This natal chart interpretation of the Labour party’s leader comes on the back of my blog post the other day in which I claimed to have rectified Jeremy Corbyn MP birth time to 20:03.

This blog post is to interpret his natal chart according to said rectified time. Of course I’m not claiming I’m 100% correct, but after having researched transits and progressions of recent political events in Jeremy Corbyn’s life, I’m fairly satisfied I’ve found a birth time that’s worth writing about.

This is a brief analysis to help you get a better idea of the man who will be Prime Minister of Britain.

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Jeremy Corbyn’s Natal Chart – Communication

Sun in Gemini in the 7th house: Jeremy Corbyn clearly has a talent for communication, showing himself to be someone with a quick intellect and a rational mind, along with a strong sense of logic which enables him to grasp a situation or subject quickly. This is particularly apparent in the way he relates to people (Sun in the 7th) where he is often seen taking the time to (albeit briefly) get to know someone, and personally listen in, even in large crowds. He is very good at projecting his light onto another and considering others, as well as expressive social involvement and a form of diplomacy which ‘bridges the gap’. Hence his mantra: ‘For the many, not the few’.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Birth Chart – Healer

Sun opposite Chiron in Sagittarius: It’s obvious when you see it in his history of standing up for the oppressed that Jeremy Corbyn is a Chiron healer! He might find it a struggle to express his true self in case he hurts or offends other people (probably the reason why he was a backbencher for so long). But it is in fact a gift that he has the ability to see other people’s pain; in the world of 21st century politics that is a rare thing, and something to be cherished.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Horoscope – Passionate

Ascendant in Scorpio: Jeremy Corbyn’s nature is of a great passionate devotion (for the labour party and socialism) and this has caused problems in marriage (he has been married three times). Many enemies can rise up against him due to his volatile passions and consistency. He has somewhat of a hypnotic personality that can be used to give others strength and emotional healing. In his facial features, he has a prominent brow and chin, and sharp facial angles with thick curling hair and a head that inclines slightly forward, all Scorpio facial traits.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Horoscope – Impactful

Ruling planet Mars: Jeremy’s Mars is in its detriment in Taurus; this indicates strong personal desires although he follows a reliable course of action in attaining those desires. A Mars in Taurus politician would get their hands dirty with solid, practical action. He’s been holding back and storing his energy for years and now he’s letting out his desires at the right time, he’s having a heavy and resounding impact.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Moon in Taurus

Moon in Taurus in the 6th house: Moon in Taurus gives a deliberate nature and the 6th house placement gives him an instinctual urge to work, live a healthy life and remain fit (he tends an allotment on which he grows fruit and vegetables, which is very moon in Taurus!). He is suited to a professional atmosphere and could be seen as the indispensable individual. A 6th house moon is constantly concerned to do things correctly and improve on it. Moon in Taurus loves peace and a deep appreciation of the good things in life, and he wants everybody to have the same. This moon position is, in fact, very security conscious.

Jeremy Corbyn The Leader

Moon conjunct Mars in Taurus: This is an aspect of the leader rather than the follower. It is impulsive and demanding, often with added impatience. His emotions are energized and he can be ardent and forthright, acting in a way that can accomplish much and reach his aims. But it is filtered by the pragmatic, methodical and earthy zodiac sign of Taurus, which for Jeremy Corbyn, means he is slower and more sensually oriented in his responses. Listen to him in interviews and you’ll hear it!

People Skills in Jeremy Corbyn’s Chart

Mercury conjunct Venus in Gemini in the 7th house: This shows an affable manner with plenty of social grace. Jeremy Corbyn gets on with most people because he understands how to compromise. He tries to be fair and doesn’t offend people without good reason. He can express his opinions with skill and colour, and without being argumentative. He enjoys talking with people and they find him a warm and welcoming listener. He has perceptive observations about others and although a potentially tricky relator, he shares ideas and learns from others.

His Natal Chart – A Clever Mind

Mercury square the Midheaven MC: Jeremy is quite restless and needs to keep his mind active all the time. By talking with others constantly then life moves quickly. If he ever gets bored, he is likely to become annoying. Jeremy Corbyn might also get totally wrapped up in his own ideas and forget about everyone else’s. He does need to think carefully before he speaks as he can make ‘gaffes’ that end up working against him. This aspect shows a clever mind who probably enjoys solving puzzles and playing games. Overall he must make up his mind what he is going to say before he says it.

Relationships in the Natal Chart

Venus sextile Pluto: This is the aspect of someone who understands people and their motivations at a very deep and penetrating level. Jeremy has strong feelings and perceptions and places a lot of importance on relationships, expecting an intense commitment.

The Intellect in his Natal Chart

Mercury sextile Pluto: This aspect shows keen mental penetration and analytical intellect; Jeremy Corbyn is able to grasp the most obscure subject matter and derives more meaning from his experiences. He has a deep comprehension of the human condition.

Jeremy Corbyn Enjoys Life

Sun trine Jupiter: Jeremy Corbyn is generous and happy-go-lucky. This is an aspect which translates as a person who enjoys life and is popular. He relates well to people because he is magnanimous and gives others the benefit of the doubt. He is lucky because things just seem to fall into place for him. Overall he is intelligent, articulate and knowledgeable on a great many subjects. He has considerable amounts of self-confidence.

Jeremy Corbyn – Insightful & Creative

Sun trine Neptune: Jeremy is insightful, creative and intuitive. He has artistic talents and attracts people with his warm and sympathetic nature. Much of his strength is in the intuitive grasp of matters, as he has strong psychic abilities. He is permissive with others as well as with himself. He might not be a hard pusher and that could be seen as a shortcoming, as sometimes he might dawdle a bit. Jeremy Corbyn works best when allowed to operate at his own pace.

Jeremy Corbyn – Serious & Responsible

Saturn square the Ascendant: Jeremy Corbyn is likely to underestimate his capabilities with this aspect, and could be apprehensive about asserting himself because he is afraid he will encounter a lot of opposition. In competition he moves slowly, in order to gain self-confidence. This aspect is the one of the late starter, due to a challenge in defining the goals he hopes to achieve. Some people might see him as cold and indifferent, but in fact he is serious and responsible. Even though he may suffer setbacks, he always persists.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Personal Nature in his Chart

Moon square Saturn: Jeremy Corbyn has a very serious side to his nature. He has a strong urge to get ahead but his demeanour can get heavy sometimes and he can turn moody and depressed. He has to learn to handle his frustration, depression and dissatisfaction. Although determined in emotional matters, he can be cold when it suits his purpose. Little of his personal nature interferes with the mainstream of his intentions.

So this is just a brief chart overview of some of the closest aspects in Jeremy Corbyn’s horoscope. I hope you like what you read, and can see how this interpretation fits the politician.

I must say the more I looked at this chart, the more I saw a personality that could well be one of the greatest prime ministers this country has ever seen, because he actually understands the people. I hope the planets guide him successfully to number 10 at the right time.

In my next blog post I will look at Jeremy Corbin’s transits and progressions and how they can help him win the next election.

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Julian Venables