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Live every two weeks. Julian has an interesting technique which helps you grasp the subject matter easily! You’ll be progressing and evolving your knowledge in no time.

Classes via Video

Julian runs amazing webinars anyone can join. For only 15 pounds you’ll see one of the most entertaining and passionate astrologers in London talk about the latest astrological news.

Astrology Webinars

Hi, I’m Julian Venables, a qualified astrologer with over 25 years experience. I can read your Astrology Chart, answer questions and give you guidance. I regularly present in-depth Astrology Webinars and Teach Astrology from beginner through to advanced level. Astrology is a valuable tool to give you fascinating insight, self-knowledge, meaning and purpose. It’s a way to move forward with foresight. Discover why astrology is a spiritual science & how it can help enhance every area of your life.
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