Boris Johnson just got totally side swiped by the Venus/Jupiter/Neptune T-Square on his natal Mercury in Gemini.

All three planets in the T-Square are in mutable signs which indicates change, variation and shift; as they’ve lined up over the last few days, so they’ve conjoined with natal planets in Boris’s chart.

This has completely overwhelmed him, turning his public life into a session on the psychiatrists couch, and with Chiron involved there is an almost palpable excruciating circumstance to his fall-apart.

As most Chiron in Pisces people will attest, a difficult transit is where ones personal pain is totally boundary-less and leaks all over the place.

During this last week, Neptune god of the vastness and unfathomable Oceans, met with his natal Chiron in Pisces, and stationed (sat still) on it for what must have felt like forever.

As Boris has his natal Mercury square Chiron, then he may well have found in his life that he has had difficultly in asserting his own thoughts and opinions. In fact, a long time ago (probably at school) he may well have been tarred with being told that he lacked in intelligence.

This became his suffering burden to carry, which essentially isn’t true because he is in fact, very clever (three planets in Gemini; top journalist columnist for the Telegraph & an author), but he has covered up his Chironic pain with his affable charm (Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini), which has got him to very senior positions in life.

But such is the nature of time on a personality in the public eye; he was always the comedian with ambitions; a jolly good laugh and very much the “laugh with me, not at me” type of self-deprecating character.

Finally at last, when through careful manipulating and scheming (of which I feel there will soon be further huge exposure) he wends his way to the potential top job.

Just in time Karma comes calling and the high tide of Oceanic Neptune (at last) reaches the top of his beach, washing away those sandcastles that he’d built, the biggest being the bravado of the Brexit campaign.

As Sandcastles carefully constructed of layer upon layer of lies and falsehoods (as a politician is wont to do) when the sand dissolves into water, slipping and sliding its former structure back into the sea, suddenly, nothing is left, and a clean sheet of sand is now exposed for a new imprint to be made.

Ah! A new imprint might be a good thing for a potential prime minister to have at this time, but unfortunately he has also just had in the last two years, the planet Uranus, an agent of chaos, opposing his detriment Moon in Scorpio.

Oh dear, as the Moon rules women in a man’s chart, then his recent interplay has been a series of total disasters.

The Iranian prisoner; a messy divorce with long term wife and children; various affairs and now a recorded argument with his girlfriend.

The transit of Uranus the awakener has awoken us to that heavy moon in Scorpio, that essentially reacts and responds by being emotionally cruel and abusive in its efforts to protect its own depth of intense feelings.

To add to the challenge, Jupiter in Sagittarius is enlarging and expanding his Mercury and Chiron square, adding even more bombast and bluster to everything he says. Jupiter is a searcher, and so Boris is literally searching around for something to say.

So, we get the ‘painting buses’ interview, which went something like this:

“What I make is I get old wooden crates, right? And I paint them.
“I suppose it’s a box that’s been used to contain wine bottles.
“I paint the passengers enjoying themselves on the wonderful bus.”

Admittedly whilst he was Mayor of London, Boris introduced the red Routemaster buses, but that could be the only stand-out thing he’s been successful at in recent years.

Buses are ruled by planet Mercury, so they’re likely to feature in a Gemini politicians policies and career moves. Mercury rules bridges as well, and there is the Garden Bridge, or not as the case may be.

But what of the big Red Brexit bus? That is a Bus which must be starting to haunt him now? We are seeing how he’s taking his wonderful passengers for a ride.

And with Neptune tensely aligning with his Mercury for another year, then I think his fall-apart is only just beginning.

As Neptune in his natal chart is in his second house of money, opposite Jupiter in Taurus in the eighth house, then there will soon be a huge and un-containable scandal and leaks to do with money, pay offs, bribes, exposure and massive manipulation.

Probably in something to do with public transport, or short journeys.

A large bag of swag emptying out of a car window, bank notes fluttering everywhere in the slipstream.

You read it here first…

If I was Boris right now, I’d literally retire and go enjoy lots of lovely EU wine, write a few books, paint a few more boxes, and relax, much like Nero did, playing the fiddle whilst Rome burns.