The Daily News we all read around the world is but a reflection of the planets alignments up in the heavens.

As a result we can see the symbolism of the planets in the daily news headlines.

All of the daily newspapers tend to reflect the planets aspects in some way.

From an astrologers’ point of view, its amazing to see how the correlations match up!

In the world of astrology, this is why we make predictions that come true: as our planet moves through time, we see the similar alignments of the planets repeating again and again, in different zodiac signs and in different places, such a variety is presented to us.

But a closer look reveals those same planetary ruler-ships reflected in events on Earth.

Today 9th August 2018 is VENUS SQUARE SATURN

Here are the front page headlines of the much respected and intellectual British broadsheet “The Times of London.”

I couldn’t help but notice how the planets spoke through the newspaper headlines today.

Venus entered Libra two days ago, and its effect has been building up…

Venus Square Saturn

The astrology analysis:

(Venus in Libra) (Square) (Saturn in Capricorn)

Venus is a feminine planet and it rules the sign of Libra, the scales and balances of life.

So when in Libra it is happy and comfortable in its own sign, life is well balanced, fairness and justice is sought for and found.

Better relationships all round.

Venus also rules values and money/the economy. It is a planet of attraction, like a social magnet.

The Square aspect is a 90 degree alignment between two planets “connecting” them together.

Squares tend to indicate a clash, a conflict and uneasy relationship demanding a resolution.

Saturn in Capricorn is also in its sign of ruler-ship.

Saturn represents the establishment, the hierarchy, the government, structure and also restrictions, limitations and the law.

It is a male planet, associated to aging and older things. It is also the colour black, and a form of repression.

Headlines analysis:

“USA(Venus in Libra) to sanction(the square) Russia(Saturn in Capricorn) over Skripal poisoning- Export(Venus) bans(Saturn) could affect(square) 70% of country’s economy (Venus)”

“People Power: residents(venus) given direct say(square) in local government(saturn)”

“Johnson (Venus) was right(Libra) about Burka(Saturn), says leading Imam(Saturn in Capricorn)”

This story is already building for a couple of days now, so different opinions are being aired, in order to balance out (Libra) the stance(square) that Boris Johnson took.

But whenever Venus (women) is getting a difficult aspect from Saturn (black Burka, covering up) in Capricorn (an established religion like Islam), the Burka issue will come up again and again.

The picture on the front page is two women politicians (Venus in Libra, the pair of scales) and the Duke of Cambridge as the representative of the establishment (Saturn in Capricorn) honouring the war dead (saturn) of the past (saturn).

The Times2 banner:

“Men (saturn), would you buy (Venus) a fertility test (venus) with the weekly shop?” the question itself is (the square).
“This summers must-have (Venus) the rock (Capricorn) T-Shirt (Venus).

There is a new fashion for finding old (saturn) t-shirts(venus) and giving them an airing (Libra).

Dear Reader,

This is essentially a form of astrological entertainment.

Astrologers and those interested in astrology and horoscopes can read this and see the planets reflecting back to Earth.

Admittedly a basic understanding of Astrology Keywords and interpretation is needed, but those who know just a little bit, will enjoy this sort of analysis.

Astrology means “the logic of the stars”; and Horoscopes means “watcher of the hour.”

I hope you enjoy this insightful way of looking at life and at the movement of time.

Venus and Saturn align several times a year, making different aspects.

The next time they make an aspect I’ll be able to refer back to this blog post of August 7/8/9 2018.

And there will, more than likely, be similar themes and threads that connect with each other over time.

As I build up these posts, a fascinating and informative understanding will gradually emerge.

I think this is how the


will evolve.

Many might laugh, but the art of astrology is the understanding of Time & Space!

It is time for science to have a proper look at Astrology again.

Astrophysicists have quantum and string theory, now they would do well to look at the real mathematical Astrology, and be amazed.

It is time for Astrology to receive fully funded research so that it can be re-integrated back into science.

This is the way humanity will evolve.

Written with Peace and Love for a well-balanced and ever evolving world,


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