I’m Julian Venables, a professional diploma-qualified astrologer of over 25 years.

I can read your astrology chart, answer questions and give guidance.

I regularly present fascinating astrology webinars.

And I also teach astrology from beginner through to advanced level.

Astrology Readings

Get ready to go beyond your daily horoscope and understand how real astrology gives you self-empowerment. Click to discover my personalized one-to-one readings.

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Astrology is a valuable tool to give you fascinating insight, self-knowledge and meaning and purpose, and it is the way to move forward into the Age of Aquarius and the 21st century. Discover why astrology as a spiritual science can help and enhance every area of your life!

Astrology Webinars

Julian runs amazing astrology webinars anyone can join. For only 15 pounds you’ll hear one of the most entertaining and passionate astrologers in London talk about the latest astrological news.

Astrology Webinars

Astrology Classes

This class is held every two weeks via Zoom. Great for beginners. Or if you’ve done some astrology learning already you’ll be right at home, progressing and evolving your knowledge.

Astrology Classes

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Julian’s shop will be chock full of astrology goodies, including astrology webinars, astrology lectures and more. We’re slowly stocking the shop so keep your virtual shopping bag handy!

Astrology Shop

An Astrology, Birth Chart or Natal Chart Reading can heal life’s problems. Astrology gifts us with the perspective of living life as an integral part of the solar system, not separate from it.

Astrology is the most ancient of human sciences, which uses language and symbol as a vehicle to talk to the soul. As your soul resonates with what it hears, so you can make empowering and wisdom-based choices to enhance and improve your life. Understanding your role in the flow of time brings the gifts of personal enlightenment, raised awareness as well as foresight, prescience & intuition.

I’m your astrologer in London, showing you how to make the most of this year and beyond using the wisdom of the planets.

There’s an Astrology Reading for you!

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“Julian delivers! …
when I think back to the first reading of my natal chart with Julian,
it enabled me to finally be at peace with who I am and why I do what I do…
I would highly recommend a reading with Julian wherever you are with your life.”

Linda Cruse – International Humanitarian Aid Worker

The Astrologer’s Apprentice

Based on a true story

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“Wonderful book with universal appeal. Rich characters, great story line, and a real page turner. Hope to see other books by this writer in the future.”

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“That which is below corresponds to that which is above, and that which is above, corresponds to that which is below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing.”

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