Quick horoscope of Singapore

Its Singapore’s 53rd birthday today (August 9th 1965) and I decided to have a quick look at the powerful city state’s natal horoscope.

It has a Leo Sun, which in astrology is denoted as a fixed fire sign or sustaining organised creativity. Interesting that the city is located only 85 miles from the Equator, essentially receiving the strongest part of the sun’s heat constantly throughout the year, ensuring that the radiant and warmth of Leo’s ruling planet is always present (swelteringly so!)
Singapore is known as one of Asia’s leading “Tiger” economies, another indicator of the feline-like rulership of the Sun in Leo. With the Sun in the 8th house, the focus on banking, finance is very clear.

Singapore also has Mercury in Leo, further denoting its proud status in Asia. The Mercury is in a sextile to Jupiter in Gemini in the 6th house, which indicates the varied and multi-cultural workforce of the city, and the Mercury in the 8th also shows how the circling trade and commerce and movement of resources between people and countries.

At its birth in 1965 Venus was conjunct both Pluto and Uranus in Virgo; it is a separating conjunction, which means that the power of Uranus/Pluto is expressed before the attractive values, making this city very clean, very healthy and very precise! It is an exemplary example of the constant perfection and improvement of Virgo.

Saturn in Pisces in the 3rd house, shows how having strict rules maintain its local environment, especially as Saturn is directly opposite Pluto.
The Moon in Capricorn in the first house indicates the dry heat and humidity of the city; even though the moon is moist, its detriment position in Capricorn dries it out.

Eclipse in Singapore in 2019

These are just a few brief notes on Singapore’s horoscope, as August 9th 2018 is its 53rd birthday.

I wrote these notes today because I noticed Singapore is soon to have a new moon Solar Eclipse going directly over the city on December 26 2019. The eclipse chart has the sun/moon conjunct Jupiter and the South node.

This brings into focus the Jupiter/south node on the Ascendant of the city’s chart. This indicates that the city could have problems if it gets too involved in grandiose schemes, and it would do well stay very down to earth and realistic.

With Saturn and Pluto widely conjunct the city’s ascendant and moon, then they might find a new politics or define in the toughest terms how they’d like their independence, whilst keeping their strength as a tiger economy.

If the world does have a huge financial crash in 2019/2020, then Singapore will be very involved, but with a fixed Venus in Aquarius, and a fixed mars in Scorpio in the eclipse chart, then I think the city’s financial status will stay largely stable and unaffected. Essentially they would do well to be fully prepared for the upcoming crash, so they can withstand any global shocks that the eclipse might create.

These are very quick notes because I got a feeling today that Singapore might well have some interesting events occurring to it soon, possibly triggered by the December 2019 solar eclipse.

So, from the predicting Astrologers’ perspective, I have quickly prepared these notes, because in a year to eighteen months from now, I can refer back to them if my insights prove correct!

I hope that Singapore weathers any storms or challenges in the near future, as I’m sure it will ‘Shine On’ with its fixed Leo Sun.

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with all good wishes,


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