September 2016); and for progressions (Chart 3) I used the date that Theresa May called the snap general election (18th April 2017).

Chart 1: Jeremy Corbyn’s first leadership win (transits)

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In Chart 1, you will see that there was a new moon in Virgo on his MC due the very next day!

Transiting Mercury the ruler of his MC had just conjunct Neptune in Libra: the man who communicates (Mercury) with empathy and compassion (Neptune), his hopes and dreams (11th house).

Look at Saturn (29 Scorpio) crossing an angle, a big life change is guaranteed. In Jeremy’s case Saturn was crossing his Ascendant in Scorpio into his 1st house: a new identity, a consolidation of self; responsibility, commitment, duty.

Chart 2: Jeremy Corbyn’s second leadership win (transits)

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In chart 2 Jeremy Corbyn MP had to endure another leadership contest in 2016 – and won again with more votes than the year before!

This time look at how Mercury is precisely on his MC, also with the North node).

The result for this contest was announced at the Autumn Equinox, when the Sun in Libra was applying to Jupiter, both in the 11th house of groups (the Labour party) and both planets applying to trine his natal Sun in Gemini.

Chart 3: Snap General election by Theresa May (progressions)

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This is the secondary progressed chart for April 18th 2017, when Theresa may called the snap general election. Look at how his Secondary progressed Moon is conjunct his natal ascendant! Wow! What a perfect time for him to go and present himself to huge crowds (the moon).

So in those 3 charts are enough pointers I think to suggest Jeremy Corbyn was born on or close to 20:00pm.

Traditional Astrology Correlation

My friend the traditional astrologer and scholar Chris Mitchell has this to say about my rectified Jeremy Corbyn birth time:

“… I took your 20:00 birth time chart and tried to rectify it using Ptolemy’s animodar method – and it barely needing rectifying! (Strongest planet in his pre-natal syzygy is Mercury, which is at 16 Gemini 42 in his natal – to rectify, move the MC to 16 deg 42 of its sign, and you get a birth time of 20:03)… “

Thank you Chris!

I therefore propose that Jeremy Corbyn MP was born between 20:00 and 20:03 on 26th May 1949 in Chippenham, UK.

This gives him a 24° or 25° Scorpio Ascendant and a 15° or 16° Virgo Midheaven.

What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment!